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  1. Lower Maze Football Club Belfast Telegraph Championship Two Manager Info Starting the journey in Northern Ireland with Lower Maze who were promoted for the 2012/13 season. The board's expectations are merely to avoid relegation, but that looks like it could be quite a tough challenge in its own right. The club plays at a small stadium known as Bog Road, with a capacity of 1000.
  2. Togo to make their first ever finals appearance?
  3. Why don't we just add a 'Weak Foot' attribute rating alongside the player? I understand they already have one but we may as well make it visible so that everyone can see. Additionally, what if CA had absolutely no impact towards weaker foot at all and it was just there as a rating? Say if two players had a CA of 160, they could both have finishing of 17 for example. However, Player A has 20 weak foot rating and Player B has a 1 weak foot rating. When on their preferred side, their shots are equally powered - however when Player B is on his weaker side his shot is extremely poor and maybe struck with a 'finishing attribute of 3' or something. Would this work? Someone to point out some flaws in it. I can't really see a problem.
  4. Hastings United Dees-Blake Status: Semi-Professional Estimated Value: £55K Stadium: The Pilot Field (4050 capacity, 800 seated) Training Facilities: Basic training facilities Youth Facilities: Adequate youth facilities Media Prediction: 22nd Signed up with Hastings United in the Blue Square South. Looking forward to hopefully a long reign at the club. We have adequate youth facilities which is nice for this challenge - but it looks like it might be a long hard slog just surviving in the BSS this season. Off we go.
  5. I'm going to start this challenge for something different. Hopefully I'll be the first person to ever complete it... that's highly unlikely, though. Going on holiday now, let's see where I end up.
  6. Gutted. Togo misses out for their third consecutive year.. Maybe 2012..
  7. Thanks for the twelve point exchange, worked well.
  8. I fear 7th is the highest we are going to finish. Just not destined for glory I fear.
  9. For those who have yet to vote in my region, here were my votes from the final in the second Afrovision contest. Make sure you remember them.
  10. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    An interesting debut in the league..
  11. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Introducing dees-blake, the new manager of North Ferriby in the Blue Square North.
  12. The Football Manager Regen Faces Database

    At your request.
  13. The Football Manager Regen Faces Database

    Looks disproportioned, but I'm not sure how. Ricky Ponting anyhow. Make him your arch-rival manager's picture if you hate him or something like that.
  14. What are the international rules like in Indonesia? Getting a bit fed up with this 3 international players per match business in Malaysia...