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  1. Anything i can do to sure up my defence, I can't keep a clean sheet to save my life with this tactic but scoring loads. Playing as Salford City in 2023/24 in the Premier League, media prediction 18th but currently in 6th. Scored 63 (highest in the league) but conceded 44 (2nd highest in the league)
  2. Closed steam, reopened and loaded up my saved game. How do I know if the update is done? In Game Status it says 'current version: 15.2.1 585345 (m.e v1541)' That's the old database right?
  3. Cheers for the feedback and advice. Here's what I've come up with, I've been using it since the 7-0 over Dallas Roma but there have been quite a few tweaks. After the Liverpool game I decided to switch from attacking to control against big sides. I've been absolutely dominating possession-wise but I seem to be putting in LOADS of crosses, 40+ a game, would fewer risky passes for FBs cut this down? I am conceding less from corners however. Di Maria has been great in that Advanced Playmaker A role with 4 POTMs in his last 4 games, only issue might be is that him and Mata get in each other's space sometimes. Another thing is that the front 3 seem to pass it around a lot in the box instead of shooting, any idea why this is? There's no player instructions to make it happen. I've but the AF to shoot more but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Team Instructions: Retain possession, close down more, much higher tempo
  4. Trying to replicate something similar to the way United (are trying to) play under Van Gaal but it doesn't seem to be working very well. I also seem to concede a lot from corners which could be a bug, I'm not sure. Team Instructions: Pass into space, look for overlap, close down more & much higher tempo Some player instructions too but they're pretty minimal. Just want to know how bad it actually is.
  5. What is the highest transfer budget people have ever got? I just got an absolutely insane one in 2023, almost 4x as much as I've ever got before!
  6. Yep. Had Old Trafford expanded to 107,297 and then requested a new stadium, they said no until I leaked it to the press.
  7. Anyone else had a new stadium built? Just had my request for one approved in 2019 after leaking to the press.
  8. Yeah I retrained him to play left and right wing when I played with wingers but now I'm playing a diamond in the middle it's pointless. I want to keep him as he came through my youth system in my first season. I just can't seem him to get his technical ability up any. Really frustrating.
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