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  1. I need an attacking midfielder to elevate my Wigan side out of mid-table mediocrity - I have bids in for two players, which should I go for? Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Sergio Canales Your Team: Wigan Buyer/Seller: Man City Player's Value: £10m Offer: £7m Transfer/Wage Budget: Patch: Latest Season: Start of 3rd season OR Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Gabriel Iancu Your Team: Wigan Buyer/Seller: Steaua Bucharest Player's Value: £2.4m Offer: £3.6m + £5.5m over 36 months Transfer/Wage Budget: Patch: Latest Season: Start of 3rd season Any opinions? I love Canales in real life but his wages are five times what Iancu's would be...but then he's cheaper up front and probably the better player...but is he that much better?
  2. I was hoping someone could help me out with the Editor this year - I want to get a young player (16 yrs old) to already have a pre-contract agreement for a professional contract to be signed on his 18th birthday, as you can do in-game. However, I can't seem to make this work on the Editor, every time I try it he's just on a youth contract without any sign of the professional contract. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. I'm a bit of an Arsene Wenger when it comes to FM, I like bringing in players as young as possible and then keep the group together for as long as possible - although unlike Monsieur Wenger, I do occasionally spend some money. Anyway, it got me thinking about the average age of my squad on my current game at Karlsruhe in Germany - unbelivably, the average age of my first team squad is only 19! I've only got one player over the age of 22, and 12 of the first team are still teenagers. So I was wondering - what's the youngest squad you've ever managed to put together, and how well did it go? Are there any downsides to having such a young squad that you've ran into? I thought inconsistency would be a problem but rotating around players seems to keep everyone on their toes and there aren't any real problems with form overall. I've ever started trying to avoid buying older players simply to keep the average age down!
  4. Good shout that. My problem is exacerbated because I've kept my young players on long, cheap contracts - and suddenly they're not all in their prime and wanting £100,000+ contracts. So my wage bill has gone from being the fourth lowest in the Premier League to the fourth biggest in about three seasons, simply because of the renewals. Problem is I'm trying to do it with British-only players, which makes finding replacements tough. Thanks for the advice though, it's so frustrating watching Man Utd waste the millions of pounds they make on a matchday - they make about four times as much as I do!
  5. I'm Wigan, several years in and winning everything in sight. Problem is, the DW Stadium has an expansion capacity of 32,000. I'm just about making money each season by virtue of winning competitions and selling players, and I can't earn any more because I make so little on a matchday. I badly need a new stadium built, but every time I ask the board they refuse as 'there is no evidence of the fanbase increasing in the near future'. I've had this message every time I've asked - every six months for the last three years. I've got around £100m in the bank, it fluctuates through the season but it's around that every time I ask the question. My last few average attendances: 2017/2018: 31,935 2018/2019: 31,985 2019/2020: 31,960 2020/2021: 32,000 It seems as though there is very obviously potential for attendance growth there - last season every single match in every single competition sold out completely. From this season onwards I'm going to start losing money quite severely I think unless something is done, is there any way the board will be convinced that a few extra seats are worth the investment?
  6. I've had him since he was 17, both myself and most of my coaching staff are on his favoured personnel and we're his favourite club too. Don't think he wants to leave, or at least he's not given any clues that way. He's only got a year on his contract, it's high risk I know but I only re-negotiate in their final year to save on cost, I've had a rapid rise and can't afford half the squad on £100,000 a week and above!
  7. I've been getting quite frustrated recently as a lot of my young players have their contracts up for renewal, I've kept them on relatively low wages since they joined and now they're all expiring I'm facing a huge increase in weekly wage. Anyway, whenever I try to 'negotiate' a new contract, they basically say "this is what I want, give it to me" and refuse to budge on even the smallest amount of money. Is there any way to reduce wage demands, I've got a 22 year old on £18,000 a week demanding £115,000 to renew, and refusing to move even £5,000 a week lower! Any advice?
  8. Just had the longest penalty shootout I've ever seen on FM, in the Community Shield between my Wigan side and Man Utd. I eventually won 12-11, but that's not counting all the missed penalties - we each had to take 18 in total! I'm sure someone can beat 18 penalties taken, but what's the longest penalty shootout you've ever seen on FM?
  9. I've done what welshace did with only British/Irish players and won everything fairly quickly. Took a lot of wheeling and dealing, but it's definitely possible. Did it with Wigan too, as I like a challenge/am slightly sadistic. Ended up with: Steele Clyne Batth Hanley Cathcart Neil Taylor McArthur McCarthy Cleverley Powell Danny Graham Plenty of other decent players too, the key is mopping up all of the slightly decent regens every March. Being affiliated with Crewe and Middlesbrough helps too, or anyone with excellent youth facilities. A lot of times you can see English players especially being transfer listed by bigger clubs who no longer need them - picked up Jack Butland (£1.7m) and Tom Cleverley (£9m) in this way. Much cheaper than trying to force them into your team.
  10. One thing that has confused me a touch on this year's game is the inclusion of coaching badges for your backroom staff. I realise that when they take them, attributes go up, but which ones? For example, will a fitness coach who goes on one improve his fitness-related attributes or is it random? Also do the coaching badges affect the mental attributes at all? I ask because it's useful to know when finding new, young coaches - if they have excellent DDM attributes but poor coaching ones, with no coaching badges they are likely to improve a lot, I would assume. But is it the same for the opposite - poor DDM but excellent coaching attributes without any coaching badges? Hoping someone could clear this up.
  11. Sunk almost all of my money at Wigan in the first transfer window on Tom Ince from Blackpool. £6.5m I think, spread over about three years. Convinced all the team needed was a Moses replacement, he made 14 appearances without scoring or assisting before I turned to a 3-5-2 with no wingers. Swansea inexplicably took him off my hands for about £3m the season after. Dreadful signing, made no impact whatsoever and I was paying him off for years. Irritatingly five years down the line he's at Arsenal and an England international. Still rubbish though.
  12. A very good point. Being a centre back, his finishing is a rather disappointing...4. Technique is surprisingly good though, at 16. How much weighting is given to each attribute, I'd have thought Penalties would obviously be the heaviest, but is finishing above composure for example?
  13. I've got a regen centre back who's absolutely brilliant, and also happens to be my team's penalty taker. His attributes are very good for this as well (I don't know if the mental ones have any effect but they're impressive anyway): Penalties 16 Composure 18 Decisions 20 Bravery 18 However, this season he's taken 12 penalties, only to miss seven of them. Twice in the last five game we've been given two in a match, he's missed both on each occasion. So, two questions: should I not be expecting more from his penalty taking ability than a 5/12 conversion rate? And do I replace him with someone else? Nobody else has particularly impressive attributes except my third choice striker (Pens - 16, Composure - 14), the next best first team regular is my left wing back (Pens - 12, Composure 13). Any suggestions?
  14. Chester average about 2,500 every game, I'm making money hand over fist. Going up fitness levels are going to prove costly if I don't go full time. I've got my chairman to agree to it now, when does it kick in? The season's over and I'm till limited to part-time contracts
  15. I'm limited to part-time contracts only at the moment. Will that change when I go up a division? I'd like to go full-time ASAP as it's no good for some of my players' progression. I don't want to ask to go full time now, get rejected by my chairman, and then spend the next year waiting for the option to be un-greyed out again!
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