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  1. [Release] Season 1995/96 db

    Didn't even know this existed, sounds great. Anyway the point of my post is that i made some kits from thr 95-96 season awhile back there isn't one for every premier league team but it contains 39 files. I you guys want me to upload them let me know. Here is a little preview
  2. Problem with Editor

    Thank you very much removing the cache worked, thanks again
  3. Problem with Editor

    Thank you very mucq removing the cache worked, thanks again
  4. Problem with Editor

    Still not working unfortunatly
  5. Problem with Editor

    Still doesnt work after doing that, any more ideas?
  6. Problem with Editor

    if you could find it i would be very greatful
  7. Problem with Editor

    After installing the 10.3 patch and adding some skins to FM10 i went into the editor and all the text has changed to white (which is unreadable on the white/cream background) I never replaced or overwritten any files Anybody know what to do to fix this please?
  8. gazwefc Official Season 09-10 Update

    so if i swap Airdrie United for Livington and then Livington for Cowedebeath?
  9. gazwefc Official Season 09-10 Update

    im afraid not, this takes alot of time as it is never mind having to do it all twice Next update will be available tomorrow
  10. gazwefc Official Season 09-10 Update

    there has been alot of talk about him for the last year
  11. gazwefc Official Season 09-10 Update

    tweaked afew players CA & PA Yes more money & transfer budget and yes Jack Wilshere will be improved delight text to read spoiler on a current save (11 seasons in) Jack Wilshere is playing for arsenal having signed for them in 2017 for £6M, he isnt great put isnt bad, so yes i will be tweaking him for the next release
  12. gazwefc Official Season 09-10 Update

    Thanks all for your comments and posting any missed transfers, ill be cracking on with them tonight and will release the next update tomorrow
  13. gazwefc Official Season 09-10 Update

    you obviously dont have aclue how they works, yes IRL newcastle are a big NAME club but the reputation in game only applies to there league expections (which is still 1st) and players interested in signing for them which IRL would be lower than Fulham (Europa League), Bolton, Blackburn etc could all draw bigger name players because of there premier league status If you dont like the data dont use it
  14. gazwefc Official Season 09-10 Update

    i havnt altered peter crouchs stats and i think newcastles rep is spot on
  15. New whats the best 2009/2010 update?

    Iv toned down Vagner Love and i think Chris has aswel another little bit of info that may help you choose is that Chris' update has transfers set so they go through as future transfers afew days after you begin your new game, where as mine has them so the players already start at there new club