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  1. I'm not arguing anything. I'm sharing my personal opinion that I will not buy a new football manager until there is real change in the game and I find it worth the price. If I ever want to play football manager, I can play one of my past 12 copies. I dont need to keep buying essentially the same game with an updated transfer list.
  2. I've bought every single release of Football Manager since 2009. I've spent over 1000 hours on every version. I've recommended the game to lots of friends. But I'm done now. I'm not going to keep spending 50-60 on a game that changes incrementally every year. The newgens reveal is the final nail in the coffin for me. How is it 2020 and your graphics still look just as ugly as they ever did?
  3. I believe there is a double. Yukinari Sugawara has already joined AZ in the base game, but he is also set to join from Nagoya on your database as well.
  4. If I could upvote this more I would. This is pretty much all I need from FM20..
  5. its the beta though.. the whole point is to find bugs and fix them before the full release.
  6. my (incredibly unlikely) hope is that, because they're doing one of these almost every day, at the end they'll release a beta.. PROBABLY not, but plsplsplspls
  7. I think its fair to say people are being too negative when they say they're done with fm2018 before even trying it lol... and not even trying the demo.
  8. So wait, is there going to be more videos coming out? I thought I read somewhere this is just the first of the feature videos
  9. Yeah, they always felt pretty half-assed, tbh. Hopefully they get expanded upon abit
  10. This is an amazing idea! I feel like theres so much they could do.. I just tried to see the youth my HoD brought in before; and I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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