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  1. @rabcp, any plans to upload this but without the split and additional games? Love the sound of the restructure overall but I've got a huge, personal, real life hatred towards the split in that I don't believe leagues should ever split and would be delighted with 30 league games a season!
  2. Trying to produce something relatively similar to this at the moment. Albeit mirroring the English league system a bit more, and not including any regionalisation (because I can't figure out how to do it on the editor). I really like the inclusion of B teams into your setup rabcp.
  3. Yeah I spotted this on Twitter earlier today so thought I'd share it out through my FM_Samo account! Really looking forward to following closely.
  4. Occasional FM - FM_Samo, 100% Football Manager chat and content with occasional updates on the save I'm playing.
  5. Looking forward to trying this out. Does anyone know if in the current set up, a team can potentially be relegated from League 2 in the first season?
  6. Quite fancy the look of this! I'm thinking tournament dark horses/outside bet/potentially one of the best squads in it...Belgium!
  7. Nice idea for a save! Did you not think about your squad being a merger of Hearts/Hibs existing players? What happened to them?
  8. I'll be following this with great interest. I had a cracking FCM save a few FMs back. Lossl, Juelsgard, Sviatchenko, Uzochukwu, Hassan and Igboun are all still at the club and were absolute heroes for me. Ever since I've wanted to give them another go...
  9. Just caught up with all this, sensational work at Dunfermline! Especially so considering the stature of the club at the start of the game, floundering in League 1 and suffering financial problems. I love the regen face pack, it makes them seem more real rather just generated faces, would probably encourage me to continue playing seasons more than I normally do.
  10. I'd love to just find the time to create a boring American update, much like the format of the Premier League, but have NYCFC, Orlando and Becks' Miami franchise included.
  11. I can guarantee if I played as Barcelona, Messi would be rubbish and wouldn't win any awards...
  12. Pfft, can't believe you've signed more Italians than Englishmen!
  13. This is a phenomenal achievement. A career some FM'ers could only dream of having. Good luck in Europe, I'll be reading!
  14. I probably saved the game locally, is there an option when you're saving to save in the cloud?
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