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  1. HI all been gone awhile but have now returned start off by saying tactic is till in testing stage all input welcome just started playing FM13 again after a while. decide to look at successful tactics that have work & try to create my own training balance low either attack mov or def mov GK= GK heavy DL/DR= FUllBACK HEAVY CD = CENTREBACK HEAVY CM/AM= BOX TO BOX HEAVY LM/RM= WINGER HEAVY ST= COMPLETE FORWARD HEAVY the striker needs to be strong to hold up play here is the tactic http://www.mediafire.com/download/cc92q94p1cl42ll/WILFRIED_BONY!!!!!!!!!.tac
  2. OK i'm finally back been playing a new formation 4-4-1-1 lately good results been using swansea siting 2nd after 15 games more detail to come later http://www.mediafire.com/?cc92q94p1cl42ll enjoy
  3. i remember i replaced my 2nd keeper with a midfielder on the bench only for my GK to get red card after 11mins lost 12-2 against sunderland playing as swansea
  4. working on a tweak for this tactic so far undefeated will test with lower team over the next few days then will post if it works
  5. i'm glad it's working for you haven't been able to play the last few weeks work etc will give it ago tonight with the new patch
  6. have you tried closing down the winger in opp instr with your wing back ill look into it haven't been using this tactic or playing alot lately
  7. i swap my strikers abit eg left to right right tot left. swapping players eg the 2 cm during again i have found normally work rather well. the tend to lose there marking . if your leading against a tough team maybe you a shout like hold poss the only problem is you dont want to change this to early. if it looks like they are starting to get more chances & look like scoring maybe try changing from attacking to counter
  8. i dont understand the injuires either i'm using light training but i have a smallish squad only 23 players total u need a large squad
  9. since the new update my current tactic is ok but not great i've been working on a new tactic same formation it's not a classic tactic found that to hard to keep getting results. getting great results won my first 15 games with everton only problem is i'm getting alot of injuries it is a very basic tactic i've tried with 2 poachers failed so changed 1 to complete foward with amazing results with short passing attacking football style is very fluid same sort of players i've always used only tested with everton i used the shout combos from here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/335135-Mr-Hough-s-Shout-Combo-It-s-The-Future-Thread i only use them if i'm losing the rest of the time it's pretty much plug & play training i use is att movement against weaker teams def movement against higher teams i've found the striker on the left scores more than the right so put your best striker there. this is by no way a world beater i have a really good squad so i expect to win alot you will need a large squad as i've found out my ever growing injury list finally the tactic http://www.mediafire.com/?y9ej03lsxv6ox7y
  10. i've just gone back to my everton save i started this tactic with in 2016 i'm killing it i guess you just need the right players need the tactic fluid match pre set on def pos an you need to motivate your players
  11. :(finding it way to hard at the moment to get a tactic that will hold up for a season might be the end of the plug &play guys the more modern version of tactic work alot easier with shouts etc might have to be the path i need to head down
  12. i'm working on a new classic tactic (sliders) trying to recreate one of Mr hough best formation 4-1-2-3 still a bit to go with post once i'm happy with it some games i win 6-0 then out of nowhere i get a 0-3 smack
  13. first post of the thread but most people are having issue in defence with the lastest update
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