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  1. I think in theory with FFP it’s right but if I take my team for example Ipswich our owner is putting in 6 or 7million pounds a season into the club for costs. Not transfer fees, this isn’t reflected in the game at all, it feels reasonably easy to spend money in the game because of the financial model. Mick McCarthy spent around 3 million in his 5 and a half years with us yet in the game, I regularly get 3 or 4 million in the 2nd season. most clubs are running losses every year, and while they don’t have tycoons they have owners who are helping the clubs keep afloat it feels to me that this level of investment is ignored in the game and financially it’s not reflective of what happens in real life. maybe I’m being overly simplistic in my view but I’ve recently got Wycombe into the championship, 2nd season in the league and I have a budget of about 5 million, no sales, it just seems off to me and makes it makes the game that bit easier certainly with building clubs up.
  2. I've tried the ll and treq changes but was really struggling for goals, so I moved the wide players to aml and amr winger support and the right sided midfielder to a b2b and I've won 3 lost 1 still very early days of course but promising results.
  3. I'm not expecting massive money, far from it. Just a bit more, 20 million in the bank with more money to come over the season don't forget, 30 or 40 more million with tv rights. I might be wrong but certainly in last years version you got more money to spend certainly.
  4. I still have the premiership money to come in over the season the 100 profit will be over 3 years I believe I'm right in saying. Plus the champions league money although not guaranteed. Put it this way I got promoted with Ipswich in the same game and got 14 million that was before the latest patch. I've not had near that since with bigger clubs.
  5. I'm Everton in 2019 and I got in the champions league and got 6 million quid to spend. I have 20 million in the bank FFP I was making a profit of 100 million. Had a outstanding transfer of 8 million to pay of over 36 months and my total debt was 40 million of which I was paying around 300k a month. This was happening at Aston Villa as well I was getting under 10 million to spend a season. I'm not expecting huge transfer budgets but getting 6 million when you qualified for the champios league seems very low without having a lot of fees to pay on tansfers, my wage bill was a million a week as well. I have had a look around to see any other threads but couldn't see any.
  6. and so they should be and Goalkeeper mistakes, they are part of the game we love, like it or lump it really. I think some guys think everything should be perfect and get frustrated when players in the game make mistakes. That's football management for you, even if it does cost you in an important game.
  7. Neil, this update doesn't seem to be as big as previous years, has it been cut down mostly for the ME stuff due to the other issue or was it always planned to be a smaller update?
  8. Doesn't matter who's deal you try to terminate it crashes automatically. i have crash dump logs.
  9. It's not as busy as it usually is on here. It's a bit of a shame but i can also see the upside of the beta.
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