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  1. Jonathan Walters playing uo top on his own in standard 4-5-1 (inverted) christmas tree formation?
  2. What he said.
  3. Well at least he's getting paid! I'm sure any 9 year old would be delighted with 5 quid a week! And at 185cm tall, he must be one of the tallest 9 year olds around! What's that 6 feet?
  4. Did you give yourself a greater reputation? Maybe if you had a higher rep they would offer more.
  5. I got a son in the ranks when my manager's age was about 40 on FM09. I think you can get them when you're young enough i.e. from 35 onwards.
  6. Surprisingly not the worst player to have in your team!
  7. Haven't played it yet-still playing FM09 so couldn't possibly vote.
  8. Not sure what you mean? :confused: If he's been capped by England then it will show in his profile that he's English.
  9. Wouldn't you? The more you play him the more experience he will gain and the better he will become. Anyway look at his attributes! They're well class for a team like Dresden!
  10. I haven't played FM07 for a while. Still hooked on FM09 so haven't bought the new one yet. I remember FM07 well though, bringing the glory days to Bolton!
  11. Definitely a good thing you looked at him. He could walk into most lower to mid Premier League teams!But at 14 years old you'll have quite a job trying to hang onto him!
  12. Yeah sounds a bit dodgy but maybe letting that 2-0 lead slip was enough. What were the expectations going into the Copa America?
  13. Yeah I thought there was a gentleman's agreement between the home nations that they wouldn't call up foreigners or something?
  14. Looks good! Could definetely become a world beater! Funnily enough I did a presentation about Dresden today! I thought you couldn't get Newgen's younger than 15 years though?
  15. You know you've just cursed yourself right? Get ready to experience some major crashes.