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  1. FM11: Official Player Role and Duty Thread

    Jonathan Walters playing uo top on his own in standard 4-5-1 (inverted) christmas tree formation?
  2. gazette, daily, newspaper

    What he said.
  3. Best 14-year-old ever?

    Well at least he's getting paid! I'm sure any 9 year old would be delighted with 5 quid a week! And at 185cm tall, he must be one of the tallest 9 year olds around! What's that 6 feet?
  4. equal rights

    Did you give yourself a greater reputation? Maybe if you had a higher rep they would offer more.
  5. On newgen sons

    I got a son in the ranks when my manager's age was about 40 on FM09. I think you can get them when you're young enough i.e. from 35 onwards.
  6. My Fragile Strikeforce...

    Surprisingly not the worst player to have in your team!
  7. FM10 - Hit or Miss?

    Haven't played it yet-still playing FM09 so couldn't possibly vote.
  8. Almunia England and patch 10.3

    Not sure what you mean? :confused: If he's been capped by England then it will show in his profile that he's English.
  9. Best 14-year-old ever?

    Wouldn't you? The more you play him the more experience he will gain and the better he will become. Anyway look at his attributes! They're well class for a team like Dresden!
  10. I haven't played FM07 for a while. Still hooked on FM09 so haven't bought the new one yet. I remember FM07 well though, bringing the glory days to Bolton!
  11. Best 14-year-old ever?

    Definitely a good thing you looked at him. He could walk into most lower to mid Premier League teams!But at 14 years old you'll have quite a job trying to hang onto him!
  12. Yeah sounds a bit dodgy but maybe letting that 2-0 lead slip was enough. What were the expectations going into the Copa America?
  13. Almunia England and patch 10.3

    Yeah I thought there was a gentleman's agreement between the home nations that they wouldn't call up foreigners or something?
  14. Best 14-year-old ever?

    Looks good! Could definetely become a world beater! Funnily enough I did a presentation about Dresden today! I thought you couldn't get Newgen's younger than 15 years though?
  15. My game has never crashed

    You know you've just cursed yourself right? Get ready to experience some major crashes.