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  1. Hi, Loaded my save 5 times and regardless of the team talk i give. Once I press continue the game crashes with the following message: A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in ... Crash dumps \fm 2016 v (2016.03.15 21.01.48).dmp Please can you advise? Thanks, Stewart
  2. Just completed my 10th season and led Blackburn to League, League Cup and Champions League success. This was in my 2nd season of getting them into the Prem. I finished 2nd and won the League cup in my 1st. My strikers are from the academy and really are world class, but my team is extremely average. My issue is that the quality of regens and teams are really effecting my enjoyment of the game. The England team is full of old current players in their 30's with nothing coming through. Without spending and using my squad of free's and academy players, I am confident of repeating last seasons suc
  3. This is the most insightful thread I have read in a long time. I have struggled getting my strikers scoring regularly and having good midfield ratings and assists on this version. Even though I have had good success, this thread has made me think a lot more. I'm playing with Arsenal in my 4th season. Even though I have won the league twice, its hasn't really clicked into gear for me. I went to bed scratching my head and read this whilst at work. Instead of 'pushing everyone up' I now try to open and create space to exploit. Moved to a fluid 4-1-4-1 with my striker on CS and my AWM fill the spa
  4. I was wondering what success people have had with these roles, in what formation and what standard of player is required to perform these specialist roles? I play usually with an Advanced Forward or Complete Forward, changing my tactic's depending on what the formation my opposition are playing, looking to exploit the space they leave unguarded. I've done fairly well with this philosophy, turning small clubs into big clubs, I usually minimise the use of specialist roles, preferring to adapt standard roles to the players I have available. My concern is that maybe i'm not being progressive eno
  5. Yes i was in Europe and after double checking I made an overall profit of 87 million. I'm really annoyed as I blooded a lot of youth and dropped down to 8th so missed out through the league. I'm currently 2nd in the league after 12 games, so taken the sting out of it slightly.
  6. I'm sure I could have made a loss of up to 15 million to comply. Just checked..... for Europe, I cant make a loss of more than 4 million....! Can anyone confirm this? WOW
  7. I think so, made a loss of 4 million which is within the rules.
  8. Before posting in Bugs forum just wanted to check that I wasn't missing something. I won the League cup with Derby, was told I have qualified for next seasons Euro Cup. Next season has arrived, I've increased my squad to accommodate the extra games and I haven't been entered into the competition. Any ideas?
  9. I've really struggled with the new tactic system. I couldn't get to grips with seeing the difference in setting individual player instructions, expect shoot less often and understanding what to change and when to change it. I have just cracked it, in terms of understanding the basics and have got my team to play as a team, well and consitantly. Played 4-1-2-2-1 with Bristol City and got back to back promotions. I actually swapped to LVG 3-3-2-2 for my playoff games and if I hadn't, it would have been totally different. Finished 11th in my 1st season. Then took on a rebuilding project with Man
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