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  1. Hello. First of all, congrats on a great job done. Second, a small intrusion if you don't mind. Will Bamburgh Castle F.C. be a playable team in your update of lower league? Cheers.
  2. Hello. First of all, congrats on a great job done. Second, a small intrusion if you don't mind. Will Bamburgh Castle F.C. be a playable team in your update of lower league? Cheers.
  3. Hello all. Buying a desktop PC so having a bit of a dilemma myself. Sorry for posting the question about a PC in a laptop thread, but I didn't want to open a new one. Anyway, as said before, I want to buy a new desktop PC. It's something like this: i5-4460 with Intel HD 4600 graphics. 8gb DDR3. 1tb HDD Gigabyte P85-D3 or i5-4460 with Intel HD 4600 graphics. 4gb DDR3. 1tb HDD Gigabyte P85-D3 MSI GTX 750 1gb graphic card. I know the one with the graphic card would be better, but I plan buying a SSD next year so if the Intel graphic is up to running FM14/15 smoothly on 3D(medium is enough) than I would buy the card together with SSD and now buy 8gb DD3 instead of the GTX 750. Also to mention, Linux will be used on the PC. I will be grateful for any opinion. Thanks.
  4. This post isn't just about my wish, but also a question. I was managing Salthill from Ireland, got them to play in Europe. Although they have capacity of about 3k but only 600 seats. So instead having a full capacity in European matches, we had smaller attendance than in Irish league. When I try to expand capacity(we have about 80% average) they reject because there is no need for expansion. To get to the point, it would be good, if we could ask board to increase number of seats on stadium,not for league games but for European games.
  5. Only this one, I don't like to use several of them because of there can be some problems. Just loaded your lvl 10 and started.
  6. What about problem I had with some county cups having bigger reputation then Spanish league, Serie A, german league and others? How can I continue my game?
  7. Just to mention that I use the latest build ( from 24.11 or something like that) and all levels loaded of course, how could i play lvl 10
  8. Great work guys but i have few questions. First of all, team i started to play with South Park (cherry 10.league) didn't had city listed as you mentioned before. Is there going to be some problems because of this? Second is that competitions reputations are really messed up. First ranked competition in Europe is English premier league, second is some regional cup from England and also on 3rd place is some regional cup. I can provide SS when i'm back on my computer. Also teams from 10.league (my also) have 3,xxx coefficient in europa reputation. Ok, so i checked it in FMRTE and English premier league has reputation of 185 also as other english cups that are on SS from 2 place to 7th place. Spanish primera has 183 reputation and serie a 172. Can this be fixes somehow? Also transfers starts in 1.June instead of 1.July
  9. What about that one i wrote, that some clubs in lvl 10 don't have stadium capacity and stadium owner in club facilities? for example South Park in Lvl 10?
  10. We don't have router, only I have switch, but connected it just now to find out if it makes some difference. I can't connect to my switch setting through browser and the one i have isn't on list on www.portforward.com I have JMicron PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter built in my Asus laptop. Please, can someone help mi how to open ports? i tried adding those port 10093 and 10094 in local area properties\sharing both for TCP and UDP, but it doesn't help. I tried that program on www.portforward.com to test my ports. it says: Your port is not open or not reachable.
  11. I need help, because my friend and I used to play FM09 and FM10 onilne but we cant play FM11. He still has his old laptop but i bought a new one. We tried through direct IP address but it says unable to connect to server. Then we tried with some leaf program( it was working before) but when we enters IP address that i have in leaf program nothing happens. server is listed in recently used but it doesnt start. I tried with another friend with Hamachi but same thing. With direct IP address it says unable to connect and with address from hamachi nothing happens. He tried to be host and also I. everything is good with FM, ticked run as server, we turned off firewall and antyvirus programs. It was working before, thing is i just bought a new laptop. I dont understand what can be wrong.
  12. Hi, first of all i want to say that you are doing a great job:) Second, I want to ask you if there is a bug with South Park FC in lvl 10. I have chosen them and they have just name of stadium South Park stadium but no capacity. I looked on internet they have stadium of capacity od 700. I didn't play game, so i dont know what is it like on game. Also i don't have any wage or transfer budget. i understand for transfer budget, but i should probably have some wage budget or amateur contracts players are playing for free? Also i ticked add key staff but all my players are aged 16-17.
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