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  1. I also have a question Have any of you ever tried to use Friendly tours/cup's as a way to develop U18 players. I know normally Friendlies are only considered for raising revenue for small team or to get team match/moral fit pre-season - by beating lower opposition. However I have just found out that I will be able to make a tour of Italy in August for my U18 and reserves to each play against the top 4 U18/Reserve teams in Italy - also I managed to make a similar tour planned for January for Argentina - as Well as a 3 day League?cup in Anfield at Xmas - where Barcelona/Ajax/CSKA Moscow would attend with their U18 and Reserve teams respectively So my question is - surely those type of games should give your U18 players a boost in development - similar to for example playing them in a League game against lower opposition like Hull ? Anyone has any experience or thoughts on this subject ? Also does anyone know - if you win the U18 league and CUP as well as Reserve League - do you get any benefits, such as increase reputation / value of players - increase in player developments ?
  2. Hi antg1985 Haven't tried it myself - as is my first save. Read one guy in here who was going to try it - not sure how you would get on though as with the amount of injuries the squad is really too small to start with IMO
  3. If you go to Manager menu - then select Liverpool menu and then the confidence menu. In here on first page you can see several green bars if you hover your mouse over any of the bars it will give you an actual percentage number. You can get this number also for any of the other confidence bars - is very handy as ultimately these are what decides if you will get the sack or not
  4. Workrate increases with strength trainining Flair I am not sure you can change / think it may increase with age/playing time Bravery and Agrression are personality traits so a player can increase those through tutoring from an older player which has similar personality but higher stats in those skills
  5. Some good prices there for your ins/outs Thanks mate Yes I was lucky that a few of the key players starts the game injured for 2-3 months so their price doesn't fluctuate during the transfer window - well only down a little bit Happy with all of them - except can't really seem to get the best out of riquelme - shame really as he has such good stats
  6. Ok so here is my intial first season wheeling and dealing. (went a bit mad) this is for a 3-5-2 formation so hence no dedicated DL/R or FB. Feel free to comment/make suggestions Lost out on Edgar Barreto and Juan Manuel Vargas - but hopefully in January Interestingly enough - you would think that the squad harmony would have suffered as a result of all the new players - but when I started the game the squad harmony was 50% and even with all the new players it is still at 50%
  7. For me he has been brilliant - picked him up initially for my youth/reserve team - but from day one he is a regular First team player or at least often used sub - can play up front extremely well - even sometimes ahead of Vagner love an Mario Ballotteli - or on the wingst his constant running and challenging of the opponents FB/CB is a joy to watch and always provides ccc. For example as playing 3-5-2 - where your wings are exposed - I used to move my MR to a WBR if the opponent pused forward his ML to an AML position - I did this to protect my wing. However I have found that instead of going defensive I simply put on Sanchez on MR and both his DL as well as AML will be so busy keeping him under control they hardly have any time to actually be in my half let alone the AML position
  8. Questions on player development and Friendlies (Cup, tour etc) After finally figuring out how to arrange friendlies for any of my teams (u18, reserves, First team) against almost all opponents and how to make sure they are accepted as well as won't be cancelled - several questions came to mind as to what use different type of friendlies would have on player developments/reputation/value etc (For those interested I will post my findings on how to succesfully setup Friendlies/cup and tours in a later post in this thread) It seems the general concensus is that Friendlies are only good for a) match fitness and b) generating income for lower clubs. However the consensus also seems to be that playing First team football games is the best way for a player to improve his stats (ability) - But is it the only way ? It seems to me that there is a correlation to how well a young player performs and how important a game is and what rating the opposing team has ie playing a young player in a cup final against Man United in which he performs well, will somehow add a boost to his skill development. However if that is the case, then there would be no benefit in a U18 player, even playing in U18 games such as U18 league or U18 cup - however a U18 player who only does training but doesn't play any games won't develop as quickly (if at all) as a U18 player involved in U18 games - this to me suggest that the boost in skill development, does not directly relate to whether he is playing for First Team or U18 team, but rather relates to a) Match Importance and b) How diffcult/highly rated an opponent is and c) how he performs against them. A) Match importance: This one you can't do much about in relation to league games - except try out now and again young players in the First team in certain games and/or as subs - but in the game it warns that frequently changing a players squad status will negatively affect his moral - so my question here is - frequently changing a U18 player back and forth from First team to U18 - will that not cause moral problems ? Also to me - playing youth players in First team mathces should be the exception rather than the rule - as it is hardly a sustainable standard tactic to use in your youth development program. To me the normal route for a youngster to break in to the First Team is 1) Plays a couple of years in the U18 and occasionally picked for the reserve team then 2) Moves to the Reserve team performs well for a few season's and then slowly and surely 3) Starts to get his First Team games. B) How diffcult/highly rated an opponent is For this part it seems to me that the game first of rates in what type of game the U18 player plays in, but also that it rates how a player performs and against what type of opposition. So if we say that the highest boost a U18 player can get to his development is playing a Champions league final against one of the top 4 clubs in the world (as rated by Club/Team reputation) so say this boost is = 100% - where as not playing at all = 0% boost. Ofcourse then this would make sense that if a player is played in First Team games he will see stronger development boosts as opposed to playing in the U18 league - as the opposition he will face are tougher/rated higher. However this also raises the important question - Does the match importance count for so much more than the quality of opponent that say playing a First Team game against Hull (if you are one of the Top 4 in EPL) counts for more ie more boost than playing a Friendly game (Any type Freindly/Tour/Cup or League) against say Barcelona U18 or even Barcelona First Team ? And if so - How much more or less does it count ? Also does it make a difference what type of Friendly ? ie Friendly league/Tour or Cup or just reg Friendly ? Also What if your U18 player plays a Friendly for your First Team against say Barcelona - would that count more than a First Team league game against a much lower opponent ? C) how he performs against them This also seems to play a part in any boost a U18 player may get from playing a game ie if player is constantly under performing - then he won't get as much of an increase - again this makes sense and also goes along the line that playing the player in a Friendly against a good rated them like Barcelona U18, where he has a chance of "not making a fool of himself" he would perform better and hence get better boost than being totally outplayed in a First Team playing a league game against a EPl team ? My temporary conclusion to this is that ofcourse playing a U18 player in League games (more important games) against older more experienced, higher rep players will give the player the highest boost to his development provided he performs well. However playing a U18 player in a Friendly will also bring some boost agaiin depending on level of opposition and perhaps also the type of Friendly ie a Tour or Cup win may have a higher "value" than a regular Friendly - similar an Away win/good performance against strong team would also provide a higher boost. Also there is the whole area of player/club reputation - so say my Liverpool U18 team regular plays Friendly tours against all the Top 4 teams in Italy and win's some and also my U18 players performs well - that would in my mind lead to my squad reputation to increase which in turn would lead to player reputation to increase. So isn't it reasonable to assume that your U18 player being exposed to playing against top teams abroad (even in Friendly) will be more "visible" to scouts/other managers and hence his reputation/value will increase faster/more ? Also will playing friendlies against such teams not also build up positive relationships with those managers ? I will add some more info/questions to this thread later - but just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts / experience so far
  9. It depends on 1) Which formation you play and 2) Which formation the opponent will play against you and 3) If you are fav or not and if you are home or away also 4) The pitch size In general though high D-line + Play offside, seems to do the trick for me
  10. Looks good - how were your stats for the game - although I imagine with 3 sent of it may be a bit hard to judge
  11. Just thought of another one Getting all starting XI in team of the week/month year to be your players Getting a 3 of defender/midfielder/player of the year to be your players Same as local such as best players in copa america etc
  12. If i don't play wide, how on earth do i break down the ridiculous stubborn opponents? >> Playing wide is good for breaking down oppositions, but tempo, mentality and high D-line is more important - also width on a wide pitch can be counter productive as your players are placed further apart when in possesion thereby making passing harder - you want to compress the play in opponents half on top of his goal - while keeping things wide enough to spread his defenders out of their normal positions If i do play wide, through balls are surely a lot less effective as passing from out wide etc so that leaves me with crossing? >> The opposite, playing wide with through ball's can be very effective, but it depends on who uses them and who will most likely recieve them ie a AMC playing a through ball is less effective due to his position than a winger playing a through ball to a ST as the winger will play the ball between the opponent DC and GK for your ST to run on to while a AMC will try to play it behind the DC, while standing in front of him
  13. basically because i dont think a player with 11 passing and 10 decisions should be launching through balls from defence. Most FB only has max 12-14 for passing, which is ok, as this only dictates the distance a player can get on his pass, his technique/flair is much more important