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  1. Knap, first thanks for all your great tactics. Apologizes in advance if already answered this kind of question but: Which tactics would you recommend for new man utd career save preferably a 4231 (Time or Beowulf?) and one more defensive (like a 41221 aka 433? or suggesting another one?) and finally who takes corners, still wingback for each side or best set piece taker? cheers
  2. With hotfix now: better passing, more variety it seems but no matter what tactics im using from previous striker is crap, main concern now need to tweak again this position-_-
  3. How much did you pay for Trent Alexander and Asensio and when those In's happened please (date) ?
  4. seriously what a joke that you cant upload beta tactic yet beta saves are compatible, lost plenty of tactics from mine and from other ppl..
  5. third time..: All tactics saved in Beta are lost or in some way you can recover them and upload in final version of the game?
  6. is there a chance to have a answer for the tactic format, can we recover them in some way or they are lost and we need to set it up manually again?
  7. Hmm i cant find all my tactics in game yet i ve them all saved in tactic doc/folder? any idea i checked local and cloud edit: some are in format FMF others on TAC and i cant load those in TAC format..
  8. Thanks Cleon, very informative as usual, i ll take all this above in mind while working on my tactic tonight
  9. Thanks Mate, thats the problem i ve hard time to spot whats wrong about partnerships, overall im very happy the way the team play and defend, i just need to find a set up where Lukaku or any lone striker and my IF will take a fair share of goals without unbalance the rest...
  10. Ok tweaked a bit during friendlies til Euro Super cup against R. Madrid: Very happy : Possession (i want that kind of play) passes ration excellent, kinda an achievement against technically gifted side like real, only ten shots but 4 were half chances 1 clear chance, Real 20 shots: 5 on target only 1 clear chance 3 half, Martial was way better (yet no shot during match) Not happy: still looking to get a decent winger so i played Mata on right winger : aweful pass completion same as Lukaku despite changing his role and Mkhi behind as AM-s, i feel Lukaku way wastefull i dont know if its my tactic or his passing (11) and on top with 19 finish 15 composure he should finish way better
  11. actually i didnt have particular trouble in central mid as bwm and cma but ofc i wont play that way every game it was just the particular match at home i feel confident enough to play Matic and Pogba are quality and we didnt give a snif to spurs concerning the build i was looking for advice as i noticed Lukaku have not much options when receiving the ball upfront except the shadow striker making some runs but not on consistent basis, on left side (i might be wrong) that Martial receive the ball half of the pitch, makes some diagonal runs dribbling and ends up loosing the ball quite often, on the right Mkhi is doing good job as winger til he has to cross it (might be coz if he s not quite a winger and poor crosser (12): most crosses are for keeper. and both wide players dont receive much from both full backs in attacking phases, full backs are acting quite carefully by giving passes to Martial and Mkhi, unsure what to do there coz if i change them (fullbacks) to more attacking minded, i might end up get caught on flanks..
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