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  1. @RDF Tactics did you post somewhere your tweaked version you re using with spurs if not can post it cheers
  2. @RDF Tactics since yesterday with your advices about crosses, remove space, ball in box and so on against specific opposition, im destroying everyone with Man Utd in career save, Ballon d'or podium full of man Utd players: Pogba - Sancho - Lautaro ...insane results with Beowulf442 Tea451 and 4231 Blackecho Thanks for all your tips
  3. @RDF Tactics What would you consider good enough to instruct wipped crosses ? 15+ crossing ? cheers mate
  4. Brilliant, thanks a lot, i ve Lautaro Martinez should make a insane trio with rashford and Greenwood
  5. @AaronRedDevil curious who you play uppfront in Kashmir along with Mason, doing carrer save now i d like to see who you bought for your save and team stats if not too much asked cheers mate
  6. R. Dias was my other target for the back So in your opinion on right wing you dont need a left footed player? really the spot where i hesitate, cheers for your quick reply
  7. @BJT I played around a bit with your BvB 4231 and i love it, tested few games how to see if it suits Manchester United and it works amazingly at time. I m about to launch a career save with Utd, i d like to have some advices in terms of top transfer targets: main priority are Sancho, Tonali or Florentino Luis and Martinez for this first season, what do you think in terms of attributes would they fit the system, big question would play sancho on the left or right since he s right footed, i guess on opposite foot so left but i d like to keep Rashford there ofc + the fact that right wing is a big weakness for Man Utd or any name to cover that right wing? Martinez is really hard working AF (high workrate/stam) so should work. In the middle of the park : i would play B. Fernandes on Ap-s and Pogba on BtB (Pogba has ppm that dont suit dlp-d) + either Pogba or B. Fernandes would be a waste in terms of attacking abilities on dpl-d: so i would stick with McTom or/and Tonali what do you think? if you better options or a list of top top players to suit your tactic to the max, would be cool to publish a list. Cheers mate, really fun tactic to watch
  8. @knap What about 4231 with IF still possible to work on this latest patch? even if a bit less productive..
  9. @RDF Tactics mate would you mind to put a screenie for the whole squad performance in terms of goal/assists, i d like to see how pogba and other performed? cheers
  10. @knap Which tactic would you recommend for Man Utd for lest patch i plan to make a career save with Kashmir but i d like a 4231 as back up its my prefered formation? cheers mate
  11. Gonna try kashmir V2 and preachingblues V8 anyone can suggest me 3 rd one in my tactic set preferably 4231 laparisienne but no idea which version will work best with Man Utd, or any user playing Utd and having great success let me know what tactic you are using in latest patch cheers
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