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  1. Creating tactics is a really fun part of the game! I love working out what my season's tactics will be and trying them out in pre-season friendlies.
  2. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    So halfway through my second season with Marine and I'm top of the BSN with 50pts (P20 W16 D2 L2) +27GD, this after an 11th place finish last year and my rep has gone down even further! There are now 62 unplayable teams with bigger reps than me including such giants as Frickley, Bognor Regis Town, Swindon Supermarine, Met Police and Skelmersdale. I reckon I've lost about 500 rep points in 18 months. WTF is going on? I hope this doesn't wreck my game.
  3. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    #103 Marine FC – Season 1 (2012/13) Blue Square Bet North Media prediction: 22nd Final position: 11th Squad 1 Squad 2 Transfers Competitions Well, that was quite a pleasing season overall. As expected everyone I thought would be decent preseason turned out not to be good enough so I ended up taking advantage of non-contracts to bring in over 50 players throughout the season, and getting rid of the players from the last regime who were on ridiculous wages compared to their ability. But this never really had an adverse effect on the team’s performances throughout the season – playing an extremely narrow and very rigid 4-4-2, counter attacking with pacy wingers and strikers seemed to suit the team and the system was quickly picked up by new recruits. It provided a decent defensive platform (strikers at this level miss so many chances that on paper it looks even better than it did on the pitch) and was able to expose teams too keen to push their fullbacks up; our record against the top 5 was W5 D5 L2 in all competitions. Unfortunately when we had lots of the ball we didn’t really know what to do with it and we drew or lost far too many times against the teams at the bottom (we were spanked 5-0 at home by Solihull Moors and lost to bottom of the table Harrogate who only won another 5 games all season for instance). We managed to reach the QF of the FA Trophy but then came up against a very impressive Welling team – it was obvious from the first few minutes that their pace and dribbling was going to cause us huge problems. It’s rather annoying that the gate money isn’t shared in this competition or the FA qualifying rounds since it does mean that it’s financially better to play for a replay when you get an away fixture. Players Callum Williams GK – reinforcing my feeling that star ratings for GK are not very informative at this level, I had a 4.5 star keeper who kept moving out of the goal-mouth on crosses allowing tame headers to bounce into the net or dropping the ball in a crowded penalty area, whereas 2 star Callum managed to avoid conceding such howlers throughout the season. Jamie Grimes and Ollie Monguel (no I don’t know how to pronounce that!) DC – these two distinguished themselves from my other centre-backs with their consistency. Reasonably pacy and good in the air they will be my captain and vice-captain next season. Shane Murray and Graeme MacGregor MC – both came in the second half of the season but they appear to be able to perform to their capabilities and complement each other well, they’ve also booked a first XI place next year. I have them for 2 more years on £6k a year contracts! Ryan Bowman ST – he’s on a lot of money, but I know it can be difficult to find strikers that will actually manage to put the ball into the net so 21 goals as a deep-lying foward was enough for me to sign him on for another 2 years. David Goldsmith and Marcus Carver ST – more second half of the season signings but again both of them seem to be able to get goals as poachers so I’m hopeful they’ll help us get more goals next season. Andy Gavin DC, MC – he only turned 17 in February so frankly his consistency is astonishing. A super-sub who would come on when a starting centre-back or defensive minded midfielder was having a mare and steady the ship, I genuinely can’t remember a terrible performance from him. Strong in the air, strong in the challenge, sensible in possession – can you tell I love this guy? I hope to see him develop at the club for a long time. Finances Which leads me to the finances! This was a big thing for me since I don’t really want to run up huge debts and get totally unrealistic board injections while still a nonleague club (as happened to me last year.) I really don't understand how this works – my board gave me £190k to spend on player wages, I spent £110k of that and still ended up losing £40k over the season. I didn’t ask for anything extra from the board – no more staff than allowed, hired staff on wages nowhere near the maximum I could offer, no facilities improved – our attendances averaged 400 which is the same or more than most BSN clubs and had 7 money-spinning friendlies. Why would the board get this so wrong? How come the club was promoted with healthy finances but a wage bill that I couldn’t afford to maintain? And how on earth are the other clubs able to afford the wages they offer? Reputation WTF? 52 non-playable clubs are now rated as higher rep than me, a mid-table BSN, FA Trophy quarter-finalist. I have the same rep as Met Police for goodness sakes! WTF? Next Season’s Goals Reach the playoffs Breakeven Develop a more attacking formation to hopefully attract more fans (also since 3 of 4 wingers were poached at the end of the season I can’t rely on my previous tactic to work). Season Division Position Noteworthy Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2012/13 Blue Square North 11th F.A Trophy QF Any tips on report style appreciated.
  4. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    No problem, it's a great bit of work. Ironically, Kazpeer just went as St. Albans so maybe you were just predicting the future
  5. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    @GreyedOutMan I think I have some corrections to the table on the front page: There are two entrants with the number 102 (104 in total), There is only one player with St. Albans (not 2), There are two players with AFC Hornchurch (not 1), There are 12 teams that have been picked twice so the number at the end of that line should be 24 (not 22), There are 37 players in the BSS (not 34). Good stuff otherwise:thup:
  6. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Well reloaded a few times and I have decided to go with Marine. So here is my character, Juan Pedro Martinez, a young manager from Ecuador who has come to England to make it big in football. He used to watch Liverpool games on the telly as a boy, now he has a chance to pursue the dream of managing on Merseyside – well that’s what he said at the first press conference anyway. Interesting feature: one of the questions was about my lack of English (asked in English!) which gives me a good excuse to leave all the talking to the assistant. And if I don't bother turning up on matchdays because "I don't feel right" I can always blame a mistranslation, amirite?! I can however give the lads a bollocking in Quechua apparently which is probably quite a niche skill in the FM world. The squad I inherited isn’t going to set the BSN on fire but it was pleasing that all the defenders and the keeper were good in the air and really really slow, which shows a reasonable attempt by the previous manager to build a squad. However 3 of them are on ridiculous wages and I couldn’t move them on e.g. the highest earner Neil Harvey – what a waste of money. I’ve let a few of their contracts expire and got rid of a couple on free transfers. The incoming lot are supposedly a marginal improvement but really they mainly ensure I can cover decent players with decent players. Squad My 3 quality targets recommended by the coaches all had their work permits turned down even though they’d just been released by other English clubs, how can that be right? So our best player is Callum Byrne. I’m hoping the rest improve as they play, but I will mention Jordan Patrick, surely the ultimate test of the theory that physical stats are all you need at this level - look at all those 2s! The U18 squad has a grand total of 1 player, and their youth facilities are rented so I doubt there’ll be much joy from that side of the set-up. My season goals are: Avoid relegation Avoid debt (Only 16 players plus the three rejects who won’t go on p/t contracts) Work out which of this lot I can build a team around. Oh, preseason wasn't the best - couldn't even beat the grey zombies in my own reserves!
  7. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Not that i'm in any position to say how to be more successful but i went to player search, ask ass man to filter unrealistic targets, and found a DC, Lee Archibald who the scouts rate as better than your current centre backs and accepted the offer of a non-contract. However most of the available players are 18 or 19 and thus not very good atm but might be in a few years. This is what happened to me last year when I went as Evesham (even lower rep than Worksop!). I lost in the play-offs three straight years and my rep was still the worst in the division and barely any decent players wanted to sign. But the longer players went without a club the more chance I had of getting them to the table - usually some of the premiership youth rejects let go in July would begrudgingly start listening to my offer around March. I can definitely sympathise with the frustration! EDIT - never mind I saw you restarted.
  8. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Sorry if I'm being thick, but i don't know how to get that edit filter screen EDIT - yes on reflection that was pretty thick!
  9. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Cheers! also, I've noticed that the OP mentions a custom database for the players in the 7th tier. Where do you get that from and how important is it?
  10. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Half an hour, i know impatient, but i notice there's been a lot of activity and suspect my question's been missed
  11. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Hi all I played this last year with Evesham and took 12 years to get promoted to the Football League, at which point I stopped playing because you have to, you know, buy your players from other teams! Madness! Anyway I thought I'd give it a go this season and I've just got my game set up so fingers crossed that a decent team gets promoted. Can I ask, I've added this and this to correct some of the team names and get the full names of clubs to show in the tables, are these allowed? The intention is an aesthetic change not to fiddle with any stats but I don't want to get into a game and then find out it's a problem. Thanks
  12. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Hi all, I've been playing the challenge with Evesham although I've not been giving updates but after nine long, hard seasons we have been promoted to the premiership. The Blue Square Bet Premiership! (Ridiculously the board thinks that winning the BSN has damaged the club's reputation??) Along the way I've reached the FA Cup first round, lost in the play-offs 6 times, had to cope with a £1.7kpw wage budget, gone through 2 board takeovers and watched striker after striker blaze wildly over the bar when clean through on goal. It's been quite a ride. Also watched from the outside as one season FC United leaked 142 goals, whilst scoring a magnificent 18, in a quite incredible display of ineptness. I know some of you have felt left behind by the front-runners but, hey, I guess the Championship by 2020 doesn't seem so bad now does it! I almost don't won't to play any more because because spending one more rainy Wedenesday night in bloody Droylsden would kill me.
  13. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Just finished my fourth season with Evesham in the BSN, made it as far as the playoffs but sadly once again fell at this stage of the season. The only good news was that my ex-top scorer also failed to get his team promoted - should have stayed with us ya traitorous git! My 2 biggest problems are the small wage budget (2.4k) my player's level of playing - they're capable of winning the thing but only 2 of my squad had an average rating over 7 all season. Not quite sure what to do about that - as I try and do loads of player chat throughout the season. I'll leave the more serious updates to those with more interesting things happening but next season I've been moved into the BSS, is that supposed to happen?
  14. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Ha, so it more than rivals your claim! I'm like the token amateur at the Olympics.
  15. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Evesham United - 2013/14 BSN So after two midtable finishes the question was whether I could actually get my team promoted from the bottom division, although once again the media predicted dead last. Just to make things interesting the board cut my wage budget to 2.1k and refused to look for a feeder club, combined with an abysmal youth system this meant putting together a team was tricky. I had to let go Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu but I still had Saric and a south-african - David Somma - upfront so I should have been sorted. There were a few other key players eg the young Turk from Arsenal (Orzugan?) and a load of 18yr olds who would accept really low wages because they were so happy to be playing. Then I stupidly set the squad win bonuses low which pretty much ****ed them off for the entire season. For instance Saric's morale was very poor the whole season and consequently he was totally naff, missing sitters every time he played. We would win 3-0 one week and lose 5-1 the next - we beat the eventual champions at home but The Robins also lost to the three relegated teams. Anybody else seeing a large number of crosses being fluked over their keeper's head and into their net, because that was a frequent occurrence at our end. I was relying on the shaky defensive capabilities of a BSN quality centre-back pairing too much due to the profligacy of the forwards: they weren't so such shooting blanks as they were lighting fireworks on the ends of their boots, with all the expected accuracy. Saric in particular must be world-class at ballooning it viciously over the bar when one on one with the keeper. Somma was our only consistent performer, netting 31 goals all season and dragging us to 4th place and the playoff final where we had a home tie against Northwich Victoria. I honestly thought we would make it since our home form had been pretty good and we had already beaten them before, but alas we went down with a whimper to a 1-0 defeat as only 2 of our team mustered a 6.5 performance - this really shocked me as I thought the chance of promotion would be a great motivator. So it's a 3rd failure to get out of the BSN which I think must rival Vikeologist's claim for worst performance so far! To make it even worse Somma fell out with my left-back and demanded a move to a bigger club, but with a value of just 2.5k I was never going to get any money for him so I was forced to offer him mutual termination to free up his considerable wages for other players. Then the cheeky bugger goes and joins Tamworth, a team in the same league ! This was his "big club".!!! Saric is now also making rumblings of wanting to move which I am hoping I can at least postpone by a season. The club was taken over just before the playoff final and the new board agreed that the wages should go up - to 2.4k a week. Wow that's backing for you! PS I can't get the screenies uploaded into photobucket any more and when i could do that i couldn't link to them properly hence lack of picture action.