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  1. I'm going to start a Dortmund game very soon. Vasilli, I'm very surprised with the pass completion % of all of your players. What type of passing do you play?
  2. It would be great if you added some analysis on the squad and transfer targets because I could just go onto Wikipedia for all of this information.
  3. Didn't RM lose to Lyon in the semi-finals? You put they lost to Juve. Anyways Arbeloa can also play LB so I don't think you need an LB. Nor do you need to buy a youngster like De Gea when you have one of the the best GKs in the game menaing De Gea will ride the pine for 4+ years. I'm not going to play with Real Madrid (not very fun IMO) but good OP.
  4. And Messi was 19 then. I do believe Kaka is very fast but at 19 one isn't even close to nearing his physical peak (26-28).
  5. I'm in the first season and Song is doing a good job but I have a chance to buy Momo Sissoko for $13.75mil. It seems too good to pass up. Should I do it?
  6. Playable: France (all the way down to the bottom leagues) England (to League 2) Belgium Holland Germany (down to the 3rd division) Argentina Brazil Italy (to C1) Spain (to bottom)
  7. Props to both teams but tis a shame Forlan's free kick didn't go in. Suarez did a good job making life difficult for the German defense.
  8. I don't want to get in a "Is Messi better than Ronaldo" argument though I do think Messi is the better player currently, but your statement "But he had only one excellent season in Man United when he scored 42 goals" is ridiculous. Ronaldo has had excellent seasons since 06/07. And Ronaldo is also improving. I just think it's funny when people who believe Mess is the best completely downplay Ronaldo's ability, stats, and accomplishments.
  9. Ribery was horrible in the WC. I'd take Di Natale over him.
  10. Kun hasn't played enough to warrant a spot. He hasn't showed enough. Mine would be like this: GK: Benaglio DL: Coentrao DC: Juan DC: Kjaer DR: Maicon MC: Honda MC: Bradley AMC: Messi ST: Villa ST: Vittek Subs: Tiago, Ozil, Higuain, Tevez, Ronaldo, Bradley, Donavan, and Forlan.
  11. But isn't that his best quality? That nothing really stands out but he's not bad at anything. I love watching tourneys like this and then picking up players you never had heard of Looks great. I'm thinking of starting a Porto game and this is valuable information (his stats before I start).
  12. He's not going to start unless you give him games. He won't become a starter until you start giving starting him in cup games, heavily favorited games, etc.
  13. Hey don't knock the most famous Armenian(-Iranian) agent I agree with the OP. It's a problem that managers deal with and it should be represented.
  14. I'll be the first "hater" but why do you do that? I don't really see that being fun. Just be Man City if you want cash and just buy Clichy, Sagna, and Fabregas.
  15. Torino are a big club and I think they have a fair amount of money and same with Empoli. Real Sociedad and Betis also fall into that category.