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  1. https://ao.com/product/9s716jd21068-msi-laptop-silver-54098-251.aspx Getting 10% off this one with a code, bringing cost down to £540. Looks like a rather good deal to me.
  2. I found an alternative version of the MSI laptop that @Smurf has been recommending. No SSD, but just under £600. http://www.ebuyer.com/770451-msi-gl62-7qf-gaming-laptop-backpack-9s7-16j562-1672 Intel Kabylake Core i5-7300HQ 2.5GHz 8GB RAM + 1TB HDD 15.6" Full HD + DVDRW NVIDIA GTX960M 2GB WIFI + Windows 10 Home I was going to get the Stormforce that @Barside recommended me a few pages back. However, my current laptop's still just about hanging on, and i've been paying off my season ticket for next season before i make the jump (next month). Currently got
  3. Thanks @bennytee. Some good recommendations there. I'd set myself an arbitrary limit of £500, and seeing what i could get for that sort of cash. However, the Stormforce is tempting (equivalent spec on Laptops Direct is £120 more), and i could probably use the finance to pay over a few months instead... Bad man, tempting me with shiny things. Also, that table has made for interesting reading. I always assumed that the processor was just about obsolete, due to it's age. It takes an age to open up most applications and files, freezes regularly, and struggles with multitasking. Maybe it's jus
  4. After about 5 years of good service, my laptop is finally, literally, falling to pieces. I didn't really do much research when i got it, and just went for an i5, as they were fairly new at the time. This i5 is a 2410M processor, and works alongside 4Gb RAM. It also has a great feature where it'll cook your knee, another where you can lift up the keyboard to store crumbs and things, and a screen bezel that needs to be cracked back into place before you can close the screen shut. However, i don't like those so much, so it's time to replace. I use it mostly for internet and FM. Occasional Of
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