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  1. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Went to watch Blackpool against Huddersfield on Boxing Day and he was playing on the wing. Played well, great assist for Blackpool's equaliser.
  2. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Watching the Chelsea game, cannot believe this Villa side beat us 3-1. So poor today.
  3. Konchesky still at Liverpool? Isn't he out on loan at Forest now? Oh wait, emergency loan. Not included in the game is it?
  4. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  5. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    Not really posted a lot around here, but Serpico is one of the few names I recognise. Always enjoyed reading his posts. Terrible news. RIP, thoughts with his family and friends.
  6. FM10 : What Team Should I Be Thread

    Would like a team outside of England, in the lower leagues (the lower the better), and a bit of a mess (need rebuilding etc.) Any suggestions?
  7. Gonna give this a go. Profile Personal Got a job offer from Welling straight away, decided to leave it.
  8. Getting into my first game on FM for a long time. Started at Liverpool and had a disappointing first couple of seasons finishing 6th and then 5th in League. Won the FA cup in my first season and the Europa League in my second and third seasons. Was surprised to hold onto my job after that, but in my third and fourth seasons I managed to win the league, and added the League cup in the fourth. Current team looks like this: GK: Reina DR: Johnson DL: Insua DC: Agger DC: Kjaer MC: Gerrard/Aqualani MC: Mascherano/Lucas AML: Jovetic AMR: Gourcuff ST: Torres ST: Bent/Delfeounso/Ngog (who hasn't got brilliant stats just keeps scoring though) Fifth season going well, only 8 games gone but I am one point clear at the top. Brilliant wins away at Chelsea and City but disappointing defeats to Portsmouth and Forest. Hoping to add the Champions League this season, something I can't remember winning on FM. Madrid have won it the last 4 seasons though and knocked me out twice at the quarter final stage. Finances are an absolute state though, in the red already and losing about 6 million a month, not looking too good on that front.
  9. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    So just finished my first season with AFC Emley in the Northern Counties East Division 1. Finished 4th which meant a playoff against Daisy Hill. Dominated the game, Daisy Hill got a man sent off, but we just couldn't find that goal. So it was off to penalties, and after missing are first two I knew it was not to be our day. Daisy Hill go up with a 3-2 victory on penalties. Will give a more in depth season review a bit later on.
  10. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    Ok what is with all the cards at this level, didn't have a problem in pre-season but just played my first league game and had six yellow cards and one red card. Didn't think too much of it, played my next game which was in the cup and got five yellow cards and three red cards. Checked my tackling instructions and it is at default. Anyone else having this problem? Or have I just been a little unlucky?
  11. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    So I have decided to give this a go. I am not expecting to do very well but it looks like fun and a definite challenge. Just taken over AFC Emley in Northern Counties East Division 1. Here is my profile.
  12. Cheers I figured that out just after I posted. Thanks for the quick response though.
  13. When I go to download it is asking me which application I should open it with, what do i choose? Sorry if this is a stupid question.. This league looks like fun though, good work.
  14. Through reading through this poll and the previous thread I have begun to see the reasons behind the inactivity in the career thread. With that in mind I believe giving such a sub-forum a trial run would probably be the best idea. If the forum is then successful and popular then fair enough I was wrong with my initial judgement. I suppose another concern is that the forum will just turn into a place where people post stuff like 'look at this, look how good I am at this game.' Which I am guessing is not what you want. A forum where people post in depth about their careers could probably actually be a good idea and I would always be interested in taking a look, but you just don't want it to turn into some bragging forum.
  15. pen was given but never taken

    I have had this before, the penalty was taken and missed but just never came up on the report or overview. :confused: