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  1. Haha this thread is funny. Can't mention anything without being accused of spoiling something, no one even mentioned the bloody books this time.
  2. Oh I do like how someone took my assumption that Bran and Jon will cross paths in the TV series and interpreted it as a book spoiler. Still not liking the idea of that meeting if it does happen in the TV show though. Slowly making my way back through the books as they are epic and I have forgotten so much. Just about to finish A Clash of Kings.
  3. Ah come off it. 'Fundamentally changes on multiple levels' makes it sound like they have changed the whole thing. Most of the stories are sticking to the books in the most part, yes the stuff at and beyond the wall is changing a bit more but the general thread is the same. Plus, personally I think its more interesting.
  4. I disagree, the divergence from the books is keeping me interested in the show. Might be because I haven't read the books in a while but I remember starting to lose interest around this point, whereas I am getting more into the TV series. I am interested to see how they deal with the inevitable meeting with Bran and Jon though, if they **** that up then I might start to get annoyed.
  5. Excellent day. 10 team btts accy came in, then shoved £9 on Messi to score next at 3-3. Profit of around 140 for the day. Almost 300 since last Sunday.
  6. I love the studio ghibli films if they fall under this category. They are essentially kids films but I know adults that are big fans as well. Particular favourites are Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle and Arriety.
  7. am i lost

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    I was walking through Asda the other day and heard them announce they had a limited number available. Thought I would treat myself . This was on Saturday by the way.
  8. am i lost

    Favourite games of all time

    In no particular order: Banjo Kazooie Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Pokemon Red GTA III FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup Assassins Creed II
  9. am i lost

    Rugby for Northerners World Cup

    People saying there is nothing in the south do realise that the semis are at Wembley right?
  10. am i lost

    Russian Roulette Question

    People telling us what they would do with the money without considering the thought of being dead...
  11. am i lost

    Sheep Series - Round 5 (As of Post 1518 on page 16)

    Looks good fun, sent.
  12. am i lost

    OTF 90 Day Body Changing Challenge 2

    I'm doing alright in that I've made it to the gym every day since Thursday. Could be doing better with my diet. Had a McDonald's on Saturday haha. Other than that its not been too bad, lots of salad and fruit.
  13. am i lost

    OTF 90 Day Body Changing Challenge 2

    Decent enough start for me, got to the gym yesterday and tonight.
  14. am i lost

    OTF 90 Day Body Changing Challenge 2

    Current weight: 248 lbs. That's ridiculous.