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  1. A-League Expansion

    Yep thats cool. Did try to do an 09 swap but it almost made my brain explode. Think I prefer 08 anyway now that I have gone back to it.
  2. A-League Expansion

    Oh ok. You sir are truely a god among men. I have bben strugling with this for months now so a week won't hurt
  3. A-League Expansion

    Hey Ruttiger Im new here, have been trying to do wxactly what you have done with very little success. Could of sworn i heard angels sing when i discovered this post...only problem is I can't seem to get the link to the orriginal database to work. Any chance you can re-post it? tdoublej
  4. Downloaded and updated. Still getting the same error. Any other suggestions?
  5. Was told i could find a fix here I have re-installed 3 times but data editor wont work just gives me the message this application has failed to start because the aplication configiration is incorrect. Any help would be greatly apreciated
  6. FM 09 Editor not working

    I'm having the same problem. Little help Thanks Tdoublej