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  1. Absolutely agree with what's being said. Selling youngsters from the youth squad should never create an issue for any player in the first-team squad. Ever. This is one of the main reasons I've gone back to FM14 (hopefully on a temporary basis). Player interaction on FM14 could get annoying at times, but was manageable and didn't ruin the game.
  2. Squad -> Report-> Comparison-> All Positions
  3. I do have two other tactics, one of which is counter. I'll try using it against the teams near the top of the table. I'll change my BBM(s) to a CM(a) and keep my wide men out wide. Does that sound better? I have Mark Davies back from injury so he can fill the CM(a) role well I think. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I've lost 6 games up to now out of 21. I lost to the current top 3 teams and 3 others who are in and around my position (I'm currently 9th). I've scored 21 goals, 9 of which have come from set pieces. The rest look like they come from my wide men crossing to my striker or other wide man at the far post. Almost all my assists/goals come from my front 3, with 3 assists from my FB(a). When I play Beckford he plays as a DLF(s) and he has 3 assists to my TM's 0 (with 6 goals each). So maybe DLF(s) is the way to go? Or maybe DF(s) for extra pressing? I only use TM because
  5. I'm after some opinions on how can improve my current tactic. I'm not conceding too many goals but I am struggling slighty to score them myself and I think this is what is stopping m from getting into the play-offs. I do get chances (with a couple of CCC's). Should I just ride it out and hope my players start finishing their chances or can you guys see where I might be going wrong tactically? I try to give my players their role based on what their best role rating is. i.e. Tim Ream is better at BPD. Is it ok to do this or could it be conflicting with my formation/TI's, etc? Should I ask M
  6. I'd take the Telford job if possible. If that's the type of club interested in you now I can't see better clubs offering you jobs, at least not for a few years. IMO journeyman saves are better started on the bottom rungs of the big league countries, especially if your after quicker progression.
  7. I started as Chimney Corner. Was with them for 6 seasons in total, got to the top division, won the cup twice and was in Europe twice. Rumours started circulating that Stockport were interested in me who were in the Conference at that time. I said I was interested which the board did not take kindly to and sacked me. I thought I'd try for a couple of league 2 jobs but was unsuccessful. (This was on FM13 I think). That might give you an idea of whereabouts you are in terms of reputation and potential clubs to jump to.
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