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  1. Yes yaninuk, you can offer contract to reserve players when, for example, you lack players to fill a position and can't sign anyone. Sometimes they can turn quote good actually
  2. rafafloripa


    Yeah, it's the new Atalanta
  3. rafafloripa

    Far Bigger Clubs

    Marc, check Rangers also. Very common to have the "giant killing" when playing against opposition that is in a division above.
  4. rafafloripa

    Match analysis

    It's a great idea, but it still have a lot to improve in my opinion. First of all, the analysis is based on the formation you finish the game. So if you play 89 minutes using a 442 and the last minute using a 451, you will definitely get the comment "lone striker was unable to find space". That's another issue. It's virtually impossible to use lone striker formations without getting this warning, even if you use two inside forwards on the wings. And narrow formations always lead to a lack of width in the midfield, no matter if the team played well or not.
  5. rafafloripa

    How many leagues? Pros & Cons

    Having background leagues will give you a bigger database, with more players from around the world. However, it doesn't matter which background league you load - so loading Spain will not give you more Spanish players when compared to load Belgium, for example.
  6. rafafloripa

    How many leagues? Pros & Cons

    The database is different when loading a single nation or multiple nations. However, there is no distinction between loading one extra nation or three, nor distinction based on which extra nation(s) you load. So basically if you create a game with England (primary) + Spain + Germany, the database will be exactly the same as creating a game with England (primary) + Belgium, for example. Loading extra nations increase the database size considerable. In the England case, loading England only (with a large database) gives you 6656 players, while loading England + Any (large database) gives you 8940 players. There are difference in which players are loaded too. Loading only one nation tends to generate a database with loads of local players, normally these extra local players are pretty low level. When you load extra leagues you get substantially more talented foreigners from all around the globe. Personally I enjoy having 4 leagues loaded, as it gives a more varied, larger and better quality database. And the difference between the standard and the large database is around 15% more/less players.
  7. Not sure if it was mentioned before, but although I like the visual revamp on the game, there's one screen that turned out horrible: It's terrible to read! Can this be changed in the future? The previous version was much easier on the eyes: Ps.: another small thing: when viewing the players' stats screen in the match view the last table row is slightly cropped... Not a big thing, but would be nice if it looked neater
  8. rafafloripa

    Petition to SIGames

    I'm no businessman, but I can be quite sure that sales in these countries are not good enough because they can't play with their local clubs. Imagine if there was no English league in FMH. I doubt many in UK would still buy it.
  9. It's a shame, as I think it can be done in a way that looks simple and intuitive. But that's not the issue in hand here. In my opinion, it's disappointing that certain formations make the players confused and they never actually can grow acquainted to it. So you should A) create a system where players can learn and grow accustomed to different formations OR B) remove the "confusion effect" and instead provide better feedback based on match events, like "the defense was often outnumbered", or "the opposition wingers had too much space". At least in the last way I would try and correct the problem instead of waiting for a full season for my players to grow accustomed to a formation that they will never be comfortable with by default.
  10. I know that the coach is diagnostic, but when the text clearly states "your players are confused" it is a strong hint that there's a negative effect on them due to the tactical choice.
  11. This is a deal-breaker for me. And I will explain why: 1. "Unusual formation" should be any formation which the player is not used to. So if a club plays 4-4-2 for an entire season, and the manager changes it to a 4-3-3, the players should also have trouble adapting to the change for a while. 2. Even though it may confuse the players, it should go away after a certain amount of matches. Now my players played half a season with my new formation and apparently they will never get used to it. Basically what you're doing is saying "you can make any formation you would like, but we will deliberately make your players underperform forever if it doesn't fit the standards". It basically destroys creativity. It would be much more constructive if the feedback was "defenders were outnumbered too often". I basically ruined my season expecting the players to get used to the formation. Instead, they just underperformed in every single match. It's really really annoying.
  12. Or any Brazilian national team since 1990. Cafu+Roberto Carlos anyone?
  13. Well, is it that unusual? Barça has Dani Alves and Adriano playing basically as defensive wingers... No matter how strange the formation, there should be a time when players get used to it.
  14. the only strange thing is that I have only two central defenders and no full backs.
  15. Hi, On the new post-match report screen I have gotten the following warning: "Players confused by unusual formation". As my formation was unusual I understood where it came from, but I was expecting players to get used to the formation after some matches. However, the warning doesn't seem to go away ever.