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  1. Right now, seems to be the most stable tactic in this year's FM. I've been struggling with Marseille. Now, using this tactic, I'm back on tracks. Wingers are doing an incredible job. You'll score at least 2 goals a game using this tactic, needs a little more tweaks to be extremly powerful but good job, really !
  2. Playing with Leeds. Bought Fierro who is insanely good, Byram doing amazing and Fernando Pacheco, GK, as well. Other good players : Verratti from Paris / Kane from Tottenham / Micah Richards
  3. Mr Hough : Could you recommend a few players regarding the key positions in the tactic (e.g. the strikers, midfielders, fullbacks)?
  4. Wow Wow Wow! Glad to here you're back Mr. Hough! Can't wait to test it.
  5. I've been creating all sorts of tactics since the update came out of nowhere. Nothing seems to be effective. Strikers seem to be struggling. Found out that the tactics with no wingers are working better than the ones including this type of players. Can't wait for Mr. Hough to release his new tactic since the update made me uncertain about how to play to FM this season...
  6. Anyone knows when Mr Hough new tactic will be ready to download? During the week-end maybe?
  7. Anyone knows what is going own with Mr Hough 4-3-3 tactic? Can't wait to give it a go.
  8. The type of tactic that works a charm if you're playing in Italy. An easy way to avoid playing with wingers. Will give it a try with my FC Nantes save.
  9. Mr Hough, do you think your tactic will be available for the end of the week?
  10. Same as other folks: Can't wait to test Mr Hough new tactic! I've been waiting for it since the new patch has been released. I must admit that, despite the Diablo one, Hough tactics made me enjoy Football Manager in the last few years...
  11. Jeff99, Tried you tactic based on Mr Hough previous try. Even if it was pretty solid in defense, it really lacks a decent attack to provide enough goals. Most of my games resulted in draws. And no danger from the wingers.
  12. Will try it now. Will keep you updated Jeff99. Can't wait to try Mr Hough' new tactic...
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