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  1. I wouldn't get anything less than 5670 for a graphic card. And IMO get a 2500K and add a card later. PS: Rendering with a gaming/general graphic card isn't recommended. They get very hot.
  2. Thats WHr - Watt Hour. Its the power (Watts consumed per Hour)
  3. Gaming is more dependent on the graphic card. Few FPS wouldn't matter. And he is not even getting a graphic card. How does the gaming performance matter to him. Raw CPU power is great for FM. And the Intels can be OCed to 4.5 - 5GHz on air.
  4. 2400 totally dominates 965 in almost every benchmark for some extra 40 pounds. It would also last much longer. Not to mention the better onboard graphics on 2400.
  5. GT525M is the same chip as GT550M. Only with slower clocks. OCing it to 550M's levels wouldn't harm it at all.
  6. Like? And yes this laptop is pretty good all round laptop. That 525M can be overclocked really well too.
  7. We are not. We are taking out your AMD stuff and replacing them with Intel stuff. Ask a techie friend to help out.
  8. Its a quad core. One of the fastest vfm laptop CPUs.
  9. Not sure how getting a i5 instead of an i7 (i7 is twice as fast) for 120 pounds more than THIS for this little increase in graphic power is good sense.
  10. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/asus-n55sf-15-6-laptop-black-11428472-pdt.html
  11. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/dell-inspiron-q15r-switch-15-6-laptop-black-10562202-pdt.html
  12. I you haven't bought it already, spend a little more and get Intel i5 2400 and Intel DH67CL. Much better.
  13. Maybe they thought that its uncrackable like many steam supporters here. Now they know, who knows if they buy it next year.
  14. For me Steam - $39.99 (25 pounds) Flipkart - Rs 849 (10 pounds)
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