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  1. I have just had this happen to me in my Leeds save, 2023 having my best season yet and boom I have 3 first team players available and can only field 1 sub as most of my unders are out on loan still. Season completely ruined and don't fancy watching City absolutely smash me to win the trophy. If this is going to happen in every save I am glad I got this game free with Game pass as that is a game breaking bug if it happens every season after as well and won't be fixed. Shocking.
  2. Brentford came up to the prem with me in my Leeds save, they seem to have a decent squad. They beat Aston Villa 2 - 0 in the play off final! Preston finished 2nd which was an interesting finish.
  3. Nice second season buddy! I am currently in Jan in my 2nd season and playing well above expectations. Did you play Clarke on the left in championship as well? He has been my best player this season on the right so far. Your signings are all really good as well, Neves and Lascelles went for big money in my save and Tierney went to Arsenal unfortunately. I also enquired about Zouma and they came back wanting 96million haha! I haven't changed much to my core squad from Championship, just adding a few key signings to strengthen the team. Trincao on the left wing and Clarke on the right are just phenomenal, i signed Trincao in Jan first season and he rotated with Alioski but has cemented his spot on the left this season. I also signed Roberto Inglese as a replacement for Bamford who I sold for 10mil and he has been fantastic as well. I am in work just now so can't screenshot my team but it is as below: GK - Butland DR - Ayling DC - Cooper DC - Souttar/Jansson DL - Charlie Taylor (Douglas was standout in championship but fell out with me over nothing so had to sell) DM - Tonali (Had him on loan in championship and managed to sign for 11m) MC - Shackleton (Phillips was injured for 2 months at start of season so the spot is now his) MC - Grealish (Villa got beat in playoff final by Brentford so got him for decent price) RW - Clarke LW - Trincao ST - Inglese
  4. Didn't realise you get the ban in January so there goes that plan! Oops!
  5. How are you getting on gugner? I have just started a new Leeds save having really not enjoyed this year's FM, don't know why just couldn't get into it at all but after a tough start I am really enjoying it now. My signings in the first window: Becchio - Loan (been a good squad player, chipped in with a fair few goals so far) Luca Ceccarelli - 200k (to provide some much needed width, again a decent squad player for first season) Pawel Wszolek - 350k (left sided young winger who is capped by Poland, first choice LM) Players sold: NONE - nearly gave up the game because I couldn't shift anyone at all, how are people selling the likes of Morrison and such? Formation took a number of games to settle on one: GK - Silvestri FB - Berardi FB - Taylor (started poorly but has since become solid) CD - Bamba CD - Bellusci (was worried about yellow cards but has been fantastic) WM - Byram WM - Wszolek BBM - Mowatt DLP - Cook DLF - Antenucci AF - Sharp 20 December sitting top with a huge gap opened up, Sharp has 16 goals so far. Antenucci was injured for first 3 months so has 5 goals in 6. Everything is looking good, after reading on here about being unable to sign Adryan permanently I decided to not build my team around him and concentrate on Mowatt and Cook who completely control the midfield. How does the transfer ban affect you if you are promoted? Any decent signings in Jan first year I could look out for?
  6. I got back to back promotions all the way to the Championship with Luton. I am struggling to bring in players, asking for ridiculous wages that Luton cannot afford. I was going for young players who were released from their club having never played a single game and they have the cheek to ask for 20k a week wages!! I dont have a full first team 11 at the moment, minus a RB but even players at age 18 want crazy wages at this level. My saving grace is I have an amazing strike force in Basic (regen i signed in league 1), zivkovic (was on loan last season, was unhappy and contract ended so snapped him up on a free!), Asante is still with me having signed permanantly last season and then my young regen I had in conference Alfie Wright. The two hearts boys are still good enough at this level with Brad Mckay called up to the Scotland squad. My finances are good, expected to make 4.5mil this season but I cannot increase my wage budget and with pretty much every player I tried for loan going elsewhere I fear it is relegation for The Hatters.
  7. Just thought I would share my save with Luton. Decided I fancied a game with a team at a low level that has a good fan base and stadium with history and Luton have a huge league history. Player of the season was Akwasi Asante on loan from Birmingham City my parent club, top goalscorer in the league basically scoring for fun. Luton start with a good squad for that level so I only added a few loan signings and a couple of free signings. None of which made a massive difference just boosted my squad. It was neck and neck with Gateshead with us on top with 5 games to go and we slip up allowing Gateshead to go top by 1 point. Last game of the season we win and Gateshead draw leaving us Skrill Premier champions! Gateshead went on to lose in the play off semi final which I did feel bad for them, wanted them to come up with us. On to League 2 and I felt consolodation in the league was in order so I tried to loan Asante again but was told he was to play with better standard of players so I opted for different targets both loan and free. I am in work just now so I don't have my exact transfer list with details of price etc. My two big signings were from Hearts in Brad Mckay and Jamie Wright both rated at league 1/championship level. After having my maximum long term loans in and not finding a pacey striker to replace Asante it got to deadline day and Asante was still at Birmingham so I tried for him again only having to bring him in on a 3 month basis and he has not let me down. Sitting top by 11 points in January 2015 only losing twice and drew 5 times it has been fantastic, so much so that I decided to chance my arm and have our 'terrible' pitch re layed and training/youth facilities both upgraded for life in League 1. The two Hearts boys have been fantastic at this level, easily the best players in the league. I have been bored of FM for quite sometime this year and struggled to find a save that grabbed my attention but this one has been my most entertaining save yet.
  8. Thought I would finally pipe up with my save. First season went a lot better than expected, won the league on 105 points. Key signings were: Stracqualirsi 325k scored 27 goals and assisted 12. Javi Espinosa 190k Jiloan Hamad 50k Johann Berg Guomundsson 325k in Jan Dedryck Boyata 150k in Jan All in spent 1.46mil and sold 1.69mil worth of players so not a bad window. I'm in August second season and transfer window has been tough so far as money does not go very far now. Signings: Seb Viera free Rodrigo Battaglia 1.9mil Adam Smith free Brad Guzan 2.5mil Tom Ince 4.3mil Aymeric Laporte 2mil Sold a few players for a total of 3.8mil. Nearly signed Guidetti but he wanted double what he is on at City. I need help finding a new striker as I only have Strac and McCormack?
  9. First game after changing to extended I have had 4 highlights in first 10minutes! Stick with this just now.
  10. Before I post my proper update of my season so far in the championship I just want to say I am enjoying my Leeds save but this is the most boring FM yet for me. Don't know if anyone else has this but I have it set on key highlights like I always do on every FM and every game there is about 3 highlights for both teams. At the beginning I thought there must of been hardly any shots or whatever but no I finish with like 30 shots and 15 on target so instead of showing me shots on goal it shows me my player kicking it up the park to then get the ball back to then put it out of play...how is that more key than a shot on target? Surely out of 30 a few are good chances? I will change my highlights but it's infuriatingly boring highlights I see when set to key aside from a goal. Basically if a highlight happens I know its a goal and 9 times out of 10 it is a goal and the other 1 is a boring nothing happens highlight. I will see if going on the level up on highlights makes this game more entertaining! I don't like knowing a goal is happening before it's went in the back of the net man.
  11. End of last season I get a message saying the board are expanding the stadium by '26' seats! So i asked for a new stadium and I will get one, 45k capacity.
  12. Just thought id drop by with my success story with Forest. My fourth season was terrific, finished 3rd in the league and won both cups but due to me getting to the final of the Euro which I lost my final run in was shocking, i literally played 4 games in 5 days so I have no idea how I managed 3rd but we pushed on. 5th season and I am about to win the league, out of the carling cup as I had already won it. Still in FA, just knocked Utd out of the quarters in Champs League, my group was Barcelona, Dortmund and Dinamo so a tough group to get out 2nd. My team: GK - Butland DR - Montoya (looking for a replacement) DL - Neil Taylor DC - Lascelles (best player and captain worth 11.5mil after being injured for 4 months and has 4 caps for England) DC - Ayala (Beast at the back with 7 caps for Spain Av R 7.79) DMC - M'Villa (world class) MC - Dzagoev MC - Khedira AMR - Weiss (free in first season of prem and finished top assister) AML - Cleverley FC - Quintero/Ademilson I wanted to bring in Kyle Walker at RB and Chamberlain for AMR but Walker is at City so no chance there! My main issue is capacity, the club has progressed majorly but can only get 30k and board always come back with there is no demand for it. Has anyone had any luck expanding the stadium at all?
  13. I am considering starting again even though I won the league, I wasn't able to sell anyone at the start of the first season but from what I hear of other people they made quite a few million with selling players. I got a whopping 1.9 million budget for prem after getting 56 million tv money which is just a joke and with everyones contract ending as I couldnt afford to renew anyone either my team was extremely small. Even with the horrible budget I got I managed to fill my squad out reasonably but some of it was panic buying to be honest, players I would never normally sign. Weirdly enough I won my first 2 prem games, 1 - 0 at home to Arsenal and a 2 - 4 away to QPR but just not convinced I done enough selling to bring in a decent squad to even help with the low budget for prem. Anyone else had a ridiculous budget? My finances are good now, but the board will not give me any money what so ever. Might stick it till January and build up the finances and then see what happens.
  14. Started a Forest save last week and really enjoying it so far, don't understand how people can sell all the players as I struggled! Managed to sell only Maloney, Finlay and Tudgay for not very much either. A few I could only get rid of on loans as well and not great loans really. I signed Alexander Manninger on a free who has been fantastic for me as number 1 GK, other key signings were Lee Wallace, Chidi Odiah and Darwin Quintero all performing brilliant. Quintero has 25 goals in the league in 28 games and heads the assists charts as well with 12. Sharp has 17 goals so both strikers been in great form together. Sitting top with a nice gap just in time for the usual between feb and april slump I normally have on previous FM's so im pretty confident of at least 2nd now. Currently in semi final second leg of Capital One cup having lost the first leg 1 nil to Wolves and still in FA cup going strong. From what people have been saying about finances for promotion, I really am fearing it as I have no money at all just now and losing money each month. My team is not good enough for prem at all and have a few loan players who will be returning to the club so going to have to do some serious wheeling and dealing. Coppinger has went back to his club and cant get him to return again so my question is would Lansbury play well on the right? He has been appalling for me in the centre this season but wanted to play him as he is young.
  15. Lee Wallace and Greg Wylde who are first team players at Rangers. Also a few other players that are in and out the first team are missing as well.
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