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  1. samen problem here when playing with a 3rd division team in brazil and being the national manager of Curacao... any solutions?
  2. Who can help me with the following graphic issues i am having? On one photo i dont see the logo anymore and on the other image the header are often like this? What to do?
  3. Does anyone found a solution for this issue? @michaeltmurrayuk @Jas80 @wkdsoul do you guys maybe know a solution for this issue?
  4. HI @Jas80 No i dont have the In-Game Editor, but now i know the reason why it is not showing, thanks for the info :-) Keep put the good work, really the best skin i have ever. LOVE IT
  5. Hi @Jas80 Thanks for this amazing skin, LOVE IT ! Only i have a few questions: 1. Why cant i see the PA and all other attibutes (Ambition, Loyalty etc etc) (see attachment foto) 2. Why cant i see in the PLAYER OVERVIEW there PREFERRED FOOT? (see attachment foto) Keep up the amazing work
  6. Any luck so far? The press officer , use this PRESS_OFFICER I really hope you found the Personal Assistant code !!!!!
  7. Also all numbers change each differente game. I am currently playing my own and 2 online games and all have there own numbers for example Pele (all time topscorder of brazil) so what to do?
  8. What to do with this?? I came across many of this doubles, so what to do? WHO is WHO?
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