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  1. hidden atributes

    Tryed to search for this, but didn t find anything for the FM12. Is there any way to see hiddent attributes INGAME on FM12? I know there was a mod in FM10, but for FM12 i wasnt able to find such a toy..
  2. Guys, maybe this was mentioned before, but to many posts to go through. Steven Gerrard decided to retire after season 1 and he refuses to reconsider. Is there any way to change this?
  3. Tryed this setup on a new Tottenham save and i m very impressed. Won all, but carling cup (lost in finals) . I would recomend Paloschi for the striker role, he scored 39 goals in his first season in league alone. for a few mil. bucks this guy is the ultimate poacher. I just played two league games and he scored 5 in first and 7 in second game. Never seen a player do that in any of FM games. Not counting friendlies of course. In his second season he is curently on 26 goals from 14 league apperances. Almost 2 goals per game?!! Good job to the maker!
  4. I basicaly copied the CD setup from MiNiMaL_FuSS tactic. I prefer more agressive CD and it also tweaks the % of possesion. Yes, HUB on all 4 MF. Everything else stayed the same.
  5. Congrats to the creator of this tactic, i must say, for me this is one of the best ones i ve tryed (i ussualy make my own) on any version of FM. I did make some (minor) changes, i ve changed closing down setup to more agressive and put midfiled players to "hold the ball", so the possesion is better and the oposition doesnt win the possesion so easy. Resoult was pure domination with club and NT. Great in defence and very solid in defence. Once again, congrats!
  6. The Fabled 10.0

    It also depends on what clubs you play. With torres, Villa, Ronaldo, Furlan, ....10 is not that rare...with the right tactic,
  7. Arsenal had 20-30 minutes of solid performance in 180 minutes of both matches. Arsenal did`t deserve to win the 1st one, or the second one. Infact they were lucky in both games. One has to be blind or a true fanboy not to see this. I would rather see Arsenal againt Real, than Barca, but if they stay together(Arsenal), they will be a true power house in the next years.
  8. Great job Tatox! Since a lot of people are mentioning leeking defence, i used settings for front 6 players and left back 4 untuched from my other tactics. Playing wide with short passing just didnt sound logical to me, but it works fantastic. SI should check this, because the amount of goal scoring chances (not just ccc) is to big. I get 14-17 of those if i play against mid table premiership team. Of course the other team always needs much less chances to score, but i think thats the only way the game can counter this tactic. Dont watch this in 3d, cos you will laugh at what your (world class) strikers are missing and still win with 2-5 goals difference.
  9. slow tempo, narow formation, short passing, medium time waste
  10. This doesnt make sence. Agents represent clients interest and wishes, not their own. In other words, they do, what players wants them to do. So their own preferences shouldnt matter at all.
  11. If you d bother to read my post you would see that the point is not in result. Losses hapen i have no problem with that. Fanboys just dont get it, that leting the developers know whats wrong could only improove the game. If you think that there are to many long shots in the picture-case, you dont know what are you talking about. Most of the shots are inside penalty area. 1. I have a problem with players shooting direct in to the non-moving keeper. 2. I have a problem with players shooting above/near target INSIDE 5m box area. Thats harder to do, than actualy hit the target. And yes, it happens, but not most of the time.
  12. Picture is worth a 1000 words. Im sure mayority of people understand the point. If you dont see it, thats ok, it wasn t meant for you personaly anyway.
  13. coaches issues

    This can happen if there are no players in the schedule. In this case GK schedule...
  14. that would be true, if ME would generaly simulate things like it should. Posting one match is just an example, i cant post 20 matches can i? Choosing to ignore the obvious is your choice. Critic can only make this game better.