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  1. The Parisienne Walkways tactics have been producing some beautiful football even though my Man United team isn't fully familiar with it yet. Looking forward to seeing how it goes once it's fully trained. Side note: are we back to every cross getting blocked again with this most recent update or am I imagining things? Thanks for all the hard work in putting tactics up consistently!
  2. Wow! Since adjusting Hazard's role in the AML position to Advanced Playmaker (Attack) he's scored 3 and assisted 4 in 5 games! Hope he can keep this up
  3. Yes, I think it'd be fun to get into someone else's save and get in their head a little bit. It's always interesting seeing what someone else has done with a club.
  4. Wow, this is funny! I was just sitting at my desk thinking about this exact thing and decided to check the forums and found this. Great minds think alike, bucket!
  5. I may give it a shot because my tactics have stagnated badly. I seem to do well against lower teams, but against bigger clubs my team disappears
  6. I have had problems with Hazard at that same position. He either finishes a game with a 9.0 rating or a 6.3. I find that the penalties he takes pads his stats a little bit, and that he doesn't contribute as much as I would like him to. He gets dispossessed far too easily for me and doesn't get into many good chances. I'm sure it's something with my tactics, though, as others have gotten quite a lot out of him.
  7. Sorry for the disappearing act, gents. I have just finished my last graduate school application and a couple of free lance jobs, so I have a bunch of free time to fire up my Chelsea save again. I picked up where I left off in the summer of the 3rd season and have just beaten Man United in the Community Shield 2-0. Not any crazy signings, though I do have a £419m transfer budget! I feel kind of guilty for not using it, but the board has unveiled plans to expand Stamford Bridge into a 57k seater! Can't wait to get back into it, hopefully we can get this thread back to it's early activity levels
  8. I think that there is translating software being used, so things are bound to sound a little funny here and there.
  9. I'm running something similar to this in my new save, but haven't had much time to test it yet. Looking forward to seeing how it works out
  10. Okay, thanks for the reply! I need to switch up my formation a little and I'm thinking Savic in that role will be just what I need.
  11. Looking at signing this guy for my Chelsea team in the 3rd season. Lazio are willing to accept a bid of only £32.5m, which seems like a steal for him. Any particular instructions people have given him in a Mezzala role to get the best out of him? Looking at playing him in a midfield 3 alongside Bakayoko and Kante.
  12. That sure is a bunch of team instructions, but it sure does seem like they work!
  13. There was a time where I would only play with the editor, not even the game, to make my club absolutely stacked with talent. I would very rarely play with the databases I created, but I loved moving players around and thinking "what if?" I also had my days of funneling money into the clubs I managed via in-game editors. Now, I am much more interested in the tactic side of the game, so I don't need the money/players to move around as much to enjoy the game. That's the best part about the series, though; it is what you make it and there's no wrong way to play!
  14. Is your tactic base around counterattacking, @bucket? I noticed in those match stats that despite you not having the majority of possession you have a high % of your shots on target. Or do you think the possession stat is because of the 2 striker formation? I'll be interested to see what you've cooked up!
  15. Wow, that is quite the season. Don't know if I've seen such a good 2nd leg in the Champions league against Bayern ever before! Winning in the final against Man United makes it all the sweeter, I'm sure! Great update there, Bucket. Enjoyed reading it!
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