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  1. Ended up playing a bit of my Chelsea save over the last week leading up to Saturday's Champions League Final. Had quite a similar leadup to the CL final in my save, losing to Aston Villa on the final day of the league 1-2, losing to Liverpool in the FA Cup Final, and re-playing an always-scary Bayern team again after beating them the previous season 6-2. I'll post an update of my save soon, but my Chels played as brilliantly as our boys did on Saturday and were able to see off an incredible Bayern squad for the second straight season. Up the Chels!
  2. It's certainly got to be up there. When I reached Champions League finals in the past, they always seemed to be much tighter affairs no matter who the opposition was, but I guess it was just a great day for goals!
  3. Well, I finally took the time to see out my first season with Chelsea and here's how things ended up: Premier League: 3rd - 76 pts (22W - 10D - 6L) Champions League: Winner - (v Bayern 6-2) FA Cup: Fifth Round (Brentford) League Cup: Third Round (Leicester) Player Stats Top Scorers: Werner - 19, Abraham - 14, Giroud - 14 Most Assists: James - 12, Havertz - 9, Ziyech - 9 Summary This season was a bit of a mess and left a lot to be desired in most competitions. I spent a lot of the season tinkering with tactics, getting very close to the football I w
  4. Great looking squad you have there and nice winning the league, Bucket. Looking to build a squad with a similar English core, so I'll be hoping for a West Ham & Villa relegation, too! I've finally gotten into January in my save. Having trouble settling on a tactic that I like, which also gets results, but things are going okay. Currently sitting in 3rd 7 points off of Man City in First. Hilariously, Arsenal just made it out of the relegation zone into 16th after sacking Arteta. A little disappointed I couldn't bring back a couple of players who were out on loan, Bakayoko and Sarr spec
  5. Great to see some more familiar faces popping up in here and some saves coming along nicely. Made it to the end of the transfer window and realized I hadn't really moved forward with a strategy in mind, tactical or transfer, so I'll probably be restarting my save. Thinking that I'll probably follow suit with a 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 like others. Hoping I'll find some time for an update tomorrow!
  6. Great to see a Chelsea thread! Used to do it myself, but took some time away from the game. Couldn't resist FM 21, especially with the squad we have this year. Finding some time for my save here after putting together my full save. Looking forward to see how you all get on
  7. Anyone else getting neck pains from going back and forth between checking their Steam library and this thread?
  8. The Parisienne Walkways tactics have been producing some beautiful football even though my Man United team isn't fully familiar with it yet. Looking forward to seeing how it goes once it's fully trained. Side note: are we back to every cross getting blocked again with this most recent update or am I imagining things? Thanks for all the hard work in putting tactics up consistently!
  9. Wow! Since adjusting Hazard's role in the AML position to Advanced Playmaker (Attack) he's scored 3 and assisted 4 in 5 games! Hope he can keep this up
  10. I may give it a shot because my tactics have stagnated badly. I seem to do well against lower teams, but against bigger clubs my team disappears
  11. I have had problems with Hazard at that same position. He either finishes a game with a 9.0 rating or a 6.3. I find that the penalties he takes pads his stats a little bit, and that he doesn't contribute as much as I would like him to. He gets dispossessed far too easily for me and doesn't get into many good chances. I'm sure it's something with my tactics, though, as others have gotten quite a lot out of him.
  12. Sorry for the disappearing act, gents. I have just finished my last graduate school application and a couple of free lance jobs, so I have a bunch of free time to fire up my Chelsea save again. I picked up where I left off in the summer of the 3rd season and have just beaten Man United in the Community Shield 2-0. Not any crazy signings, though I do have a £419m transfer budget! I feel kind of guilty for not using it, but the board has unveiled plans to expand Stamford Bridge into a 57k seater! Can't wait to get back into it, hopefully we can get this thread back to it's early activity levels
  13. That sure is a bunch of team instructions, but it sure does seem like they work!
  14. Is your tactic base around counterattacking, @bucket? I noticed in those match stats that despite you not having the majority of possession you have a high % of your shots on target. Or do you think the possession stat is because of the 2 striker formation? I'll be interested to see what you've cooked up!
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