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  1. I don't think the club loaning the player out would be impressed though. They might loan a player out for 0 wage contribution if they think you can't afford it / they want him out, but if you're clearly willing to pay wages, they'd rather you pay them than the player.
  2. Is anyone kind enough to cast an eye over this? I usually have a pretty terrible record for buying electronics. Main focuses are that it will allow me to play FM and listen to music at the same time, and will let me browse the internet and watch iPlayer without too many problems, while my budget is about £500.
  3. It has by far the smallest reputation of any of the big domestic competitions in England (I don't know how it compares to the JPT and the like), and if any club in real life won those three trophies, they'd call it a treble. Any trophy counts when it's your team that's won it. I still argue that the Anglo-Scottish Cup was a serious trophy.
  4. I THINK it depends on the combination of the players adaptability, which is a hidden attribute, along with the difficulty of the language, which is also hidden. There may be more factors, but those two are presumably the two biggies.
  5. I did in FM12. I couldn't believe it when it happened
  6. I swear I've seen a free kick given for someone putting a penalty against the post and then the rebound hitting them on FM13.
  7. After the fans complained about a new signing in a post-match feedback, I got the opportunity to defend him. Also, they pointed out falling attendances - listing how many ST holders hadn't turned up.
  8. Yeah, this is shameful price-gouging. It's only been done on ALMOST EVERYTHING sold in the past 100 years.
  9. I reckon the game does make fewer wrong red card decisions than you get in real life. FWIW, I've successfully appealed one on FM12 as well.
  10. Whenever this issue comes up, someone (probably Brocky) from SI says that the data on Steam puts the average FM user on a lower quality PC than the average Steam user. I've never known an exact figure, and there is probably a good reason it's never been released.
  11. I believe Australian teams do (or at least did) routinely have two assistant managers. I don't know what their jobs entailed though.
  12. Yeah, the individual user IDs don't usually change between versions.
  13. There aren't the necessary researchers to be able to add in the next level of English football - and it just wouldn't be fair if they put in a new minor league where half the teams are properly researched and half are guesswork.
  14. I got them in my last news report, allegedly because I'm subscribed to the Premiership, La Liga, etc. and so on. I get the Oceanian and Asian awards as well when the winners are in leagues I'm subscribed too. I suppose it's just a way of helping keep you in the loop of who the best players in the world are.
  15. I thought it was alright. Couldn't got out for a meal or something with Pete though, he'd do me head in.