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  1. I assume this has already been suggested a million times, but there are a few things on leaving a club that would interest me. Chairman Exit interviews Let's leave each other with our opinions of each other. Maybe I want to tell the chairman I think his lack of ambition is stifling the club's growth, or that the offer that came in for me was too good to turn down. They could thank me for my time, or tell me that he regrets having ever hired me. Ideally, if I've earned it, I'd like the chairman to discuss the future of the club. If I've been at the club for 20 years and brought unparalleled success, I want the opportunity to "Fergie" them and suggest a replacement. Staff Exits So, the staff quite often leave en masse when the manager goes. If I've left a club to go take an international post, I feel somewhat guilty at having left a club coachless, and my former coaches unemployed. Exit team meeting One final opportunity to single out the players who you think have been excellent for you, securing you as their favourite personnel (and perhaps making a future transfer swoop a little bit easier), or having a final dig at the players who've let you down.
  2. tom_numbers

    OTF Football Manager 2016 Thread

    Last home game of the season, league 2 title in the bag, just need Hartlepool to put on a good show for the fans - who have doubled in number for this one... ... and go 1-0 down in 18 seconds. I'm all ready to shout at them, but by 1:12, we've made it 1-1, which becomes 2-1 after 6 minutes, 3-1 after 8 minutes. We go on to win 4-1 at a stroll. I've stuck to only signing players described as "fairly determined", "resolute", or "fairly ambitious", and it is so paying off.
  3. tom_numbers

    OTF Striker Sign Up. Vol II.

    Awesome, does this mean I get to go back to trying to make Zlatom smile?
  4. tom_numbers

    OTF Striker Sign Up. Vol II.

    A world cup without Zlatom is no world cup at all
  5. Yeah, that's the only way Martingale Theory works. Like, it's a perfectly good idea if you already have infinitely much money, and the casino won't just ban you as soon as you've lost a significant sum.
  6. I won't be able to join until I get my laptop back, being priced for a new motherboard now
  7. My laptop is currently dead, so I won't be joining until that comes back. By that time, I should be able to ride in as saviour, just like Remi Garde.
  8. tom_numbers

    OTF Striker Sign Up. Vol II.

    Am I now officially the fourth choice OTF striker at Man Utd?
  9. tom_numbers

    OTF Striker Sign Up. Vol II.

    Well, most definitely not first choice in the league any more At least I look like I'm still the main man in the CL though.
  10. tom_numbers

    OTF Striker Sign Up. Vol II.

    Will youse all leave me alone at Man Utd? Hopefully loyalty counts for something and I get more games than all you lot, or they start playing four up front.
  11. tom_numbers

    OTF Striker Sign Up. Vol II.

    I am very pleased for all of Sweden, and know they consider themselves lucky to have such a great striker representing their country to the world. #dareToZlatom Sadly, my laptop has died, so I can't make a gloaty picture of Zlatom.
  12. Tactics Tom is on the case. Tempted to play it like Sherwood and see if I can last any longer with a new formation every game.
  13. tom_numbers

    The 2015 Formula 1 Thread

    Quali delayed by half an hour as it stands. 5 live have decided they can't be arsed to spend the time discussing the teams and drivers who will do well in the wet, what the future of the sport holds, or any other topic they wouldn't normally get to cover in depth, and have instead gone off air.
  14. tom_numbers

    OTF Striker Sign Up. Vol II.

    Ahh, that's cool. I thought United must have been training him as that. Them playing two OTF strikers up front together is an excellent decision. And what combination is more natural than Numbers and Reading?
  15. tom_numbers

    OTF Striker Sign Up. Vol II.

    That is much better than expected, I thought Reading would be hammering me. Good thing #1: I'm bossing it in Europe. Good thing #2: Ellis Reading is being trained as an AMR. I am not.