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  1. I assume this has already been suggested a million times, but there are a few things on leaving a club that would interest me. Chairman Exit interviews Let's leave each other with our opinions of each other. Maybe I want to tell the chairman I think his lack of ambition is stifling the club's growth, or that the offer that came in for me was too good to turn down. They could thank me for my time, or tell me that he regrets having ever hired me. Ideally, if I've earned it, I'd like the chairman to discuss the future of the club. If I've been at the club for 20 years and brought u
  2. http://www.acerdirect.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_E1-571_Core_i7_4GB_500GB_Windows_8_Laptop__NX.M09EK.033/version.asp Is anyone kind enough to cast an eye over this? I usually have a pretty terrible record for buying electronics. Main focuses are that it will allow me to play FM and listen to music at the same time, and will let me browse the internet and watch iPlayer without too many problems, while my budget is about £500.
  3. Just seems a bit rich to be picking up on one error in someone elses post as being 'horrifically annoying', then making half a dozen in your reply.
  4. My mistake then. I have/had seen a lot of people with this problem. Maybe it just depends on the system :confused:
  5. It isn't possible. I have no idea why, but it's a universal problem. Print Screeen and paste it in paint seems your best bet.
  6. Never had this question before Clearly, I went for the skeepskin.
  7. I don't think he'd ever finish it Radndrianantenainainainainainainainainainai...
  8. I like that it goes with the somewhat vague "eye-catching".
  9. That's right, not only is my coach older than the human race as we know it, but he can also travel backwards in time
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