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  1. So after a long time teasing with various different careers, I finally decided to give this a proper shot after gaining more experience in recent editions in various lower leagues, which had been my previous undoing as I was completely stuck. I went in with the intention of getting either Burgess Hill, Lewes or Whitehawk, as all three are local to me and I have a connection with in some way. However looking at the reputation list, I knew it'd be quite unlikely to get Burgess Hill and to a lesser extent Lewes, so I somewhat settled on Whitehawk, my place of birth and where I lived for the first couple of years of my life. And so here we go, the new manager of Whitehawk. With a media prediction of 15th, I expected us to be safe, although the bookies gave us almost zero chance of going up, so I was determined to prove them wrong and go up first time of asking. Hopefully this could be accomplished with some astute signings. Here's my profile. As I wasn't expecting our finances to remain positive for too long, I also went ahead and requested a coaching badge immediately before they could decline due to our finances, luckily they accepted and this was a good start to my career already. I have actually already completed the first season, as I wanted to complete a season before posting in here and comitting to anything, so I will write up how the first season went a bit later on.
  2. I thought Croatia were meant to tire, England are the ones who look absolutely knackered.
  3. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/world-cup-2018/fairnesstabelle/pokalwettbewerb/WM18/saison_id/2017/plus/1 Croatia top of the cards table now, getting 4 cards in the game against Russia.
  4. I'm alive! I'd prefer to bottle it in my own fashion instead of by forgetting to post Semi-Finals France 2-1 Belgium Croatia 1-2 England
  5. Good goal, great ball from Coutinho.
  6. Belgium have a great squad but if Roberto Martinez ends up a World Cup winning manager then wow Obviously all Thierry's work
  7. Oooft, shocker from me. Uruguay v France 2-1 Brazil v Belgium 2-1 Russia v Croatia 1-2 (aet) Sweden v England 0-1
  8. @Readingfanman Thanks mate Might do the lottery next!
  9. I'll edit this post with my score predictions once I've done them but someone can use this as a template if they want, only copied the OP style. Round of Sixteen Saturday 30th June 3pm France 2-1 Argentina 7pm Uruguay 1-0 Portugal Sunday 1st July 3pm Spain 3-0 Russia 7pm Croatia 3-1 Denmark Monday 2nd July 3pm Brazil 2-1 Mexico 7pm Belgium 3-0 Japan Tuesday 3rd July 3pm Sweden 0-1 Switzerland 7pm Colombia 1-2 England
  10. Wasn't expecting to be a round winner after the awful start Brilliant work as always @Sons FC Will do my predictions for the next round probably some time today.
  11. Well I'm having an awful round so far, 3 incorrect results (and 1 correct score)
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