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  1. Great work @Sons FC thanks It's been good fun!
  2. Third Place England 0-2 Belgium Final France 2-0 Croatia
  3. I thought Croatia were meant to tire, England are the ones who look absolutely knackered.
  4. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/world-cup-2018/fairnesstabelle/pokalwettbewerb/WM18/saison_id/2017/plus/1 Croatia top of the cards table now, getting 4 cards in the game against Russia.
  5. I'm alive! I'd prefer to bottle it in my own fashion instead of by forgetting to post Semi-Finals France 2-1 Belgium Croatia 1-2 England
  6. Good goal, great ball from Coutinho.
  7. Belgium have a great squad but if Roberto Martinez ends up a World Cup winning manager then wow Obviously all Thierry's work
  8. Oooft, shocker from me. Uruguay v France 2-1 Brazil v Belgium 2-1 Russia v Croatia 1-2 (aet) Sweden v England 0-1
  9. @Readingfanman Thanks mate Might do the lottery next!
  10. I've edited my post with my predictions for this round.
  11. I'll edit this post with my score predictions once I've done them but someone can use this as a template if they want, only copied the OP style. Round of Sixteen Saturday 30th June 3pm France 2-1 Argentina 7pm Uruguay 1-0 Portugal Sunday 1st July 3pm Spain 3-0 Russia 7pm Croatia 3-1 Denmark Monday 2nd July 3pm Brazil 2-1 Mexico 7pm Belgium 3-0 Japan Tuesday 3rd July 3pm Sweden 0-1 Switzerland 7pm Colombia 1-2 England
  12. Wasn't expecting to be a round winner after the awful start Brilliant work as always @Sons FC Will do my predictions for the next round probably some time today.
  13. Well I'm having an awful round so far, 3 incorrect results (and 1 correct score)
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