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  1. Just on a funny side note, my wife walked by me and while i was browsing something else, she saw a firefox tab called : under 18's rapeage. You can imagine what happened after that.
  2. The £510 million debt is still there until 2035 but I have a surplus of 300 million. Which now of course is gonna be used to build the new stadium.
  3. I chose him as my ass man for England, so every week he provides me a list of matches for me to attend to watch possible candidates for the national team. Of course first you have to assign him to a competition. I assigned him to the CL.
  4. I didn't even notice it in the bottom. Problem solved now though. Now I can never end this save. Not after this. Although I'm thrice the manager Alex Ferguson ever was (yes, it's true) I'm still not an icon nor a legend.
  5. This totally came out of the blue. I had never asked my board for a new stadium. I just had to post this since this has to be the proudest moment in my 15 year FM/CM history.
  6. Player Retires.

    Just a little fun fact. AS Roma actually retired his #6 jersey back in 2003 after playing over 400 games for them.
  7. How do assists work?

    Well thank you. I had no idea it actually was this straightforward. This is simpler than I thought and it makes perfect sense. I just thought it was a bug.
  8. How do assists work?

    Why answer if you don't read the post properly?
  9. My striker just scored a hat-trick. My winger had 3 assists. But one of the goals was a penalty. So how on earth did he get an assist for that too? I mean, sure, he was the one they fouled when I was awarded a penalty but I had no idea that would count as an assist too. Does it really work like this? And in real life too? If so, I had no idea. Are there other weird ways to get an assist for goals other than this?
  10. They do change on their own sometimes. I have witnessed this with several players and not only with players in my own team. My 3rd striker, who was 28 years old, had nothing in his preferred moves. I hadn't asked him to do anything but all of a sudden "curls ball" and "likes to lob keeper" was there. So it definitely happens.
  11. How to get?

    Go to TV view. In the top right corner there is "Match Day Info". Click it and go crazy.
  12. under 18s

    Since AI doesn't put any effort into youth that happens all the time and to everybody.
  13. Unless the reserve team plays in a reserve league, you have to create friendlies for them manually during season. Ass Man does it automatically in pre-season if you have him assigned to do so.
  14. Click Match Day Info and tick the boxes you want.