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  1. Solid defence is not impossible. The right formation and set up, opposition will have a hard time scoring against you. I've got the best defence almost every year now, including the first few seasons when I don't even have good defenders. I'm playing as Wolves. Setting up a good defensive scheme for your team is certainly not impossible.
  2. Lots of people love the new scouting system, and I love it too. There is one other thing that I really think is a massive improvement from previous FM. Head of Youth Development. I found a good and cheap HODY with high 'Judging Player Potential' and 'Man Management' and he has been an absolute gem. I gave him the freedom to find and sign young players for the future (but I get to finalize the signing), and he's finding and signing cheap excellent prospects every year. Young players that I didn't even notice. Every one of them now is in the first team rotation or backup with huge potential to replace the starters. Head Of Youth Deveopment role. One of the biggest improvement this year
  3. I'm using 4141 too with Wolves and doing pretty well. Your deep lying forward (attack) is likely to be isolated in any build up. It might be good to drop him to support role. Your forward might also not have enough support to score or lay off in the box, so push one of your wide player further forward, maybe give him roaming and cut inside too. So he's the direct outlet to score and support. Advanced playmaker might not be a great idea if he pushes too far up and too close to team mates in the final third. I got mine as roaming playmaker, so he drops deeper and controls the midfield with his passing. Finally, whichever wide midfielder pushes further up and inside, it might be a good idea to have the full back on 'wingback (a) duty on that same side, to provide width and crosses.
  4. Looks good. On the team tactics screen in the previous version, I can't modify my tactics as the option just wasn't there. Can I do that now? And I do like you can have your team's tints and colours on the background
  5. I think this adjustment to emulate the ultra pressing team such as Dortmund. You can't do pressing the way Dortmund does it in previous FM. "Close down much more" and the "don't let GK time on ball" or something are the new options to emulate the super pressing teams. Does it work? Well I find it to work well enough, I do get my team to close down pretty high up the pitch...and it has the added benefit of circumventing the current ME 'winger running down the flank and cross while fullback provide the escort service' bug...
  6. In the first half I had three injuries requiring substitutions from lunging tackles from opponents. No red cards issued and used up all subs in the first half...is it easier to get injured now? Not good...
  7. Welcome to FM hulk. You're going to tear your hair out, you're going to get upset, you might break a thing or ten along the way, you're likely to prowl the forum and still be pretty clueless about tactics etc, same as those who've been playing for a decade or more. But you might also play this one pretty much for months on end...have fun or something...
  8. Strengths: Youth development Scouting and signing excellent youngsters cheaply Financial management, Squad building and balance in the team Weaknesses: Tactical tweaks in match Handling loss to weaker teams
  9. I do like being able to have an influence on the players in the middle of the match this way. I'd like to know if some of the talk options overrides your tactics instructions or not...some options looks like it will only influence your players mentality, one or two looks like it might override your instructions. Clear descriptions about this feature in game would be nice...
  10. I do like this feature where you can shout from from the sideline. I've used it extensively and get good results from the match in the end, but I'm not sure how it affects the team or if its just the tactical setup working without any help from the team talk feature. First of- what does it actually do? Does it change your tactical setting especially if you use "tighten up" or "push forward"? Or does it only affect your players motivation and mentality in the game? The few times I've used "push forward" I do seems to get counter attacked more...i think. How do you guys use it? Do you spam all the motivational option like "demand more" etc? Do use it sparingly? How does it affect your team in the match and do you see clear changes to the way your team play in match?
  11. I'm 4 years in and as far as newgens go, lots of AI teams doesn't rate or can't see the world class potential youths in their own squad. I was able to sign two for free in January because AI didnt offer a new contract, and got a couple more very cheaply. These are 4 1/2 to 5 stars gems with an already decent attributes. They're already backup to my first team. Looks like human teams will be dominant in a few seasons time if you scout well... FM14 seems to have a lot of these 5 stars youngsters too...with an already good rating at 16-17 y.o
  12. Don't know if this was mentioned but some AI teams are really lousy in keeping their world class potential newgens. I've already sign two free transfer newgens in January with 4 1/2 - 5 star ratings, with an already decent abilities. These are youngsters that can immediately be backups to my first team. And I've sign a couple more dirt cheap. Again with very clear potential. It'd be too easy to build a team full of world class prospects within 3-4 seasons. Also there are way too many 16-18 y.o newgens with good abilities and 5 star ratings in the game. Is this so AI teams could compete with human team in the long term?
  13. While wingers are overpowered (or fullbacks awful)...inside forwards are pretty bad. I don't know if the problem is the tactical set up on my part or the inside forwards' ratings or ME problem. But Inside Forwards would cut in and refuse to pass to team mates when passing options are there. They'd surge infield and they would either take lots of long shots or run into a tackle, but rarely pass. And yea it seems like players are taking long shots too many times in a game now.
  14. Wingers appear to be too overpowered now. Either from my own team or the oppositions. Extended highlights usually show wide players running on the flanks getting past the fullbacks and trying to cross. There was one game where I felt the highlights show wide players running and crossing for the whole game. Not much central midfield play at all. Defenders in the ME just can't track or stop running wingers getting behind them much, which results in too many crosses played in, which also results in too many corners. In one particular game, the opposition had 5-6 corners in less than 5 minutes in the match.
  15. I do like how the team passes the ball around in this patch and off-the-ball movement seems better too. However I've been getting a bit more injuries than before...though it's only been a few games in...
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