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  1. Looking for some italian forwards who are not expensive. My new tactic im trying out calls for 3 forwards and my team really only has Bacca who im not to fond of.
  2. Just started my new Milan save as i was given the boot at United. I simmed the 1st season and started the day after the last game. Good news is the team finished 3rd and we get champs. Lg. Qualifucation...bad news is our finances look awful. We have a lot of good young italians and i cant wait to get going. Hopefully i can get some of these guys mentioned above.
  3. If you watch...Luiz starts running toward goalie then the goalie drops the ball down...has to be a bug
  4. I feel the same way in my United save as well...and had the exact thing happen to with Mensah and Real
  5. I know i selected international footballer or similar to that, but i didnt toggle with the attributes. It eill be fine now after reading some of the reply. I wont give into everybodys wants...just need my regens to get better asap.
  6. I simmed the first year then created a new manager and took over United. I brought kessie in...and i wish i could lie and say i didnt pay him, but i did. I was afraid my team would all hate me and i had plemty of wages available. Side note...fosu-mensah came to me twice in a week saying real madrid are interested in him and Arsenal. Got pissed both times when i said it was ridiculous as their wasnt an offer. A few days after that he wanted a new contract because he got his 1st cap for holland...upset again when i said no
  7. A little more info. about my save if it'll help. Im managing Man United and i simmed the first season and am in mid December of my 2nd season. Last year I won the league, league cup, FA cup, europa league and then won community shield this year. I had to promise Pogba we woyld win Champs. League this year or he could go to Real. So many divas
  8. Im looking for help or something when it comes to my players wanting to leave for whatecer club just happens to show interest. No matter what i say, theyre always pissed and i have to have a meeting with my players because im unfair. Same thing happens when guys want new contracts less than a year after i sign them. Kessie started at $80K per week, next season hes at 300K a week. WTF
  9. Im my current game Arsenal bought Lukaku for $49M then sold him to Real Madrid for $81M less than a week later...not sure how that happemed.
  10. Starting my 2nd season as United and made the mistake of selling Mik before i had his replacement. I thought i had Odegaard signed when Barcelona offered me $75M + 50% of future transfer. But Odegaard signed a new contract and im left with injuries to both Martial and Walcott and a not so great keisuke Honda. I have a ton of money, but am very cheap.
  11. Was looking through a lot of other peoples saves and have noticed rhey have chinese league running. Is it really worth adding into my DB?
  12. I tried and failed to sign him on deadline day. Juve rejected my $115M offer
  13. Im in my first season with United and was wondering if you guys have been getting a lot of offers from PSG for your players? Ive sold Martial but Darmian and Blind couldnt agree terms with them. These were what was offered for my 3 players Martial $90M over 48mos+ 50% transfer Blind $90M over 48mos+ 50% transfer Darmian $60M over 48 mos + 50% transfer I like money coming in at all times and i think its less taxes i have to pay out compared to if i did the whole $90M upfront.
  14. Thanks for the help guys...i ended up going with Guedes who cost me a fortune. I usually dont like spending big money but i feel like i can cash in on him in a few. Side note...its crazy all the offers PSG are throwong at me... Martial $90M + 50% transfer Blind $90M + 50% transfer Darmian $60M + 50% transfer