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  1. Monaco 2020-2021 early season news and notes Going into this season I knew I had to start moving some good players in order to start facilitating my good deserving cheap youth players. With a couple key players constantly complaining about wanting to leave, I started offering them out to the highest bidder, no matter which league and/or team it was. OUTS- Juanpi(Real Madrid $58M, he lasted 1 season and wasn't bad, but not great...he was really only brought in to replace Lemar who was put for over 9 months.) Djibril Sidibie($42M to PSG), Jorrit Hendrix($39M to PSG), Benjamin Mendy($37.5 to Liverpool), Domenico Berardi ($33.5M to Roma.) We had a couple smaller transfers out and we made a killing. Besides the usual prospects being brought in, we bought Adrien Rabiot for $14.5M because I didn't realize I didn't have a DLP replacement for Nzonzi. I like to have 2 players per position in my first team with a few great U19 waiting for their cup matches. I loaned out our former stud GK Subasic because he only has 1 year left and I have 2 other goalies in front of him. My first choice is an 19 yo Spanish wonderkid regen who has been with me since I signed him from my first intake. He has played for Udinese and Valencia as first choice GK, I think he is ready and will be a star. I was thinking about letting him go on loan for a few more years and flourish, mainly because I had agreed to terms with Donarumma, but I canceled the transfer as I didn't want to spend the $65M when I had a great GK waiting. We moved into a separate stadium(Alianz Riviera 37,168) while construction is going on at our new stadium that will hold almost 41,000. Our Bank balance is showing a nice $280M with $266M available for transfers(never gonna happen). We have a wage budget of $4.42M p/w with us only spending $2.39M p/w. Through the first 2 months we have made almost $6M in merchandise, which is crazy to think how much we will make at the end of the year. We did get 2 big 1 year sponsors with 1 being worth $19M and the other about $21M. As for the matches themselves, we did another preseason tour of USA and Japan and won the Trophee des Champions against rivals Nice 3-0. We are tied for first in Ligue1 with Montpellier at 12 points each through our first 4 games. We have been drawn into our CL group with Man Utd, Olympiakos, and FCSB of Romania. As always I have to post about sorry PSG and their money. The day after they signed Sidibe from me they signed Dutch RB Giovanni Troupee for $80M. Besides Troupee and my 2 players, they also bought Umtiti and O.Dembele. So far since I have started this save, PSG have spent $980M(almost a billion dollars and have won nothing but a few French Cups) and have brought in $366M in player sales. I did reject a bid of $100M for Mbappe from them this season because I know I can get a lot more later on.
  2. Monaco 2019-2020 I have just completed my 3rd season with Monaco although its the 4th season in game. We finished the season as back-to-back-to-back Ligue1 Champions. We finished with a 32-3-3 record with us scoring 96 goals while only giving up 19 goals. We ended up winning the league with 6-7 games to spare as it wasn't really a contest at all. We also finally beat PSG for the first time ever in about 12 matches, albeit it was the 2nd to last game of the season. God they spend ridiculous amounts of money every year and have nothing to show for except winning the French Cup most every year. In the other competitions we lost in the QF of the French Cup to Caen as almost my entire first team and U19 team were on international duty. We lost in the QF to FC Metz on penalties with a team comprised of U19 players. Keeping up with the trend, we lost in the QF of the CL to Barcelona 1-1(away goals) to stop our run of 3 CL Finals in a row. As we are still trying to keep up with the current trends still...Thomas Lemar suffered an injury in the 1st leg vs. Barcelona and was ruled out for 2 months, just like last season. We moved into our new Dellio Onnis Stadium and filled it up 81% of the time. Next season the board are adding more seats and hopefully we get more money from sponsors and season tickets. As something I'm always trying to improve, we improved on our merchandise by $4M from the previous year that brought us in $21M. In my first season I took over, the team made something awful like $2M in merchandise. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with us doing a USA and Japan preseason tour and then an Aussie Tour during the winter break. Early 2020 season news and notes to follow ASAP
  3. Great season you had there. At first when I started reading your write-ups I thought you were going to quit. Not only did you not quit, you went on to win Ligue1 and also the CL. Congrats. Who have been your stars and underachievers? Did you have any transfers in? I sold Falcao in season 2 to Tottenham for $19.5M and Moutinho in season 3 for $11M. How did you fare against PSG? I was going into my save like you were. Wanting to try and dethrone PSG...I didn't think it would be that easy, especially as the rest of the league is not to competitive.
  4. Do you think Bernhard Peters would be a good assman? He has such great stats but hes apparently way better as HOYTD
  5. Friendly...opp. instructions, trainibg during season(not individual)..sometimes pep talks, interviews
  6. I apologize, i thought it was supposed to be humorous telling me google is my friend. I was just wanting other managers opinions on who they like to use and who might become good
  7. Im sure there's a bridge near you that needs its troll under it
  8. Topic pretty much sums it up. Im looking for a new assistant manager in my 4th season at Monaco. I currently have Brian Mcclair whos done an ok job for me, but his contract is up at the end of the year and i dont want to re-sign him. Usually when i look for an as-man i look for cheap decent stat guys. I want to really sign Rui Faria as he was released by United, but he says we dont face strong enough competetion. Moneys no issue really and im looking for someone like Faria if i cant get Faria. Any suggestions?
  9. I holidayed the first season then started wirh a new manager fir season 2. It took my team about 6 months to get used to scoring in my tactic. We had heavy tactical training in my first preseason and pkayed about 11 games so they coyld get knowledge of the tactic.
  10. I'm just going to post my Monaco save in here from now on. I'm going to talk first about the current season then Il post last seasons finish and highlights. I'm 5 Ligue1 games into the season and am sitting in 2nd with 12 points. We are 1 week away from figuring out who will be in our CL group(we will be seeded #1). We lost to PSG again in the Trophee des Championees again. My team is currently 0-8-1 against PSG. Transfers this year have been mainly focused on getting ridiculous young cheap Portugese regens again like past years. I have signed Managala on a free transfer after I sold Goldiniga because he wanted to play for Juve...but ended up signing for Lazio. The other ins this year have been Juanpi($44.5M to replicate what Lemar has done for me since Silva left. Lemar suffered cruciate ligament damage 1 week before CL Final last year and will miss 8-9months). Other ins have been Gruljic($22.5M) and Nzonzi($8M). Outs were Harry Winks($30M+50% next offer...I signed him to a loan 2 years ago with a $14M permanent option and snapped him up. He was such quality for me that I really didn't want to sell him, but I kept telling myself its just business. I talked to him before I accepted and said he deserved this move for how well hes played, and he said he thinks hes taking a step down in his career(I almost cried). Gil Dias left for $30M, Adama Traore for $15M and Kagawa for $5M. I'm thinking of moving Mendy because his performances have been declining for the past couple years. We have about $98M in the bank along with $2.2M for wages and $149M for transfers. We just moved into our new 27,000 Dellio Onnis Stadium this year and I have already been approved for expanding the ground to 35,000 at the end of the year. The only downside so far has be to low income sponsors. Our ground sponsorship is only $1.5M per year for 20 years. We did happen to get a 1 year deal with a telecommunications company last year for $18M, but that was only a 1 year deal. CL money has also been beyond great with around $80M the last 2 years. Formation: WB(A) CD CD WB(A) BWM AP(S) B2B IF(S) SS IF(S) On another transfer note...PSG are spending money like it means nothing. In 4 years they have spent $670M while bringing in $203M. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong against them Last season we won Ligue1 finishing with 85 points and scoring 64 goals and letting in 21. This was way below last seasons totals. We lost to OM in coupe de la ligue 4th rd. Lost to Nice in French Cup quarterfinal. And as a repeat of last season, we finished runners-up in the CL finals this year to Bayern. We avenged our defeat from the previous year to Atletico Madrid in the semis(3-0agg). This marked 2 years in a row to make it to the final, only to lose in both(we will win it one day. It didn't help that we lost our god of a player Lemar a week before the finals for 8-9months.
  11. Ive used Phil as well for my 3 years at Monaco with great intakes. But I'm just curious if theyre that good because of my academy and junior coaching or because of Phil?
  12. Im managing Monaco now as well. They're a fun team to manage and have quite a few good prospects.
  13. Um hoping to post a pic one day but im not good at it and ut takes time away from playing. I recently went through a bad stretch of losing 4 games in a row as Monaco. In the 4 games played i gave up a total of 21 shots with 6 on target and 4 goals scored with me losing all 4 games 1-0. Im guessing bad luck or bad mechanics.
  14. If you like doing a club&country game...try maribor/Slovenia. Greatest save ive ever had in my life. It was FM 13...but it lasted about 18 years. Took me 7 years to make it past the CL group stage even though we qualified fir group stage every year. And my best ever finish was semis in my 11th year. The league can be easy at times, but the fun is trying to get far into CL. Side note...i was somehow able to get Benteke to join my Maribor team at 27 years old. National team wise Slovenia had an ok team...we didnt qualify for a major tourney for about 10 years...mainly we had tough groups and would finish 1 spot out. Right before we got into the Euros for the first time, our U19 and U21 won their Euro championship that propelled us to start qyalifying regularly for major tourneys.
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