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  1. Ive used Phil as well for my 3 years at Monaco with great intakes. But I'm just curious if theyre that good because of my academy and junior coaching or because of Phil?
  2. Um hoping to post a pic one day but im not good at it and ut takes time away from playing. I recently went through a bad stretch of losing 4 games in a row as Monaco. In the 4 games played i gave up a total of 21 shots with 6 on target and 4 goals scored with me losing all 4 games 1-0. Im guessing bad luck or bad mechanics.
  3. Starting my 2nd season as United and made the mistake of selling Mik before i had his replacement. I thought i had Odegaard signed when Barcelona offered me $75M + 50% of future transfer. But Odegaard signed a new contract and im left with injuries to both Martial and Walcott and a not so great keisuke Honda. I have a ton of money, but am very cheap.
  4. Im in my first season with United and was wondering if you guys have been getting a lot of offers from PSG for your players? Ive sold Martial but Darmian and Blind couldnt agree terms with them. These were what was offered for my 3 players Martial $90M over 48mos+ 50% transfer Blind $90M over 48mos+ 50% transfer Darmian $60M over 48 mos + 50% transfer I like money coming in at all times and i think its less taxes i have to pay out compared to if i did the whole $90M upfront.
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