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  1. Question related to this: I'm playing as Leverkusen employing a 4-3-3 Positive Gegenpress (mostly in line with the preset). There are times where the high defensive line looks vulnerable to balls in over the top and behind. However, dropping this line down negatively impacts our core philosophy of pressing high up the pitch. It would appear that in this case, the minor tweak that could solidify us would also adversely affect the game we want to play. Naturally we can't control everything; how do you strike a balance between reacting to trouble when it may take you away from your style?
  2. Does anybody have any thoughts as to how much in-match condition rating affects performance? When I see low 70% to below, I start to get an itchy substitution trigger finger, regardless of well the player is playing. Is this foolish? Does concentration/composure/leadership/determination/current performance mean more than a 68% condition in the last 15 minutes?
  3. Had an odd one as Leceister vs Newcastle. Tielemans completed 204 passes (which would be the most of all time I believe) in the match, and James Maddison 137. Seems a bit high? Deep lying playmakers seem to recycle passes a lot. Small sample size and all that.
  4. I've placed numerous adverts for coaching staff but I'm unable to view any applicants. Where does one find them?
  5. Does changing mentality only, all other things remaining the same, adjust the team's play significantly? Example: - Default tactic with positive mentality, higher defensive line, higher line of engagement, no particular in possession instructions If I change it to cautious without changing any TIs or PIs/roles, can I expect my 'higher' defensive lines to drop somewhat in accordance with cautious? While still being high relative to cautious. Will passing length shorten and temp decrease? Just trying to wrap my head around what happens by messing around with team mentality.
  6. Are people having an issue with the 'Clear Cut Chances' & 'Half Chances' metric in the Match Stats? In roughly ~6 games with Leeds so far I don't think there have ever been more than 1 CCC per team, if that. Is it my tactics, is the metric unreliable in terms of what it deems as a CCC, or is it the ME? Just want to put my mind at ease.
  7. When do we usually hear about the new features for the match engine?
  8. I'm interested to see your findings on the Half-Back role in this tactic RTH. I've personally been shifting between the two regularly and can't seem to decide. In fact, I began to wonder whether Anchor Man might be best depending on what we end up doing with the two CM slots.
  9. I have a player out on loan with a clause in that he can be recalled from loan. This option is not showing anywhere and I'm incredibly confused. Is this a possible bug, or is there some other explanation? Serie A, if it makes a difference.
  10. Fascinating responses. It's been an immensely successful tactic, a first for me, and the reason I ask is because I think I've finally laid a good groundwork for a tactic, but I fear to ever make the slightest of changes. I don't want to be unadaptable, so this is important for me to read and learn because I'd like to know how to change it up as necessary I'd be happy to show you specific players/positions, otherwise here's some context and a generalized overview: Here are the results in the second season, having sold 8 first teamers (mostly by force) and replaced them all: As you can see, for the most part we rarely ever concede goals but we're capable of scoring a few ourselves. Some statistics: (Jese: my backup AF. Dani Parejo is my backup AP(s) / CM(a). Lucas Silva is my DM(d) Interestingly, despite only aiming for low crosses and asking to work it into the box and retain possession, my RWB(s), Darijo Srna, has the most key passes. Something I'd like to look into more. Our assist locations. Goal locations over the past fifty competitive matches. Now, if you've looked at the fixture list presumably one fixture sticks out: the 4-1 drubbing away in Paris. A low-point that signifies our relative struggles in Europe compared to our league form. I went back and looked at it. While the formation to me seemed pretty innocuous, as if they were just trying to play me at my own game, it played totally different to that. They did similar to a lot of what was suggested in here: As you can see, they concentrated their play into clogging the centre of midfield and as a result we weren't allowed to play our game. They frustrated us. It was the least chances we've created in a match in a while. And it's as isolated as I've ever seen my lone forward. While they didn't kill us in open play, they managed to score three of their goals off of set-pieces and we had no response due to their tactics. Interestingly, they approached it totally differently in the return fixture when they visited Rome. While that may suggest that they attempted to clog the centre of the midfield, they actually spread their play out wide and left a lot of space in the centre; where we thrive. Their only goal, again, came from a set-piece but we played them off the park and took that second spot in the group and left them to ply their trade for the year in the Europa League. Remy, our lone forward and main starter, despite his isolation, has 20 goals by early December.
  11. That's one of the things that confuses me greatly about the success of this tactic - the AF is actually very, very isolated the overwhelming majority of the time. To the point where when watching full matches it'd frustrate me immensely. But for one reason or another most games they'll get a quality chance or two despite being massively uninvolved and it'll turn what would be a pedestrian performance into a very good one. I don't know what it is. Perhaps he keeps the opposition and its back-line honest and unable to push up too far? It's not quite as if I've been playing world-class players up there either. Good ones certainly. Destro, Lacazette, Remy, and Jesé have all excelled despite garnering some 7 touches per half when my AP(s) at the other end of the spectrum will have 65 passes in the same amount of time.
  12. I'm a long-time player of this wonderful series. I think my first proper crack at this sort of game was CM4. Over the years I've found myself more attracted to different parts of the game. When I was just a kid, squad-building with riches was my favorite part because it allowed me to create a team of superstars and bring Liverpool to league glory (as is their rightful place!). At a time, the tactical side of the game frustrated me immensely and I much preferred downloading a good tactic from these forums and focusing on squad management instead. By this iteration, I've finally found that what is the most satisfying part of the game is mastering the tactical side. Outthinking your opposite number. This is in part due to my weakened ability to manage a squad, because of what I personally find to be a counterintuitive player-interaction system. So I've tried to take in as many of the lessons available on these forums as possible and put them to use, and finally create a tactic that is my own. Context: This is my second season as manager of Italy. In the first, I won the Italian League and Cup double. In the second season we're cruising so far, but it's early days yet. Here is the tactic: I do not use player instructions bar for the lone forward, who I ask to hold the ball up more. It's a pretty minimalist, bog-standard tactic in my eyes. I'll change the IF(L) to a support role and the AP(s) to a CM(a) if we are away, and usually drop the striker deeper, such as Totti as a Trequartista or Jese as a false 9. Against teams I'm sure will defend regardless, I keep it the same as I would at home. The point of the thread, for me, is this: I don't really understand why this tactic is working so well over such an extended period of time. I've never had a successful tactic before. My idea was to be solid defensively and get men behind the ball - but also to be a little deeper to invite the big number of teams that are willing to sit back against Roma in the Italian league. Keep the ball, be patient, and probe. Take risks in counter-attack mode when the chance is on. For the most part this has worked - the main flaws I see with it are that the striker can get isolated (though it hasn't lowered their goal productivity) and outside of the front three the team doesn't have much goal threat. On the flipside, the inside forwards (Iturbe and Ljajic) are incredible and are scoring and assisting week-in week-out. It has struggled in Europe but at the moment I lack the tactical nous to really understand why that is. I guess what I'm interested in is having a fresh set of eyes look at this tactic: what do you immediately see as its weak points? How would you set up to beat it? What sort of systems or formations could you see it struggling against? How can I evolve it? I know it's bizarre to ask when it's been winning as much as we have but to me it's about understanding the game and while I've learned to analyze when my team is crap, I remain a little confused as to this sudden upturn in fortunes for me in the game. Thanks.
  13. 1. Is there a way to train up a player's aggression? 2. All other things being equal: when faced with a tricky AMC who thrives in the space between midfield and defence and makes his team tick, would you be better served by pushing up the defence to keep it closer to the midfield and leave the area congested, or rather to drop deeper and not allow him to make any passes in behind? What should one look at to make such a decision, ideally?
  14. I do think you make fair and reasoned points. While it's my personal opinion that it still seems somewhat over-the-top, I can see how it at least makes more sense than I'd initially thought. I'd also argue that the player-interaction system, in this instance, desperately needs to be more intuitive as it is crucial I understand how to interact with my players in such an important situation.
  15. I did. The majority of them kicked up a fuss and had to sit about in the reserves. When that many players have done it - I forgot to list Pjanic and Florenzi in the mix as well - your morale goes from Superb to Abysmal and that's the majority of your starters that we're talking about. Anyway, that misses the point. What I'm arguing is surely it's over the top to have what amounts to almost ten key players behave in this manner in the midst of a historic season for a club. EDIT: Also, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that the player interaction system isn't exactly straightforward to use.
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