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  1. also i have had alot of injuries, agger was injured for a while, gerrard broke his leg and babels been out for a few months so i have had to play benayoun,lucas and kewell as the 3 AM which isnt great but im still losing to teams in away games that are far inferior to my team
  2. started a game with liverpool, the tactic is great at home, so far: Played 27 Won 18 Drawn 3 Lost 6 Goals 62 Conceded 23 12 Home games, won them all conceding only 4 goals, 2 of them to derby in the same game surprisngly! but away not had the same luck, 15 games, won 6, lost 6, drawn 3, pretty much without fail i create 15 chances even away from home but it just doesnt seem to work the same, i lost to bolton and reading and was held by sunderland! please make an away tactic kimz! i have to add iw as using v1
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