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  1. Cockney Hammer

    Quick Question

    Hi was just wondering if you can get rid of the rules bit in the tactic and squad bit as I'm about to play as a Spanish side and it does my head in that there is the rule bar bit causing the scroll bar. As I'm used to managing Bolton in the prem its never been a problem. If anybody can help it will be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Cockney Hammer

    Problems with install

    All sorted now can lock this thread.
  3. Cockney Hammer

    Problems with install

    Yes mate 10 characters
  4. Sorry if posted in the wrong place but I was wondering if anyone could help me. Have installed the game to C drive and it always says installed but with some errors and won't put a shortcut on the desktop I go to games explorer where there is a icon and it still doesn't work when I click on it and was wondering why it does this? Is there something I'm doing wrong at all ? The game will always load up when its been installed but if i quit and try to go back on it the game just doesn't load up even if I go to my computer double click on the dvd drive. I have installed it to my dads external hard drive and it works perfectly fine but i can't play it on that as he uses it a lot for work I just used it to test it out. If anyone can help me would be appreciated
  5. Fair play to the US for fighting back fantastic Ryder Cup good to see Woods back. But get in there!
  6. Fantastic shot Molinari he should be bringing the 14th point, only half a point away now!
  7. Fantastic shot out the bunker.
  8. Cockney Hammer


    Was a big fan of the Russell Brand podcast. Really loved the Ricky Gervais Show.
  9. Cockney Hammer

    Do you still talk to your friends from school?

    I pretty much mates with all my group of friends from secondary school met a few new people on nights out but I see the odd faces around town on a night out who I haven't seen for years which is always nice.
  10. Will download the demo later what are peoples first impressions? am a fan of both fifa and pes.
  11. Cockney Hammer

    Losing my aeroplane virginity this winter.

    The only thing you will have to worry about flying is being bored, I go abroad once a year and always dread the flight as I get bored so easily. Take your ipod or something may not get stuff to watch on the plane as its such a short flight and depends on the airline too. Enjoy it mate and have a great time.
  12. Cockney Hammer

    FIFA 11 - Early but Justified

    That sounds quality! Have put off doing a update on the PS3 for a long time but am going to do it now so I can play FIFA!
  13. Good solid win, Adam Johnson bringing his club form to international level such a cracking player , hopefully Lampard doesn't just walk back into the team, I'm sure Rio and Terry will which is a shame for Jagielka after a good 2 solid games.
  14. Fantastic play by Adam Johnson unlucky Defoe.