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  1. Official Oxford City Thread

    This team is really for people who like a challenge in the lower leagues because of having such a small budget and a few players who are earning more than there worth. GK-A small problem if you are trying to gain promotion will need to be looked at. Alan Judge is not the best 1st choice for this position and you may look at selling him or even letting him go on a free just to free up the wage budget a little. Steve Williams is only 26 and could become a decent 1st choice but again if you are looking at promotion may need to go the same way as Judge. DL-David perpetuini is the only strong left back in the team and this is where you will need to concentrate on buying player it is possibly the weakest part of the team. DC-There are at least four more than capable defenders already at the club that can play in this position the better being James clarke but you may want to find younger players for this position as some of the defence is getting a little old. DR-James clarke and Josias carbone are possibly two of the best right backs in the league but if possible try and get there contracts lowered if you can. ML-You may want to look at bringing in younger alternatives to this position as it is going to be a lost cause without any speed on this side. MC-A decent part of the wage budget is being taken by this position so you will either want to look at finding cheaper alternatives or trying to offer contracts to the players you have and tring to give them lower wages. MR-You will have to bring in some more players for this position the younger they are the better because they can then be used for the bss/n after promotion. CF/ST-Only two players worth keeping are the young Ryan brookes and Lee steele other than that you may want to try and find younger strikers so that they can learn from steele and also to be back-up to these two player.
  2. Official Oxford City Thread

    Reputation-Obscure Chairmen status-In the process of a board takeover Finances-Okay Estimated value-£30k Stadium-Court place farm Stadium capacity-3000 (300 seated) Training facilities-Basic Youth facilities-Minimal Continental competition-None Media prediction-5th Season budget-£0 Wage budget-£2.4k
  3. Official Oxford City Thread

    Current squad GK Richard Knight GK Milan Barisic DF Andrew Ballard DF Andrew Gunn (captain) DF Andy Baird DF David Perpetuini DF James Clarke DF Stephen Davis MF Dave Savage MF Liam Malone MF Michael Alexis MF Darren Pond MF Jamie Brooks (at Stirling lions for some reason in game) MF Mark Bell MF Michael Lyon FW Mark Janes FW Alex Fisher FW Lee Steele
  4. Oxford City Football Club is an English football club, currently playing in the Southern Football League Premier Division after gaining promotion via the Division One South & West playoffs. They play their home games at Court Place Farm in Marston, Oxford, Oxfordshire The club was formed in 1882 and soon became the leading club in Oxfordshire, winning the FA Amateur Cup in 1906, before joining the Isthmian League the following year. In the latter half of the 20th century, the club went into decline and soon fell behind Headington United after that club turned professional in 1949. An attempt was made to return the club to success in 1979 when it became a limited company and later when the legendary Bobby Moore was appointed manager with his former West Ham United team-mate Harry Redknapp as his assistant. The club reached its lowest point in 1988 when they were evicted from their White House Ground. Forced to resign from the Isthmian League, the club did not return to senior football until 1990 when based at Cutteslowe Park, they entered the South Midlands League Division One, winning promotion in their first season. They returned to the Isthmian League in 1993 when they also moved to their current ground. The club continued to climb through the divisions of that League during the 1990s and reached the final of the FA Vase in 1995. Highlights of the next decade included two years in the Isthmian League Premier Division and an epic FA Cup run in 1999-2000 which culminated in a three-game battle against Wycombe Wanderers in the First Round proper, eventually being edged out 1-0 at Oxford United's Manor Ground. The first replay had been abandoned due to a fire alarm just as the penalty shootout was about to start;[1] this remains the only FA Cup tie to go to a second replay since the FA ruled all ties should be settled after a maximum of two games. This rule change also means that City's other FA Cup record - the six games needed before losing to Alvechurch in 1971-72 - will probably never be beaten. In 2005 the club were relegated back to the South Midlands League, but were promoted at the first time of asking under manager Andy Lyne, winning both the Championship and the Premier Cup. In November 2006 Lyne resigned as manager to become the club's Director of Football. He was succeeded by Justin Merritt as Player Manager with former Oxford United player Mike Ford as his assistant. Merritt subsequently stepped down in August 2009 and Ford took over as manager. On 3 May 2008, Oxford City were promoted from the Southern League Division One South and West with a 1-0 win over Uxbridge. The club currently run over 30 teams under the chairmanship of Brian Cox, with sides for men, women, boys and girls. In the club's first season of Southern Premier Football they achieved an excellent 6th place, narrowly missing out on the playoffs.
  5. My mates on here at last fm10

    cockney hammer/ yea he is one to look out for a defender he can score some aswell which is good to see if you can keep an eye out he's definatly one for the future
  6. My mates on here at last fm10

    yea il have a look i was in the same secondary school as matty last year aswell so il have a look at joe
  7. After about two years of waiting my mates finally good enough to be put on the game. Have a look at at the guy if your going to play in the lower leagues and need a defender he's done well on my staines save so far considering i only downloaded the demo a few hours ago. The plus side is he is 16 so he's young and can play all through the backline. Im not overrating the guy but his stats should be better in the fittness department and the tackling but just a little if you do try him out could i have peoples opinions on him please and thank you. info matthew willett oxford united u18s 16yrs
  8. Im just wondering are there any teams in the game like for example soccer am badgers(fm05) in fm 09 and do you think that there might be one in fm10 any help would be appreciated
  9. world super league

    bump bump bump
  10. World super league (testing)

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  11. world super league

    ok thanks for the tip really should have thought about it
  12. hi im trying to create a world super league db iv put a thread in the editors hidaway forum but no one seems to be interested so just trying to get some people involved. this is only a trial league to see if people like it so like a demo but iv only used the scottish leagues for the finished product im looking to use the english leagues so its much bigger but just need feed back on what to do anyway more details are in the actual thread so if ur interseted take a look. thx joe heres the link to the thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=137033
  13. World super league (testing)

    the file is rather big but after u play it u can just delete and give feedback and then just wait till the full version is out thanks guys
  14. World super league (testing)

    Hi im thinking of creating a world super league and i know that this has been 100 times already but im just wondering if people would be interested. I have created a small version of the super league using the scottish leagues and am asking for helpful feedback on here i will post the link at the end and if people like the idea i will create a better version with the english leagues. There is already one thing i will have to sort out and that is the reputation of the leagues because in the demo which it will be known the player values are lower than what they should be so i will try and sort this out for the full version. feedback would be much appreciated i am only 16 and this is the first time im doing something like this so be kind if possible the link is...... http://www.filefront.com/14056317/World%20Super%20League.rar
  15. thanks for that looks great