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  1. Champions! Well done. Shame Derby did so well. I've reached the new year period on my save now. Still unbeaten in the league, over 20 points clear! Lost to Carlisle in the FA Cup 3rd round tho
  2. Seems to make the players provide options when we have the ball
  3. Tactic Team League Results
  4. When I reveal the results ive got on 11.3 with a certain tactic you'll fancy trying it
  5. Ive just started a fresh 11.3 save. Been hella busy with uni but I think you guys are gonna like the results. Feels a bit like cheating with Tudgay and Findley from the start but then again no solid left backs..
  6. It doesnt show them for some reason but Sunderland got the other Europa spot for winning the cup
  7. End of 2013/14 season. Very respectable but so gutted to miss out on a Europa League spot!
  8. My young players Jano, Neymar and Yaya Sanogo just won 1st 2nd AND 3rd best youth players for december. The future's bright
  9. Hey NF good to see you back at the helm of the mighty reds! Sounds like you're doing great! In terms of my save which I just got back to I had another mixed season as I looked to build on my survival in the Premiership. A poor start and good run towards the end ensured I was safe and lived to fight another year. Table - Season 3: I was in the market for full backs and a left inside forward but when I saw that Neymar would come to Forest I jumped at the chance! Genuine talent to add to Jano and Yaya Sanogo. At this rate ill be ruling Europe in about 2016 Transfers Pre - Season 4: Formation:
  10. Ye other than backup/rotation rejects they ask for big bucks. However if you slap them down a few £K they are usually willing to agree
  11. I had to take it away from them same as with Wes, couldn't afford Kenna's wage demands and Campy is still injured from last year, cruciates, poor guy.
  12. Apparently London are hosting the 2020 Olympics as well as 2012 in my save!
  13. To be honest at the end of last year I ran out of money so I couldnt renew contracts. Id love to have had him for the whole of his career.
  14. As with my team last year, it could be a case of the formation being too reliant on a few people playing well. Another problem could be defenders with low concentration stat making lots of costly errors
  15. Summer Signings Nottingham Forest (Transfers_ History)-2 by chris.bark3r, on Flickr