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  1. CM2010 had a map for scouting, and it was quite a nice idea. I reckon it'd fit into FM well.
  2. I don't know what the real life team is like, but my save as Litex in FM11 has been great fun. I'm going to give Malmo a go in FM12, and hope a save as them will be as fun as my Litex save.
  3. I've never heard of Evian before. Just searched for them in-game and on Wiki. They seem like an interesting team with an intriguing history.
  4. I played as Tottenham on FM08, and really enjoyed that save. That's the only time I've ever started a save as an EPL team. I like playing as lower league teams, or teams from lower reputation top leagues in Europe.
  5. No, just no. I know the demo will be available when it's ready, and asking about it won't make it come out any earlier. I also saw the announcement that was at the top of the forums for a couple of days, saying that info about FM12 will be available soon enough. I just thought I'd start this thread, to see if anyone says any interesting or obscure teams that they intend to play as.
  6. That's the main reason I'm considering leaving Litex for a future save. I've never started as an EPL team, but can imagine it'd be a good save. Why Leicester though? Local team, or just a team you like playing as?
  7. Just thought I'd start a discussion out of boredom. When the full game of FM12 is released, which team will be the first you play as and what reasons do you have for choosing them? My first save will either be as Litex Lovech of Bulgaria or Malmo FF of Sweden. Litex has been my last long term save in FM11 (still playing it now), and it's been my favourite save of the past year. I've enjoyed the challenge of trying to get as far as possible in the Champions Cup, while doing my best to win all domestic competitions. If I were to go with Malmo instead, it would be for the same reasons I enjoyed my Litex FM11 save so much, and just as a change of scenery from Bulgaria.
  8. Poulsen and Bajrami aren't interested. I've doubled the clubs funds, so the transfer budget should be bigger in season two.
  9. Club: Litex Lovech Budget: £490k Looking for: Left sided Midfielder With: Good crossing, passing, anticipation, determination, off the ball, work rate, and stamina Other: Would be good if the player was Bulgarian, but that's not essential Season: Half way through 1st season Signing on Fee: 130k max (preferably a lot less than that) Agent Fee: Not a crazy amount With Doka Madureira looking to leave for a bigger club soon, I'm searching for a replacement before he leaves. I found Martin Toshev and signed him, but I don't think he'll play to anywhere near the same standard as Madureira.
  10. That is a great story. I remember I used to play as Hull in the first couple of FM games, and I grew to love the team. I went to see them play a few times, because a few of my relatives live in Hull so I had a place to sleep for the night after the matches.
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