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  1. I just want to throw out there that I played FM11 from release day, and never found the game to be unplayable. I got the updates, but not because I couldn't play the game without them. I never had any problems before I applied the updates, and applied them just to be on the safe side. I've had a ridiculous amount of hours of fun playing various saves in FM11 (as I did in FM10), and can't wait for FM12 to be released.
  2. I know this because the majority of people who posted in this thread have said they want a new game every year, and those people are hardcore FM players. Looking through the posts in this thread answers your question.
  3. CM2010 had a map for scouting, and it was quite a nice idea. I reckon it'd fit into FM well.
  4. I wouldn't like them to release FM every few years, and it wouldn't work for the business like others have said. Also, to say that they're ripping off their customers (I know you didn't use those exact words, but that's what you're implying) is ridiculous. On it's release day, I paid £29.99 for FM11. I've played it practically every day sinse I got it. If you work out how much FM11 cost me on a day to day basis, it'd be less than 10p a day. I call that great value for money! SI and Sega, don't listen to the minority who are obviously not hardcore FM players. The majority of FM players will agree with me that a yearly release of a new FM is a great thing. I for one love loading up my newest copy of FM and getting stuck into any new features that have been added or updated. Edit: Just wanted to go back to your comment about CM being released every few years... Look where that's got them. The game is done. Their fanbase is non-existant because their latest release (which came out a few years after the one before) didn't cut the mustard. Do you want FM to end up the same way? I sure don't!
  5. It seems to vary. In my FC United save, I replaced pretty much the whole team before any matches in the first season, and the team I bought still played brilliantly and won the BSN with ease. In my Cambridge United save, I replaced seven players, and my team performed badly for a few games (maybe due to problems blending, or maybe not). After those games, individual performances started getting better and we were soon in winning form.
  6. I don't know what the real life team is like, but my save as Litex in FM11 has been great fun. I'm going to give Malmo a go in FM12, and hope a save as them will be as fun as my Litex save.
  7. No it wouldn't. If they did merge with EA and make the game of your dreams, it'd probably be crap. You'd need a super computer for it to run properly. For it to run on a computer that's not owned by NASA, they'd more than likely have to water down either the management side or the match day side of it.
  8. There is a way to have more coaches than you're actually allowed. It involves making your old players into player/coaches. Scroll down to post 277 in this thread, which explains how it's done http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/232807-FM11-FC-United-of-Manchester-Thread-The-Red-Rebels!/page3 . Here's a screeny to show how many coaches I had in my old save, using the exploit.
  9. I've never heard of Evian before. Just searched for them in-game and on Wiki. They seem like an interesting team with an intriguing history.
  10. My best expectation for FM12 is that it keeps me hooked until FM13 FM11 has done a good job of keeping me occupied, and I can imagine FM12 will keep me just as occupied for another year. With Colwyn Bay being available from the start of the first season, and Litex and Malmo in the Champions League, I'm going to have plenty to do. So yeah, my expectation is already pretty much a certainty. Well done SI, for knowing exactly what I want!
  11. I played as Tottenham on FM08, and really enjoyed that save. That's the only time I've ever started a save as an EPL team. I like playing as lower league teams, or teams from lower reputation top leagues in Europe.
  12. No, just no. I know the demo will be available when it's ready, and asking about it won't make it come out any earlier. I also saw the announcement that was at the top of the forums for a couple of days, saying that info about FM12 will be available soon enough. I just thought I'd start this thread, to see if anyone says any interesting or obscure teams that they intend to play as.
  13. I sure did misread it. Sorry about that.
  14. So, do you think someone over 100 managing a football team would be more realistic?
  15. I wish FC United had been promoted this season, but Colwyn Bay will do until FM13 (When FC United will definitely be in the BSN).
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