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  1. Mr Rosler if you don't mind uploading or pm-ing me your current V3 tactic that would be great, i'd like to test it with my AC Milan side. Meanwhile I'll try S&S V2, Rainmaker isn't working out very well for me.
  2. Yeah well I wanted to play with Honda, Rami, Essien and Taarabt in the team before the official update, i just couldn't wait and cba with the editor and stuff myself. Anyway Muniain keeps getting injured, albeit mostly for 5-6 days tops, I really want to make him put a string of good performances, I really rate him highly. I haven't heard of this Dario Del Fabro guy, but I'll surely check him out, thanks. I think i will need a replacement for Zapata and Rami sooner rather than later. Rugani is out on loan for the 2nd season and will try to put him alongside Balanta next season. Murru is developing very nicely and has put Constant on the bench this season.
  3. Yeah I had a look at Cerri but to be honest I was looking for someone ready for the 1st team. Anyway I went for Muniain for €45M, he's pretty good as a False 9 on the left side. A bit expensive though, but we got big money from the El Shaarawy sale so it didn't really matter. Though he got injured for 3 months and Jesé turned out to be a beast this season so far, 11 goals and 8 assists in 17(1) apps. Muniain just got back but got injured again for 5-6 days, and he'll be playing a lot more once he fully recovers, I have high expectations from him. Currently sitting 2nd on the table, with Napoli 5 points ahead after 13 games and with equal points with Fiorentina. Honda is having a storming season, 8 goals and 8 assists in 17 apps, and Balotelli isn't playing bad either, 13 goals in 17 apps. Barbosa is out on loan at Saint Etienne, and isn't doing very well there but I think he'll do great with us next season. I also have Mastour on my youth team (i downloaded a database with all the January transfers and he was included there) and thinking of promoting him to the 1st team next season. Edit: Just won the Champions League group with 13 points and with 1 game in hand, and Real Madrid got 2nd place after I beat them 4-1 at home. This great result gives me hope for the next rounds of the tournament and our CL dream.
  4. Hi guys, I haven't posted in a long time in these forums. Hope you're having fun with your saves. First of all, very nice OP. Finished yesterday my 2nd season with Milan, and boy what a season. Just barely won the league in the last game of the season with 83 points, 3 points ahead of Napoli who were on fire and 10 ahead of Juve (they were challenging for the title, but had a slump in the last couple of games). Got eliminated by Bayern in the quarter finals of the CL via an 89th minute header. At least we won the Cup against Napoli, so a domestic double is good enough. Balotelli was without a doubt the star of the season, scoring 33 in 49(1) apps, and Top Scorer in the league with 28 in 36. I just sold El Shaarawy to PSG for €75M, which was an offer too good to refuse, and now I'm looking for a replacement for him in the Fale 9 position. Wermer and Volland don't want to join, Muniain seems a decent option in there, though i now have Jesé, Barbosa, Saponara and Balotelli in the attacking department, I feel like an adequate player is needed here as I'm playing with 2 strikers (Mr U Rosler's Rainmaker V2 tactic). Any recommendations would be appreciated. This season the CL glory is the target, and hopefully Balotelli will be even better this time around.
  5. I really like to thank you Mr U Rosler for this wonderful tactic. This iteration of FM seems really difficult (which I appreciate, since football itself is difficult and realism is good in my book) and I really haven't had that much time this year (being in uni and all) to really try and create a good tactic for my AC Milan team, and when I tried the tactics I created were nothing spectacular, sometimes even failing miserably. Anyway I downloaded your tactic and it worked very well. Just finished my 2nd season and won 1 Serie A title and 2 Italian Cups, not too shabby. The only change was the CM/A to AP/A and it seems to work better with Honda as an AP than a CM. Thank you so much Mr Rosler, keep up the good work.
  6. Hey Loversleaper. Great thread! I need some help with my AC Milan save. I have tried the 4-5-1 short, and haven't had that much success, sitting 6th on the table, after 16 games. Do you think I should switch to 4-3-1-2? If so, which set do you think it's best?
  7. As I said before, Ibra is a very tricky player, sometimes performs, sometimes doesn't, either way, his best role is a Complete Forward/Attack. Or you could try him as a Trequartista, and the AMC behind as an Attacking Midfielder/Attack.
  8. Sorry guys for not being active lately. Anyway, good luck XxBowmanxX, looks like you have a nice and strong squad, you should be able to get past the knockout round, with some luck you might even make it further.
  9. Eriksen and Martin are two relatively cheap alternatives. They can both play either as CM or AMC, so quite versatile.
  10. R. Hearn I think Aquilani's deal is only an option to buy, not obligatory. And I think you should keep none of the old midfielders if you plan to bring M'Vila or another young midfielder. Musacchio is awesome, though I would recommend to bring another backup defender. likeabawss Damn that's awful mate, I feel your pain. When Silva wasn't playing, i kept conceding goals every game.
  11. Sirigu is relatively young for a keeper. But yeah, should be a bit hard to get.
  12. Don't know any young Italian keepers, haven't checked them. Maybe Andrea Consigli from Atalanta.
  13. As and Advanced Playmaker in that position, I'm not really sure, you can try Aquilani there, and bring a CM, M'Vila in this case since you mentioned him. He can play nearly every role in the midfield. For the DC position, I would recommend Mehdi Benatia, Davide Astori, Matteo Musacchio, Victor Ruzi to name a few. All young, and with good potential. It might be difficult to sell some, I know and it's frustrating, since you can't do anything about it, apart from offering them to clubs. Maybe changing their squad status might help.
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