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  1. I made JL1 from scratch with widehawk caracteristic players. It have players history, staff, contract, players hair/skin color and facepack too. I will update it every seasons. But i'm focusing only on J one league. I finish the details and will upload it later next week.
  2. Yes, even when i try update it, in the editor many players are mixed with other player & staff. We should make a "team" to work on a new japan db (only the 2 first leagues first).
  3. Same for me. They changed FM2016 as out of stock, and cancelled some pre purchase. But better talk about that here: so this topic stay clean with only beta feedback.
  4. I maybe have a idea. - You make a save game with a lot players, championship loaded. - Then you upload the save. - People download the save and load it. - Peoples go on holliday for two weak and check the time it take. - Then we say our specs and the duration of the process. Edit: I havnt see the previous message. Sorry. -_-
  5. No, some tabs still diseapear.
  6. yes it work. The teams are up to date with new players and stuff.
  7. Thank you widehawk. Such a big work.
  8. Mexico for sure! Then UK~
  9. GK problem is known, It's wrote on the first post.
  10. While doing a sub at half time, I changed a midfieler by another one and the new player was noted as "orange", like if it was not his natural place. I changed screen, then comeback on the tactic and he was back to green.
  11. In preference - Interface - Resolution, change to windowed
  12. I guess juste geography. Hong Kong - China - South Korea - Japan= East asia. But i'm sure I saw a map somewhere in FM, can't find again.