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  1. Here is your brother, Nick
  2. here you are
  3. If you want to see how your favorite team is going on 2025: France, England, Italia, Spain and Germany are all loaded from the start, then you can see history and stuff.
  4. The translation in french isn't finished right? Just to be sure. image:
  5. First time you launch the game, you have to create your manager before get the menu.
  6. And for people interested in FM17 touch beta, you can install it too.
  7. It's on steam, just restart it.
  8. You can custom the choice of players number. ex: You load the liga, but choice to load all internationals europeans and south american players with it.
  9. fm2017

    Yes, i was disapointed too (but also scared to have spend months working on this database for nothing if SI got the licence). Fifa is released in Japan, and it compet against a japanese game : PES. So it was a very smart moove to get the jleague to make japanese peoples to choice FIFA over PES. But FM isn't released in japan.
  10. Hello~~ Here come The J1 league for FM 2017. The squads are for 2016 season. Only the first division is made. i won't make below coz it's too much work. I will release the database on FM2017 release (11.04) i will add all facepack on later. At this date, all players are created i just need to make their history up to date. I will update the database every year for FM release. Only database no league rules. I recommand you to use it with Claassen work.
  11. I think it's maybe a japanese law or something. When Konami has the licence no others game could add jleague. Then now EA got it and nobody, konami included, can't add it to their games. Maybe they can sell the licence to only one studio a time. Yes i made it to 16's editor. i just made the players and staff. The league rule is from Claassen
  12. It won't, EA got the exclusive licence. You won't find jleague anywhere but Fifa games. But i made j1 league for FM 17 already, it's almost ready, just need to add player's history.
  13. Last year beta was release on wednesday 28 october around 16h30 british time. The game release was on 13 november, 16 days later. FM15 beta was release on 23 october, the release was on 7 november, 15 days later.