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  1. fm2017

    Progress are made, but making the history for each player is really the most annoying thing to do on earth. Anyway, here come some new pics
  2. fm2017

    sure, you can do it.
  3. fm2017

    Ah no, I don't know Yau Yee League, maybe you can make it? In my HK update it lack of a lot manager in low level, i've searched but i don't find them.
  4. Your dream come true, you can now play in the third division of glorious Hong Kong football #GloriousandFamous . Premier League 1st League Second League Third League Check add players to empty teams at the start. Hong Kong extended 4 Div_C0BA1484-6C5B-45B1-BCA9-BA1D5CC4CC60.fmf
  5. fm2017

    The teams are made, i'm just writting players history. But it's just database not rules, so to play with it you will have to wait for Claseen file. I will anyway upload it so every one can look at players data and tell me what i should change.
  6. fm2017

    I did copy some whidehawk detailed stats for some players. I created new players too. It's actually hard to decide what PA should have a bad, good, super good japanese players. What do you think about check south korean db and have a close PA range? That's why i decided to make only J1, it will be more easy to update it and fix the stats according to players feedback. It also more easy to work on every season, without get duplicate players. I just changed their contract to the jleague team, their stats are from FM16 february update.
  7. Here is your brother, Nick
  8. here you are
  9. If you want to see how your favorite team is going on 2025: France, England, Italia, Spain and Germany are all loaded from the start, then you can see history and stuff.
  10. The translation in french isn't finished right? Just to be sure. image:
  11. First time you launch the game, you have to create your manager before get the menu.
  12. And for people interested in FM17 touch beta, you can install it too.