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    Been playing FM since it was champ 01/02 season i think it was, blue box if i remember rightly.

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    FM :-), family, WWE

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  1. I spent 10 days at Spurs then jumped too Man United so I was imagining them discussing my career as I also manage England....it was 10 fun minutes in my head while in the shower
  2. so I was just in the shower and was listening too the Sunday supplement when I started off in my own head how they would talk about my current save.... does anybody else day dream in this way? or am I just in too deep?...
  3. I got angry reading that thread. hopefully fixed for FM17
  4. it's just too unrealistic ! I finally got a job on 90k per week....the England job ! will this boost my negotiating position once I return too club management. Boro made my replacement Emery the second highest paid guy on more than double what I was on, he is now very insecure in his job already....HA! I'm being super mature about it back to contracts, it's says maximum manager wage and no club went even half way towards this, I've got too premier league titles too my name and no club was willing too go too 50k a week...this wouldn't happen. always make a profit and always reduce wage bill...teams should be falling over themselves don't get me started on bonus'
  5. So I know everyone plays the game in there own way I play it as real as I can, I start unemployed so any job is a great start but once I'm in a job I approach it as I think I would in real life. if I fancy a job I declare my interest and always try and negotiate a decent wage for myself I started in league 2 and through promotions and job hopping I got the Middlesbrough job (my hometown) I stayed there 6 years and took them from Championship too runners up in the Champions league, via 2 premier league titles a capital one cup and and fa cup win!!! the clubs financial turnover and directors payouts have gone through the roof! the downfall was my 40k a week contract is not good enough for what I'm giving them, so I applied for another job too force contract talks. the offer was 50k a week, are ya kidding???? I resigned and they hired Emery and are paying him 86k a week.....seriously???? I have found this issue on previous FMs as well, why isn't my wage discussed at the interview as it's an integral part of it surely... does anyone else tale themselves too seriously when it comes too your wage?
  6. this is the second season is a row I seem too be conceded a majority of goals from crosses and free kicks from out wide into box. I don't mind a towering striker dominating my CB but every team doesn't have one of those yet as soon as I give a free kick away out on the wing I'm expecting too see a goal and generally that's the case. is this an FM way of saying your tactic might be good but look what I can do....it's very frustrating now
  7. I think the club as a whole was just too small for that league, so I jumped ship and am back too winning ways this save is about me luckily and no a save aimed at taking Dagenham all the way
  8. after promotion too league one I cannot buy a win I have more shots on goal more on target more possession more passes completed more tackles won have scored more than one goal only twice and only 2 clean sheets frustrating.
  9. back too back promotions now ! best scouting and coaching in the league helps, but the tactic seems perfect. Thankyou Mr Rosler
  10. my results using your tactic for the full season, occasionally switching to v1 once 2/3-0 up
  11. hey Mr Rosler always have a look for anything you post pitch size.....should I go big or small? got relegated for the first time EVER too the conference so need too bounce back. v2 all the way I think
  12. I've started a game in employed and ended up at bottom of the league Dagenham! have I set my self too big a challenge having not played regularly on any FM since 2012? watching extended highlights still infuriates me ! watching my players be simply put - awful. should I start out with a Big team too get used too certain aspects?
  13. yeah I usually start unemployed so being able too prove myself with a youth team or even as an assistant just watching reserves would be a new way too play
  14. hey guys been a while since I came in here. The last FM I played was FM14...I have spent the last 6 months actually playing FM12, mainly due too lack of free time too fully invest (12 hour shifts and now 50/50 parenting) meant I needed something a little bit easier if that'd the right word. anyway I have just downloaded FM16 - what have I missed? am I going too encounter things that do not work without explanation 12 CCC's and no goals for example? I'm looking at this create a club option...any good? I used too start un-employed and head too the top, is that now impossible? any advice or tips welcome..... thanks guys and gals.
  15. Firstly a thank you to Mr Roselr, much appreciated all the work you put in and the patience with silly questions but i actually think i'm done with FM, having an update in March that means you/we are sent back to the drawing board tactics wise is ridiculous! I seem to concede the first goal in a majority of games before my team kicks on with the tactics. The amount of crosses that drift and drop in is utterly ridiculous, pretty much every team in the league defending corners identically and the fact that morale, form and ability only seem to affect my team really makes it feel like it is me vs the game not my team vs many other teams. I have posted before regarding losses and am always given the same kind of responses, Is morale low - nope ! but the opposition's isn't great. are you watching the match engine - yes - it infuriates me! maybe your players are tired - just as much as the opposition. maybe your players aren't upto it - the opposition players scoring every CCC with finishing and composure less then 12 with poor morale aren't upto it! IRL teams loose games they dominate, loose from winning positions to last minute goals but it seems to be to an extreme level on this game.