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    Been playing FM since it was champ 01/02 season i think it was, blue box if i remember rightly.

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    FM :-), family, WWE

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  1. its not as good away from home. seem too ship goals i shouldnt, strikers dont his the target half as much its quite frustrating
  2. results using mainly this tactic though dipped into Oathbreaker once id won title too see how it went... the most frustrating loss was 4-3 too Burton who had averaged less than a goal a game then scored 4 against my defence which is best in league
  3. hey good too see you back ive got all 3 of your tactics downloaded and ready too use, but which is better... this, oathkeeper or oathbreaker.
  4. yes i figured this out myself my bad lol
  5. So just installed Fm18 and there doesn't seem too be a football manager folder inside the sports interactive folder where my previous versions had a folder, where i could manage any tactics downloaded etc any ideas?
  6. karl b

    My Contract

    yeah i hate the 'you've resigned from x amount of clubs question. its a very frustrating situation. on my save i guarantee i win a league within 2 seasons, usually the first if i get pre-season, clubs would pay extortionate amounts for a manager that good yet i cant get 70k and my replacement with no titles too there name got 93k.
  7. karl b

    My Contract

    hello there The last few versions have really let me down when it comes too my contract. Examples - I negotiate a bonus for winning the league (a pittance compared too real life bonus') this bonus should be negotiated as a one of or a repetitive bonus ie every time i win the league i get the bonus not just the first time it happens. The option too hire an agent would be a good one also. Clubs actually caring about the job ive done. Example - i took over Man City, no league wins in 12 years. i win 3 in a row including atleast one other trophy every season, i ask for a wage increase of 7k (we are paying players over 300k) they refuse outright too meet my demand (seriously???) Also it would be nice too have the option too select and add players too my own favoured personnel list. My last idea would be the option too take assistant managers jobs. i ask my assistant do do quite a bit, it would simply mean 'greying out' anything i couldn't touch. i mean how often do you delegate friendlies or press conferences too your assistant, as someone who starts un employed this adds a whole new dimension too my climb up the lladder.
  8. yeah i was manager of Dagenham in 2016 and worked out id need a flat share too be able too live on the money offered.
  9. Press Conferences haven't changed since 2016. its now 2017 can we not do more with the facilities page? just seeing it in writing is not the same as an actual visual representation. I'd like too be able too 'add' people to my favourite people list, we all end up with a player or 2 we have loyalty too etc. Performance of the week award like they do on soccer saturday. invites too pre-game pundatory - not actually commenting on the game but acknowledgement you attended.
  10. So on FM2016 i played the game as real as i could regarding my contract but then discovered that there was an issue iin the game around contracts - fair enough. has this been resolved? i ask because i am currently at Middlesbrough, Top of the league and every season have improved our league position 6th, 5th, 3rd and currently in a battle for the title Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Dortmund and Liverpool have all approached me for jobs... Middlesbrough will not agree too any bonus's for winning Premier League or Champions League and will not go higher than 40k per week wages..... SERIOUSLY???
  11. i have felt this exact way. I loved FM12 then the next few i bought i didnt enjoy, they seemed way too awkward too set up tactics, i mean i would set something up that looked great but then it woulnt work and i could not work out why i came on here a few times and ask the usual questions and got the usual answers...are your players tired etc i want too win. i know im going too lose. i get that... The way i moved forward was using the tactics forum on here and specifically using the same guys tactics in 2016 and now 2017. yeah i didnt create the tactics myself, but i sign the players and do the team talks etc i still enjoying bringing youngsters through so im happy with how i play it. if tactics is the only thing your struggling with read some of the posts in the tactics forum and find something you like and use that. It helped me start enjoying the newer versions.
  12. so its my second season with Boro and the tactic. I tried too follow your transfer advice and only sign 2 players, i actually signed a couple. Matty James came on loan in January - i signed him full time in summer so i didnt really count that. i needed too improve my keeper so brought in Fabianski from relegated Swansea. I got alot of my assists from LB so i brought in Joel Ward. I was fairly happy to be honest then got offered Giuseppe Rossi for free My Head of youth brough 2 youngsters in but i dont count them really..... 4 league games in Rossi gets injured for 6 months anyway i threw this kid O'Neill into Europa league games and he just loves it
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