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  1. out of interest what would you regard as the best LL tactic and best high end team tactic for 12.1.1 ?
  2. i so far managed to get from conf south to premiership with 3 diff clubs in 6 seasons i think, using various tactics and tweaks but the prem im getting done with pace, and the 4-4-2 you created looks like one the best for this patch so here is hoping it does the trick
  3. which tactic was your huddersfield game using knap?
  4. right guys been away for a week now so i'm going to try and get some fm time over the next few days currently 8th in prem after 20 games. will update when I next load it up
  5. second season in the championship got promoted so thats 4 seasons and 4 promotions (nearly 3 in a row) started first season in prem on fire and my current squad is
  6. Finished 5th, first season in championship - got newcastle in play off semi and lost 3-0 over both legs newcastle then beat boro in final 3-0 Now I can build a squad for promotion next year hopefully
  7. excellent going there, undefeated all season is pretty impressive
  8. ok i just try and get the basis ones in really Full Back - Tackling, Pace, Crossing Centre Backs - Strength, Heading, Jumping, Tackling Wingers - Pace, Accel, Crossing, Dribbling, Flair MC - Tackling, Nat Fittness, Stamina, passing, SC - Pace, Accel, Finishing, Composure, Flair these are off the top of my head as the game isn't loaded atm.
  9. maybe its not a top team tactic? I honestly have not tried this with any other team as of yet - so cant comment really, time will tell when I get into the premiership.
  10. Now in play offs after 26 games. Now starting with counter attack as my squad is not as good as others in the league so cant take the game to the opposition as much, if pushing for a winner I switch back to control - has worked a few times with success
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