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  1. Nation: England Division: Sky Bet Championship, League One, League Two, Conference and Conference North and South European Competition: N/A Media Prediction: N/A Board Expectation(s): Any Transfer Budget: Any Wage Budget: Any Finances: Any Other: Looking for a club with a great youth setup, that has some really good youngsters all ready(as in 20 years old or younger),
  2. Its always worth a shot and gunna try, its a challenge and ive got bored recently on my save, so gunna give it a shot, been trying to study the work of El Loco(Bielsa nickname) and see how it can apply. There are a couple of decent defenders on first look, more than 2, its just fitting 3 cm into 1 position which will be hard haha
  3. I have decided to go for a Athletic save, and im going to try and recreate the Marcelo Biesla formation and style of play the 3-1-1-3 formation, wish me luck
  4. Nation: Not England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Russia, Division: doesnt matter, the lower the better European Competition: Not bothered. Media Prediction: not bothered. Board Expectation(s): Any Transfer Budget: Any Wage Budget: Any Finances: Maybe a club that could be taken over Other: Looking for a team that possibly could have a tycoon(doesnt have to be a team having a takeover would be nice) a team in the lower divisions to build a dynasty with, plus to be a test for a new formation im working on. And a club that has a reserve team instead of a senior squad and u19s team
  5. I will post a screenshot tomorrow evening, but i picked up Jorgen Skjelvik from Rosenborg up for 250k for my west ham team, he is a 22 year old left back, scouts reckon he is a good championship player, but he might be good for lower PL sides.
  6. Yeah got back to back promotions both as Champions and won the FA Trophy 2 times in a row, the formation i used, i dunno if i got it on here or from the steam workshop was 4-1-3-1-1
  7. Get Matt Jay on loan from Exeter, he did well for me
  8. Well in my dorchester game, i think i said i got promoted to the Skirill Prem, well i won that and the FA Trophy(for the second time in a row) and now in league 2, we have just turned over to professinal status, however i only have a wage budget of 13k, and not many players are still interested, anyone know of any decent players which will cost less?
  9. TBH i cannot remember why haha, ive have him back to first touch now
  10. Thanks guys, at the moment im still Semi Pro, hoping next season if we get promoted we go professinal, i play him as an out and out striker on his own with a AMC behind him and he is playing as an advance forward, which is his best role. I have got him atm working on heading, going to move to first touch(i have to admit, training youth players is not my strong point.) And his personality is Light headed. And thanks i will look at those threads, but any other advice/training programs would be appriciated as well
  11. Hi Guys Wondering if you can give me some tips to help develop my 17 year old striker. A bit of Background, is that i'm playing as Dorchester Town, we are still semi pro even in the conference, my first youth intake gave me a 16 year old regen by the name of Matt Corcoran, i used him in the last 6 games of of Skirill South Campaign as we had a big lead in the title run, and he scored 4 goals, this season I made him my main striker in the Skirill Premier and has scored 19 goals only 3 behind the leading goalscorer, I want him to grow and have a one club career(if i dont ever get sacked) can anyone recommend a training schedule for me to help him grow and become a decent Championship/lower PL player or is that not possible?
  12. well atm im sitting after 5 games in 6th place with 9 points, and i dunno how, im still semi pro, not been able to sign decent players got one regean which i will get a screenshot up a 16 year old striker played him in the last few games of last year 6 games 4 goals, and 2 in 5 this season, need to find a good training regime for him, atm he is part time
  13. So first season with Dorchester, won the skrill south with 2 games to spare over Havant and Waterlooville who got promoted, and won the FA Trophy, including a semi final win over Luton, into the Skrill Premier still as a Semi Professinal club and a wage budget of 6k which is poor, and can barely attract any decent players, so im up for the challenge of the Skrill premier, League 2 here we come
  14. would be a good signing my scout said, but no interest in joining us, still going great guns in the league, but my strikers havent been firing, anyone else got any suggestions
  15. Decided to take on Dorchester challenge, and surprisingly am exceeding expectations, we are currently top of the Skrill South after 16 games, won 11 drawn 5 and conceded 8 goals, my only signings have been Harry Cornick and Aristede Bassele on loan from Bournemouth, Matt Jay from Exeter and Wayne Dyer on a free, and some youngsters on youth contracts, i can in the morning post some screenies of the formation im using