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  1. So I was just browsing through the tactics forum trying to find anything that might help me in my current game and came across this thread and I have to say, the OP's post pretty much sums up where I am with FM16 as well. I put in over 3500 hours on FM09 - FM14 combined, I didnt play FM15 so figured I'd give it a go again this year and I've already reached the stage where I'm close to giving up. I'm playing a balanced, realistic 4-4-2 formation. I have players well suited to play their assigned roles. I study the opposition, watch the games and tweak my tactics accordingly. FM09 - FM14, this would generally result in at least a reasonable level of success. FM16, I can barely scrape a midtable finish and I get a better win ratio from just holidaying through games.
  2. Nice work Higgins, I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to a Leeds save this year after not really playing FM15 at all. I've been playing around on the beta and must admit I've been struggling a bit, probably because so far I've just been using the same 4-4-2 tactic I used in FM14 and it seems the starting squad isn't really suited to it. So will be trying a lone striker formation next.
  3. Great job on the thread js150, good to have it up and running. Leeds United do look like a really good challenge this year, some quality players but a pretty unbalanced squad so it will be interesting to see how people approach it. Personally I think I will probably look to play my usual 4-4-2 which means getting some decent wide players in and offloading about half the current central midfielders, but I've not had the chance to play around with the beta yet so no real idea on potential signings yet. Plus I never usually play with an AMC but I've surely got to find a way of fitting Adryan in. Looking forward to seeing how you guys all get on anyway!
  4. Hi guys, good to see so many familiar names again. Really looking forward to playing with Leeds this year, I've had a quick look at the beta and the squad does look pretty strong although as expected there's a bit of a lack of decent wide players. So it will be really interesting to see how people approach the squad, I tend to prefer to play a 4-4-2 so I'd probably need to bring some wingers in, but I see some are already trying a narrower formation and trying to get the best out of the current midfield talent. I doubt I'll have much time to play around with the beta, I may just wait for the full release before starting a proper save, but I'll be reading any info on potential signings/tactics etc that you fellas post with interest.
  5. Leeds United as always. After I've played with them for a few months and got to the stage where I feel I've achieved all I can (i.e. won multiple Premier League and European trophies) I may have a go at a York City save.
  6. Alright lads! Well it's taken a few seasons, but got there in the end. Adam Campbell was the key player in the title winning season, 25 league goals (38 in all competitions) and was voted English Players' Player of the Year. We also won the League Cup for the 3rd successive year. Now for the Champions League, so far I've only managed to get as far as the semis.
  7. Well done mate, good to see you doing so well with most of the starting squad - I also used a 4-4-2 with Diouf and Pugh in the wide positions for most of my first season but didn't do manage to do as well as you have so had to get some new players in for second season. Good luck for the Premier League!
  8. I use my own tactic, a fairly straightforward 4-4-2 which seems to work well enough once I actually have the players to suit it. I was thinking this the other day as well Nicko, it does seem a lot harder to sign decent potential regens in FM14 if another club with at least reasonable reputation gets to them first, clubs seem far less willing to let go of their young talent compared to previous years. Which means making a real effort to get to them first (as you seem to be doing) or if that's not possible having to track them over a number of years and still end up paying big money for them (which is what I seem to end up doing on my current save!)
  9. Looks like you're putting together a good squad there Nicko. My biggest problem on FM14 has been competing financially with "bigger" teams, at least in the first few seasons back in the Premier League - top quality players don't want to sign or I can't afford the wages, which means I've had to concentrate on bringing in younger players but once they start developing in to top players they want bigger wage rises than I can pay so I have to sell them! But I think I'm now starting to get past this having had a 3 or 4 seasons with top 4 finishes and decent runs in European competitions.
  10. Ahh you're right Nicko, he was born in Spain. Looks like he could be worth a look, will add him to my list of players to check out if/when I start another save, cheers elland.
  11. Actually, forget that thing about Adam Campbell being my back up striker, in my current season he's now got 23 goals in 26 starts and is the Premier League's leading scorer. I've not come across him in my game but he looks fairly decent for the Championship, not sure he'd get a work permit though?
  12. Adam Campbell's been excellent for me, here he is aged 25: I mostly use him as a backup striker these days, he's only rated at 2.5 stars compared to my other strikers (all regens) but he consistently delivers when called on and has the attributes to be pretty effective in a variety of roles - has the finishing/pace to be a decent poacher but can also do well played as a support striker, so I like having him around. He's also got a pretty decent record at international level.
  13. Quick update from me, I'm still going on my save, well established as a Premier League side now with top 4 finishes in the last 3 seasons but I've not quite been able to do enough to win the title yet. But anyway, I posted a while back about having to sell 2 of my best players to PSG for a combined £80m because I couldn't pay the sort of wages they were demanding. I've also since sold another of my midfielders to them for £20m, so they now have 3 of my ex players at a combined cost of £100m in their squad. So when I was drawn in the same Champions League group as PSG, I really wanted to put one over them to show em money isn't everything. Things ended up turning out quite well for me: I get the feeling this season could be the one!
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