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  1. Can you post the team instructions and any player instructions please as play on iPad
  2. Thanks mate looking forward to trying two striker formation I'll update on my progress
  3. Can you put up the team instructions and any player instructions please
  4. Thanks I will give it a go and see how it goes. One more question do you change anything if you are chasing the game.
  5. Lost 4-0 to shakhtar away and drew 2-2 with bayern at home but was 2-0 up without any adjustments to tactic
  6. When playing against a superior opponent do you change the mentality ? I'm playing as Celtic doing great domestically but in the group stages of champions league against bayern and shaktar any advice would be great.
  7. Is there any chance you could post the team instructions and any player instructions for your new tactic please as I can't download tactics on iPad I've had great success with previous tactics
  8. I'm keen to try out this tactic with Celtic but play on iPad and can't download any tactics. Do you use any player instructions?
  9. I'm trying a lower league save but playing on the iPad can you give me the team instructions and player instructions please for lower league tactic
  10. I have had great success with original tactic with Stirling Albion. Two successive promotions which were comfortable considering small budget and being part time. I'm now struggling in the Scottish championship possibly due to step up in quality and being part time but will look at your changes to see if that helps. What is your set piece set up as I play using iPad and unable to download. Continue the good work.
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