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    play football and rugby and cricket

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    Football and rugby and cricket

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    Arsenal and huddersfield
  1. eBay the sign up

    this looks like a nice sign up but very complicated
  2. A Scunthorpe story

    nice work maz keep up the work
  3. this is a very good experiment mate well done
  4. thanks guys and im now in league 1 flying up the league.
  5. no were not the same person and heres the proof of my rushden season: http://s707.photobucket.com/albums/ww72/joe-2009/?action=view&current=rushdenseasoninbluesquare.jpg this is with the free all players thing and i walked it , so now do you believe me?
  6. A Scunthorpe story

    nice story mate
  7. ive become rushden and diamonds and ive won evry league game and im now into league 2
  8. April Fool

    i do have to say this is fml so put this into fm forum general disscussion because this is the wrong place for it mate
  9. ill update you on my team when ive started the season
  10. $105,000,000 Offer for Ronaldo

    id flog him and sign messi hes class
  11. nice mate ill try as fleetwood then
  12. Romani nation Sign up

    this looks great mate must of taken you ages.
  13. Sign up - Managers challenge.

    is there any more places for me to post mine