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  1. I'm a Father! FM 14 makes it perfectly clear

    Quick question, Can you get a son if you have a last name that´s not in the game already?
  2. Hiiiell no! Great tactic! Cheers<3
  3. Mr Hough Winger 10.3

    *Just had my biggest league win ever with Mr.Houghs orginal! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    Be nice.. its comin'
  5. Ok, now its just getting boring ! THIS TACTIC IS 2 GOOD
  6. Copa America Final! 3 stupid goals to Argentina, but just look at Kaka! He even added an assist to Luis Fabiano goal! Simply amazing! One more thing, after loosing 4-0 to Chelsea I have started to lower team mentality to Defensive in hard away matches. This way I have won 1-2 at Nou Camp, 0-4 at Stamford Brigde and 2-5 at Old Trafford with my LFC team!
  7. El-tel-barcelona-style-tactic-beta

    im using this with my brilliant city team in 3rd season and im not loosing, and are playing good, but my striker allways gets low rating 6,5-(unless he scores) think he need some new settings maybe? have u tried with the tyler bode striker settings? vagner love scores 20+ in league with that tactic each season:p just an idea! i dont wanna try because im afraid of ruining my city save;p
  8. looks nice so far;) but do ya think it would work with a striker like raul or RvN as FCr?
  9. just post the link playa
  10. El tel swarm v1.1 tactic - super movement.

    Pitch size anyone?
  11. El tel swarm v1.1 tactic - super movement.

    Who are the goalscorers in this tactic?
  12. Ok, Tyler u said that this tactic will solve the striker problem, but my strikers never scores. I create lots of chances, but cant score. Got Torres, Fleck, Vagner, Lavezzi with Torres as my top marksman wit 4 goals in 13 app. 2 goals in ligacup, 2 in CL + 0 in 7 PL matches. What to do?