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  1. Quick question, Can you get a son if you have a last name that´s not in the game already?
  2. Hiiiell no! Great tactic! Cheers<3
  3. *Just had my biggest league win ever with Mr.Houghs orginal! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Be nice.. its comin'
  5. Ok, now its just getting boring ! THIS TACTIC IS 2 GOOD
  6. Copa America Final! 3 stupid goals to Argentina, but just look at Kaka! He even added an assist to Luis Fabiano goal! Simply amazing! One more thing, after loosing 4-0 to Chelsea I have started to lower team mentality to Defensive in hard away matches. This way I have won 1-2 at Nou Camp, 0-4 at Stamford Brigde and 2-5 at Old Trafford with my LFC team!
  7. im using this with my brilliant city team in 3rd season and im not loosing, and are playing good, but my striker allways gets low rating 6,5-(unless he scores) think he need some new settings maybe? have u tried with the tyler bode striker settings? vagner love scores 20+ in league with that tactic each season:p just an idea! i dont wanna try because im afraid of ruining my city save;p
  8. looks nice so far;) but do ya think it would work with a striker like raul or RvN as FCr?
  9. just post the link playa
  10. Pitch size anyone?
  11. Who are the goalscorers in this tactic?
  12. Ok, Tyler u said that this tactic will solve the striker problem, but my strikers never scores. I create lots of chances, but cant score. Got Torres, Fleck, Vagner, Lavezzi with Torres as my top marksman wit 4 goals in 13 app. 2 goals in ligacup, 2 in CL + 0 in 7 PL matches. What to do?