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  1. Just wanted to make sure. For I thought if you saw a spirited HOYD and a Resolute one. You would take the resolute one. Or if you see any staff with model citizen you would take them over the other staff members. I also thought that since it is easier to gauge the professionalism stat than the ambition stat. You would take stat that are more professional.
  2. In the case of the HOYD would he good through the same regular personality selection as the coaches ? or would you a particular personality take preference for this individual due to his important role ?
  3. When selecting staff do you use the same personalities you had for when building a squad with players ? Or do you looking for a particular personality for backroom staff ?
  4. Animosama

    Filtering staff by personality

    I don't filter just sort them by personality
  5. Is it possible to do this ? I can do it with the players but can't seem to do it with the staff. Anybody knows how ?
  6. Animosama

    Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    I am also guessing that you don't watch the replays for the goals ?
  7. Animosama

    Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    How do you finish the seasons so quickly ? Are you simulating the matches ? Do you tick both options when on holiday ?
  8. What is the minimum star requirement for you to sign a player from your youth intake ? What is your ideal squad size ?
  9. How many stars in PA do you need before you sign a youth player from your intake ? Also does you HOYD have 2 strikers in his preferred formation for you seem to be getting a lot of them ?
  10. Do you think sense it is sensible to keep the 1-2.5 stars and develop them to sell them ? Also what are the roles for your midfield and forwards ?
  11. Is your Head of Youth Development coaching style general or defending ? I find that this affects the type of players coming through. For me mine is defending so i get a lot of great defenders. How many stars PA minimum do you need before you sign a youth player ? Are you asking for feeder clubs with a great youth system so that you can foreign youngsters through your academy ?
  12. What is the ideal squad size for you ? How is the youth intake treating you ?
  13. Animosama

    FMS Predictions League 2013-14

    GameWeek 15 Saturday 14th December 2013 Man City 3-1 Arsenal 12:45 Cardiff 1-1 West Brom 15:00 Chelsea 3-0 Crystal Palace 15:00 Everton 2-0 Fulham 15:00 Newcastle 2-1 Southampton 15:00 West Ham 1-1 Sunderland 15:00 Hull 1-1 Stoke 17:30 Sunday 15th December 2013 Aston Villa 0-2 Man Utd 13:30 Norwich 1-2 Swansea 13:30 Tottenham 1-1 Liverpool 16:00
  14. Animosama

    FMS Predictions League 2013-14

    GameWeek 14 Saturday 7th December 2013 Man Utd 3-0 Newcastle 12:45 Crystal Palace 1-1 Cardiff 15:00 Liverpool 3-0 West Ham 15:00 Southampton 0-3 Man City 15:00 Stoke 0-3 Chelsea 15:00 West Brom 2-1 Norwich 15:00 Sunderland 0-2 Tottenham 17:30 Sunday 8th December 2013 Fulham 2-1 Aston Villa 13:30 Arsenal 2-0 Everton 16:00 Monday 9th December 2013 Swansea 2-0 Hull 20:00
  15. Animosama

    FMS Predictions League 2013-14

    GameWeek 13 Saturday 30th November 2013 Aston Villa 2-0 Sunderland 15:00 Cardiff 0-4 Arsenal 15:00 Everton 2-0 Stoke 15:00 Norwich 1-0 Crystal Palace 15:00 West Ham 1-1 Fulham 15:00 Newcastle 2-2 West Brom 17:30 Sunday 1st December 2013 Tottenham 0-2 Man Utd 12:00 Hull 0-2 Liverpool 14:05 Chelsea 2-1 Southampton 16:10 Man City 4-0 Swansea 16:10 Tuesday 3rd December 2013 Crystal Palace 1-3 West Ham 20:00 Wednesday 4th December 2013 Arsenal 3-0 Hull 19:45 Liverpool 3-0 Norwich 19:45 Man Utd 2-1 Everton 19:45 Southampton 2-1 Aston Villa 19:45 Stoke 1-1 Cardiff 19:45 Sunderland 0-3 Chelsea 19:45 Swansea 1-2 Newcastle 19:45 Fulham 0-2 Tottenham 20:00 West Brom 0-4 Man City 20:00