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  1. probably covered already, but so many pages too read. 1) Can we set our pre-season training like you used to be able to? you start pre-season with what you ended the previous season with, if you don't remember to change it the day after the players return from training. You should be able to pre-set that the 1st week back in training is fitness and have your 5-6 weeks planned out while inbetween seasons. 2) At the end of the season, as well as being asked how long you want pre-season to be, you should be able to tell your assistant to arrange a set amount of friendlies. Some seasons they arrange 3, some they do 10, seems random. You should also be asked if you want a pre-season tour (which doesn't get cancelled because 1 opposition can't turn up). As well as arranging any mini tournaments if you want them. So you could say I want 6 weeks pre-season training, 6 friendlies which include a tour to Norway and a mini tournament at home a week before the season starts. 3) Have a 'not interested' button, to stop the same players being offered to you, over and over and over and over again by their agents. 4) Once a player is on your shortlist, you should not get your scouts recommending them every other week. You get the same 3 players coming up all the time. 5) Chelsea score at least 1 or 2 goals every game against me from long throws by Azpilicueta. The defending set pieces doesn't work, so can we have a defend against long throw pre-match training option? 6) Future Champions League games should be taken into account before your game is moved for TV. If you have a CL qualifier on the 1st Wednesday of the season, Sky wouldn't move your 1st league game to the Monday night, then cancel it because it clashes with the CL game. Keep up the good work guys!
  2. Cleon, can you give me a link to the other thread, as i'm having a mare. I play 7 pre-season games and have very high tactic training and I can't get familiarity above 25% before the season starts. Cheers
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