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  1. Football Manager 2011 official announcement

    Hopefully this year the linesman will flag the right way for throw ins ¬_¬
  2. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    A little late to be starting this again, but meh. Ladies and gentleman, the new MANAGER of Oxford City
  3. 2010 What If - Challenge Series

    What if Charlton hadn't been relegated from the Premier League and wouldn't be in League 1 now
  4. I curently have FM2010 installed via Steam, and want to delete the patches, but keep the game installed via Steam, as I use the 2009 skin. I don't want to delete them because of the DB because i know there is an option to change the DB you use, I'm not that stupid, I just want a couple of things that were in the old patches but not in the new ones, such as when you copy a saved note into word or something else, there isn't all of the annoying code inbetween and missing word, it says what it said.
  5. Is there a way to run FM10 through steam without being connected to the internet? FM09 did it randomly, I didn't need the disc or anything, how do I do it for this>?
  6. Who still plays FM08?

    Meh, I am thinking of loading England (all), France (all), Italy (all), Scotland (all) and Spain (all)
  7. Who still plays FM08?

    Speaking of FM2008, I might start a new journeyman game tonight =/, what leagues should I load? Maximum of about 6 countries, my PC is crap
  8. Who still plays FM08?

    I still play 2008 alot of the time, when I am not playing FM10, then it is always 2008, I never liked 2009. Had a great game before last week. into 16th season with Charlton, richest club in the world, won Champions League 3 years running, Premier League 7 running, all before a virus destroyed my computer
  9. How many loan players

    You can have a maximum of 5 in your matchday squad, but not sure as to how many you can have at a time though.
  10. I have played in Spain for about 5 seasons and never got this bug. It is more than likely the created database you are using.
  11. FM10: Jonjo Shelvey

    Ok lol :)
  12. FM10: Jonjo Shelvey

    He is a legend! Let hope all of you big teams keep off him for a few years, we really need him!