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  1. Hopefully this year the linesman will flag the right way for throw ins ¬_¬
  2. A little late to be starting this again, but meh. Ladies and gentleman, the new MANAGER of Oxford City
  3. What if Charlton hadn't been relegated from the Premier League and wouldn't be in League 1 now
  4. I curently have FM2010 installed via Steam, and want to delete the patches, but keep the game installed via Steam, as I use the 2009 skin. I don't want to delete them because of the DB because i know there is an option to change the DB you use, I'm not that stupid, I just want a couple of things that were in the old patches but not in the new ones, such as when you copy a saved note into word or something else, there isn't all of the annoying code inbetween and missing word, it says what it said.
  5. Is there a way to run FM10 through steam without being connected to the internet? FM09 did it randomly, I didn't need the disc or anything, how do I do it for this>?
  6. Meh, I am thinking of loading England (all), France (all), Italy (all), Scotland (all) and Spain (all)
  7. Speaking of FM2008, I might start a new journeyman game tonight =/, what leagues should I load? Maximum of about 6 countries, my PC is crap
  8. I still play 2008 alot of the time, when I am not playing FM10, then it is always 2008, I never liked 2009. Had a great game before last week. into 16th season with Charlton, richest club in the world, won Champions League 3 years running, Premier League 7 running, all before a virus destroyed my computer
  9. You can have a maximum of 5 in your matchday squad, but not sure as to how many you can have at a time though.
  10. I have played in Spain for about 5 seasons and never got this bug. It is more than likely the created database you are using.
  11. Ok lol :)
  12. He is a legend! Let hope all of you big teams keep off him for a few years, we really need him!