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  1. not a perfect match but not a million miles off
  2. First season was okay - met the board expectations of top half finish (10th), played attacking football (second highest goals in league) and best possession in the league. Got to the semis of the league cup, put out in quarters of FA cup, and WON the Europa League against West Ham, who'd been my boogeyman team in the league all season. All in all a mixed bag of a season. Biggest annoyance was VVD being annoyed at me for not strengthening the squad, and Charlie Austin continually being OFFSIDE! So so frustrating - his inability to stay onside just made our moves break down all the time Anyway, my team in Nov 2017 Sold Austin to Palermo for £19m (he scored 30 goals in 45 appearances last season) because he just wasn't working. Berardi came in to provide more mobility and and bit of craft up front. Dolberg will mature in a complete forward too, he's already putting in good performances. Bazoer is a beast, really controls in the midfield. Goldaniga is a really strong CB too, despite his stats not looking too amazing. He's been playing brilliantly and his high anticipation seems to work quite well for him at set pieces too. Ward-Prowse is deadly at set pieces and scored 12 goals in the first season. Developing quite nicely too. Clasie is falling down the pecking order of my midfield but is reliable when needed. Hojberg is coming along nicely. Still a little inconsistent but definitely has a place in my squad. Tufan is cover for any of the midfield spots and also covers the RB. Lucas was a bargain buy and again can play anywhere in the CM/DM spots. Redmond is handy to keep around. He is inconsistent but his pace and dribbling is great at providing a wee alternative approach when teams are being stubborn. Anyway, in Nov 2017 I'm top of my CL group and unbeaten in europe. Sitting second in the league too, which is nice. Let's see how it goes. Would like to bring in Vokins and Freeman to the first team at some point.
  3. Dom Iorfa Cost me £8m in the first season but has developed nicely and performs really well. I play him mostly as a defensive fullback, and a really high defensive line. He mops everything up and eats wingers for breakfast with his physicals. He's covered well at CB too when needed. Unfortunately I couldn't get his determination up any higher but it should be possible with a good tutor.
  4. I had considerable success with Valencia on loan from utd, looks like this guy is similar but better in every department so not surprised he is doing very well.
  5. I got him for less than his buy out, after he signed a new contract.
  6. Hi all, I'm playing as Napoli on FM 15. Here is my main tactic. GK [D] WBr [A] CB [D] CB [D] WBl A DLP [D] AM [A] IF r [A] IF l CF [A] My inside forwards have been playing very well. Insigne is top scorer in the Champions League, has 12 goals and 9 assists to his name overall. Mertens has 10 goals and 9 assists. Hamsik in the middle has 10 goals and 13 assist. Although everyone could be doing a bit better, especially as we've hit a bit of a slump, Higuain who has 13 goals and 8 assists in 27 games should be doing better. I've tried him as an advanced forward, treq, complete forward. I've tried switching between whipped, floated and low crosses and none seemed to work. Here's the man himself Any suggestions are most gratefully received.
  7. Is it still possible to have your team play through balls for a target man to run on to? I remember that being an option a few years ago, but it seems to have gone.
  8. Name: Salvatore Siriugu Age: 30 Nationality: Italian Club: PSG Value: 4.2m Sale Value: 3.5m Work Permit Needed: no Signed him for my Napoli side for #3.5m and around 45k p/w in the first transfer window. Bargain, IMO.
  9. Injuries killing me here... Destro Iturbe De Rossi Strootman Nainggolan Florenzi Torosidis All injured for at least 3 weeks Plus Cole suspended. Unreal.# edit: hey, add Pjanic to that list too.
  10. Anyone else having disciplinary problems? Getting a lot of yellow. I blame De Rossi!
  11. Just started my Roma save. Hopefully I won't miss Gervinho too much. Excited about Sanabria, he scored 6 in 6 (pre-season)
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